A Real-Life Halo Flamethrower

Real Halo 3 Flamethrower

While an impale-ready spike grenade, a music-emitting rocket launcher, and a glowing, blue plasma grenade have all transitioned from the video game world into a tangible state of reality, one imaginary Halo weapon that has yet to be recreated is the Flamethrower. Luckily Desolate made that exact realization and found the required inspiration needed to rectify the situation. Crafted from a nylon-like material that is strong yet lightweight, his fire-spewing projector was made to scale and sits at a very pretty 66.38 inches in length. I know I didn’t make a 40 pound heavy ground weapon or anything, but my ass can project a steady stream of a volatile, semi-liquid fuel. That’s gotta count for something, right? Feel free to erase that mental image by soaking in the plethora of flamethrower pictures after the jump. Dropping your brain into a big bucket of bleach may work as well. Either way.

Real Halo 3 FlamethrowerSpacerReal Halo 3 FlamethrowerSpacerReal Halo 3 Flamethrower

Real Halo 3 FlamethrowerSpacerReal Halo 3 FlamethrowerSpacerReal Halo 3 Flamethrower

17 Responses to A Real-Life Halo Flamethrower

  1. Morlok8k says:

    “but my ass can project a steady stream of a volatile, semi-liquid fuel” – bs angel
    Shhh…. Your not supposed to tell everyone about the details of our fetishes!

    But anyways, no pics of the flamethrower actually working?… *disappointed*

  2. JLay says:

    Last pic looks like he has a LAAG mini-gun on the table in the background. Time for some dual wielding!

    • Anon says:

      He does

  3. smurph says:

    sometimes i wish my brain had an undo button that would make it forget what it just read/saw/felt/etc. this is one of those times *shudder*

  4. a rascal cat says:


  5. Imppa says:

    He can crash into my bbq party any day!

  6. KalamariKidd says:


  7. jarjarjake says:

    over here in australia we like a good old bbq but if they introduce this thing fuck the bbq.

    • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

      You can never fuck the barbie, mate.

      • Nuclear Pi says:

        Well you could, it just might hurt a little

  8. Jon says:

    Someone tell the guy in the last pic to lighten up… err… light ‘er up!

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  10. louie says:

    Sell it on ebay

  11. Why, Angel. Why.

    Anyway… the flamethrower is freakin’ sweet.

  12. Gantry says:

    Excellent work! Nice craftsmanship, and congratulations on doing something that has not been done before in the history of the universe.

  13. Thanks everyone for the comments and the interest in this.. i really enjoyed making this crazy thing in 3 1/2 weeks… It still has room for improvements and i intend to do so eventually right now i am upgrading my turret to be stupidly loud….

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