Don’t Make a Girl a Promise: A Symbolic, and Amazing, Halo Tattoo

Halo Master Chief Tattoo

I have long held the belief that sometimes a game is more than just a game. Occasionally, hidden amongst the smallest of pixels, is the power to change our lives. Halo is that game to me, and it’s also that game to Jenny. When she found herself going through the trials and tribulations of an unexpected divorce, she popped Halo 3 into her disc tray, hoping to find a mindless distraction. What she discovered instead was a stress reliever, an outlet for meeting like-minded people, and, above all else, something to keep her sane through an extremely difficult time. Because of the impact it made on her life, she decided to give Master Chief’s helmet a permanent place on her body. Nestled upon a flower and a slew of brightly colored leaves, Jenny’s Halo tattoo serves as her own “personal symbol for life after divorce.” Normally, at this point, I would be insanely jealous, but in this case I think I’ll go ahead and share. There is, after all, more than enough of Master Chief to go around. You can trust me on that!

*Image posted with permission
that sucker's permanent

28 Responses to Don’t Make a Girl a Promise: A Symbolic, and Amazing, Halo Tattoo

  1. ElItearbiter says:

    Yet still, the crotch piece is reserved only for Hawty :D

    • augustelc says:

      we all know how much she loves those codpieces

  2. XMixMasterX says:

    That’s one of the best Halo tattoos I have ever seen.. hands down.

  3. Rippolighter159 says:

    Wow. This is really touching. Kinda reminds me of when I used to play Halo to forget troubles when my dad lost his job. It’s a cruel world but we can all find ways of getting through tough times.

    5 Stars for this blog post!

  4. hongoasdf says:

    *Sigh* it’s probably wrong to point out something like this after such a post, but I just gotta do it.

    “…she decided to give Master Chief’s helmet a permanent place on her body.”

    That sounds a lot like you, angel. Though replace the “on” with an “in”.

    I’m sure the Internet Gods will forgive me for my heartlessness.

  5. Rippolighter159 says:

    The internet gods forgive nothing, look what happened to that Jessi Slaughter girl.

  6. Ray says:

    Great post!
    Sorry to hear about the reason for the tattoo, but glad she found an outlet and comfort in a fantastic game. Killing n00bs online always makes me feel better too. =)

  7. Jenny is now my hero.

  8. Jenny says:

    This brought tears to my eyes, Thanks again :)

  9. Posthumerous says:

    I wish a girl like that named Jenny worked at my GameStop…

    • Thors toe says:

      Same here. :-)

    • Jenny says:

      my gt is robotbabymama :) its too bad girls like me are not at every gamestop!

      • Ben says:

        Hey, I’m the guy with the other halo tattoo this month. Yours is so much more of a work of art than mine and you must be really pleased with it! Good to know theres another cute female gamer on the market now aswell :)

        • bs angel says:

          What is that smell in the air? Could it be… romance? ;)

        • xxxJL AUDIOxxx says:

          oops, sorry, that’s just my taco bell cantina tacos from last night…..

        • Jenny says:

          Whats your gt ben? :)

        • Ben says:

          Pro DELBOY

  10. Markos Glover says:

    Hey, I know you!


  11. DeliciousCube says:

    I’m in love with that tattoo! You’re a fighter Jenny, props on that!

    • Jenny says:


  12. a rascal cat says:

    That is one dedicated Halo player

  13. Ossim ^_^

    • a rascal cat says:



  14. Ben says:

    lol, Hawty behave :)

    • bs angel says:

      Sorry, that’s not a behavior that comes naturally to me. ;)

      • Ben says:

        Never change x

  15. RedGrimRune says:

    Whoa… Amazing! (both the story and the ink)

  16. Luc says:

    Cool tat

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