This Halo Grenade Cake Will Explode in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands

Halo Grenade Cake

I have a thing for plasma grenades. Specifically, planting them on enemy vehicles or, more frequently, directly upon teammates’ backs. Grenadenhaver shares my passion, except his focuses primarily on the frag grenade. Known to hurl them when knocking on death’s door, his good friend Jim made him this Halo 2-inspired chocolate cake in a noble attempt to capture the essence of his “death from the grave” playing style. The details include Halo green buttercream icing, oven-dried cake crumbs, and an edible, fondant fragmentation grenade, but I do believe the main ingredient is pure, unadulterated awesome. In fact, it looks so delicious that this is one explosion I wouldn’t mind happening right in my mouth!
mmm cake

18 Responses to This Halo Grenade Cake Will Explode in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands

  1. lozg1985 says:

    hey bs you ever stuck someone or a vehicle and wanted to shout out something? try my favorite red vs blue line of Bow Chicka Bow Wow! My friends when the hear that when stuck just curse me to no end and it really sticks. And if you hear that when a mark 5 recon rushes you, sorry!

    • Digikid says:

      That RVB saying is so retarded it is not even REMOTELY funny or cool.

      Cool cake though…wonder what Grenade tastes like……

      • lozg1985 says:

        it’s meant to be annoying that’s the point the last thing you hear is that before you die is that once stuck.

  2. MGH1138 says:

    Every time you post one of these, I want cake. Stupid diet.

  3. Schoony says:

    And boom goes the…cake

  4. I just want to lick the icing. It looks so fluffy.

  5. Thors toe says:

    This is awesome but I would have had the pin pulled and maybe laying on top of the cake some where. :-)

  6. arascalcat says:

    Mmmmm, that looks delicious!

  7. Nicodemus says:

    So you wouldn’t mind this explosion happening in your mouth….but you mind any other explosion in your mouth?

    • Digikid says:

      LOL!!! Wait for it………

      • Roaven says:

        Obligatory innuendo.

      • bs angel says:

        Still waiting. When’s it coming?!

        • lozg1985 says:

          i’ll give you an explosion in you’re mouth! Bow Chicka Bow Wow!

  8. VoltRabbit says:

    You all see the gernade, I see a leprechaun hat.

    • Cannot unsee… >.<

  9. Sonu says:

    The cake is a lie. The grenade, however, is not.

  10. Banshee_105 says:

    That’s what she said!

    I-I couldn’t help myself. It was the first thing that popped into my head.

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