A Pretty (and Permanent!) Cortana Leg Tattoo

Cortana TattooLong before Halo: Reach introduced the Hologram armor ability, our collective heart had already been captured by the original. Cortana, an A.I. whose purplish/bluish appearance consists of a projected holographic image of herself, is definitely one of the more fan-favored characters, but Outrider81’s dedication to her shines brighter than most. With a desire to display his love for everything Halo, he decided to get a Cortana-themed tattoo on his leg. The piece finds its inspiration from a variety of different places, “including the late great Micheal Turner, Halo concept art, promotional art for Reach”, and the individual styles of his talented tattoo artist. Taking a total of approximately 15 hours in the chair, it’s considered, at this point, to be a work in progress. I have no doubt he’ll finish it in a timely fashion though because he did, after all, make a certain girl a promise. And we all know how Cortana feels about that particular subject!

that sucker's permanent

A Real-Life Halo Rocket Launcher: Hold Like This

A Real-Life Halo Flamethrower

Real Halo 3 Flamethrower

While an impale-ready spike grenade, a music-emitting rocket launcher, and a glowing, blue plasma grenade have all transitioned from the video game world into a tangible state of reality, one imaginary Halo weapon that has yet to be recreated is the Flamethrower. Luckily Desolate made that exact realization and found the required inspiration needed to rectify the situation. Crafted from a nylon-like material that is strong yet lightweight, his fire-spewing projector was made to scale and sits at a very pretty 66.38 inches in length. I know I didn’t make a 40 pound heavy ground weapon or anything, but my ass can project a steady stream of a volatile, semi-liquid fuel. That’s gotta count for something, right? Feel free to erase that mental image by soaking in the plethora of flamethrower pictures after the jump. Dropping your brain into a big bucket of bleach may work as well. Either way.

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Everyone’s Favorite Halo Cannon Fodder, Now in Plush Form!

Halo Grunt Plush

Remember this cute, little guy? The incredibly soft, stuffed Grunt who was searching for his nipple mate? If you’d like to be his one and only, you can make a play for his red, stitched heart over at everybody’s favorite auction site. Current bid sits at a paltry US $0.99, but it certainly won’t stay at that price for long. I can personally guarantee that!

Attempt to purchase the Halo Covenant Grunt Plushie, or just see bs angel’s current bid

Don’t Make a Girl a Promise: A Symbolic, and Amazing, Halo Tattoo

Halo Master Chief Tattoo

I have long held the belief that sometimes a game is more than just a game. Occasionally, hidden amongst the smallest of pixels, is the power to change our lives. Halo is that game to me, and it’s also that game to Jenny. When she found herself going through the trials and tribulations of an unexpected divorce, she popped Halo 3 into her disc tray, hoping to find a mindless distraction. What she discovered instead was a stress reliever, an outlet for meeting like-minded people, and, above all else, something to keep her sane through an extremely difficult time. Because of the impact it made on her life, she decided to give Master Chief’s helmet a permanent place on her body. Nestled upon a flower and a slew of brightly colored leaves, Jenny’s Halo tattoo serves as her own “personal symbol for life after divorce.” Normally, at this point, I would be insanely jealous, but in this case I think I’ll go ahead and share. There is, after all, more than enough of Master Chief to go around. You can trust me on that!

*Image posted with permission
that sucker's permanent

One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

Halo Charm Bracelet

Halo Charm Bracelet, as seen on Etsy

A Halo: Reach Tattoo Fit for a Spartan

Halo Reach TattooBen, better known as Pro DELBOY within the virtual world of Xbox Live, has long had a before 30 bucket list, the biggest thing being the acquirement of a tattoo. As a Halo fanatic, he’s wanted nothing more than to have a small part of that science fiction-based universe permanently etched upon his body. However, his desire to keep it subtle has always made images like the iconic game logo less than desirable. Imagine his delight when he first laid eyes upon the enigmatic Noble Team insignia. Instantly recognizable to a fellow devotee but indistinguishable to the untrained eye, Ben got the Halo: Reach-themed symbol inserted with indelible ink directly into his lower arm. This rather legendary endeavor leaves me with just a single question: Are we playing Assault by chance? Because I’m pretty sure this guy is the bomb!

*Image posted with permission
that sucker's permanent