Top 10 Halo Pick-Up Lines

It’s a fact of life, some people use Xbox Live to hit on the chicks. The same tired pick-up lines get old after a while though. “You must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all day” and “Do you have a quarter? My mom told me to call her when I fell in love” will get you nowhere with the gamer girls. If you want to impress the females playing Halo, might I suggest some more subject appropriate phrases?


These are all original Halo-inspired pick-up lines I lovingly handcrafted myself. One of the keys of success with using lines is originality. If the girl has heard it before, it probably won’t work. So rest assured these haven’t been used yet and therefore increase your chances of scoring. You can come back and thank me after you are done getting some virtual action.

Top 10 Halo Pick-Up Lines

I think something is wrong with my auto-aim. I can’t take my eyes off you.
This is one of those sickingly cutesy lines. Very sweet and at least there is a zero chance you will get slapped.

Do you need a Magnum because I’ve got one right here for you. In my pants.
If you are going to use this line, you better have something large to back it up. You whip out something that does the damage of a H2 needler and there is going to be disappointment. The ladies want the long barrel.

As soon as I came near you, the announcer said “unfreakinbelievable” and I would tend to agree.
Another one that won’t be taken offensively. You will have a better chance of this line bringing success if you are actually on a killing spree. The ladies love a man with some serious skills.

Are we playing Assault? Cause I’m pretty sure you are the bomb.
This one is likely to get a cheesy response but inside she will be giggling. It may help if you say it kinda gangster. Da BOMB yo!

With the weapons I just need to hit “X” to pick them up. Does that work for you as well?
Very straight forward and your intentions are clear. If she shoots you down, make sure there is at least a power weapon close by. That way you can use the same technique on the rockets to make yourself feel a little better. Hey, at least you scored something.

You are impressed with how I handle my sniper? You should see what I can do with the weapon I pack under my armor.
You may be able to sell it, but make sure you can follow through as well. If the girls want your package, you better have a 10 star delivery.

I’m like a plasma grenade. Let me get on you and you are guaranteed to explode.
You may get hit with this one. You may also get lucky with it as well. Make sure you are good enough to back this one up on the slight chance your offer is accepted. You don’t just want to just bring her shields down, you want the bomb detonated explosion.

*eyeing the breast plate* I am a master dual wielder. Mind if I give those a go?
If you use this one, be sure to stand near a dual wieldable weapon. That way if she starts to raise her arm like she is going to hit you, you can back up and shout, “I was talking about that plasma rifle right there! Geez!”

I was following the indicator of where to score and it brought me to you.
This one is direct and to the point without being horribly offensive. If she gets upset just tell her you are new to the game, don’t know the map, and thought you were supposed to follow the icons.

I would like to gain access to your base. Shall I enter from the front or the rear?
This is a hilariously cheeky one. Use it on the girl who is defending the base to maximize your chances. Just watch out for a shotgun blast to the face as you come sneaking in. Access is not always granted.

*Disclaimer : These won’t really work. Good luck trying though.

167 Responses to Top 10 Halo Pick-Up Lines

  1. Josh says:

    Made me rofl.
    Funniest one: “Are we playing Assault? Cause I’m pretty sure you are the bomb.”

    • BCamper says:

      “is there any tread left… or is it equivalent to throwing a hotdog down a hallway”


    • Lachy says:

      “You must be the Ark, because your ass is out of this world!”

      • KroKus says:

        “Are you from Noble team? because you’re in reach and you’re six sorts of awesome”

  2. Bema J says:


    Now, if only they worked :(

    • OMGwtfROFLlolz says:

      Wow, I’m going to use the auto-aim one on my girlfriend. She knows I’m a Halo freak, so we’ll have a good ROFL. Lol she actually wants me to teach her to play shooting games haha

      • BCamper says:

        yeah my GF wanted me to teach her too…. i tried…..all she did was run away from me…and she had rockets lol

        • Mary says:

          haha. I’d let my boyfriend get away with the auto-aim one. That was damn cute. But he’s pretty enough to pull it off =]

          Course I’d follow with a prompt melee. Just for fun.

  3. Excardon says:

    Hahaha. Good stuff.

    Luckily I can say I did not have to resort to any of these when I met my wife. I’m quite cheesy enough without aid. :P

    • Umm... Yeah. It's ME. says:


  4. coaks says:

    “You’re so wise. You’re like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair.” – Anchorman

  5. Confused says:

    I’m like a plasma grenade. Let me get on you and you are guaranteed to explode

    Best. One. Ever.

    I should try that…

    Oh lord I’ll never get laid again. =p

    • lol says:

      u have never been laid anyway

  6. mongoose1 says:

    Too funny!

  7. Andres Echevarria says:

    Halo obsessed humor – you gotta love it.

  8. Andy K says:

    I’m like a plasma grenade. Let me get on you and you are guaranteed to explode

    Ha Ha, but more like

    I’m like a plasma grenade. Let me get on you and I’M guaranteed to explode lol

  9. agdTinMan says:

    “You sure do have a nice ass…

    ….ault rifle.”

  10. writeitoutplease says:

    The “auto-aim” and “hit ‘x'” ones are so funny that I’m going to use them………..even on girls that don’t play video games and only know of those glowing circular things on top of angels’ heads.

  11. Morpheus says:

    That auto-aim one is so sweet….

  12. mongoose1 says:

    BTW, this would be hysterical in Barrens chat (WoW).
    Best they seem to do atm is say things like, “are you a girl? I never see girls playing horde.” Not very imaginative.

  13. Ray Reece says:

    These are pretty funny… and pretty sad. Actually, anything that reminds me of my now ex-girlfriend is kinda depressing… I’m not blaming you, it’s not my fault everything reminds me of her.


  14. Stuicide says:

    I don’t know what gets in you sometime….

  15. XMixMasterX says:

    I can back it up – now can you?

  16. Alekat says:

    Thanks for trying to add some wit to our otherwise dull and horny timmie’s vocab =).

    “Care to come ride my warthog? Let’s see how you handle the gun turret.”

    I dunno what came over me…

  17. bs angel says:

    See? They’re pretty fun to come up with, aren’t they?!

    @ Stu – Don’t act surprised! You are fully aware of the extent of my weirdness.

  18. TTL zeuz patter says:

    Good choices Angel, I wonder why they dont work on real life! I guess that answers other questions doesn`t it.

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  20. Stuicide says:

    I set that comment up for a joke. No one got it.

    Your hubby…


    Ok, I’ll go back to work now.

  21. forchilli says:

    ha. interesting, but ive never heard these said on XBL.
    maybe the jokes on me. ehh.

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  24. Unr3alChi3f says:

    LOL NICE!!!

  25. iTeamKill says:

    “i would like to gain access to your base. Shall I enter from the front or the rear?”

    I’m pretty sure that one would just get you betrayed…fast.

  26. X Spoot X says:

    Hey Unreal, don’t I know you?

  27. Kyle says:

    Wow. Absolutely hilarious

  28. moyanna says:

    I’m laughing my… off!!

  29. Avid says:

    Damn Angel, Nice blog post. Good way to Pwn digg…
    Unique blogpost are where its at.

    Keep it up..


  30. Gary says:


  31. Juan says:

    @agdTinMan – Ass…ult rifle is funny too

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  34. Dude says:

    gears of war > halo

  35. Unr3alChi3f says:

    @X Spoot X

    maybe…. let me check my friends list lol

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  38. TTL Fate says:

    I’m definitely going to use these in Chicago. I lost it when you mentioned, “You may get hit for this one.”

    Great stuff angel.

    WoW? Halo man, Halo. All the cool kids are doing it.

  39. Steve says:

    “I think you’re pretty, I like you’re hair; here’s a beer… Are you ready yet?”

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  42. Dusty says:

    LOL….best pick-up line for gamers yet

  43. Ash says:

    Hahahah this is amazing.

  44. ROFLCOPTER! says:

    This article is hilarious because it implies that halo fans talk to girls…

  45. Captain Raspberry says:

    I gave these a shot, actually. Just on players. I didn’t bother to check to see if they were female or not.

    I got shot every time, but I had a good laugh.

  46. rooz. says:

    …I am so going to use one of these when I see my girlfriend again.

  47. Isa says:

    I just thought about something: that would work in a LaserQuest game! Ahahahahaha.

  48. Talli says:

    You’re my fucking hero, BS. <3

  49. bs angel says:

    Oh no, you are going to use these lines on me, aren’t you Talli?! You evil woman you.


  50. smilingchaos says:

    if only i played halo.

    -love smiley

  51. live tv says:

    “Are we playing Assault? Cause I’m pretty sure you are the bomb.”

    You messed that one up, it should have been:

    “Are we playing Assault? Because I’d storm your beach”

  52. Silvercube says:

    Omg so many comments! Weeee!!
    i would never say these to any girls.. im not a flirt..
    and im certainly not looking for any virtual ‘scoring” lmao
    but it was quite an enjoyable article.
    “You turn me on like my 360” LOL XD

  53. Fezzer says:

    HOLY CRAP! :-o

    I gotta use one of those on my wife sometime.

    You are quite creative angel.

    Keep these articles coming!

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  55. The Nate Train says:

    I wish the pic was bigger.

  56. aleph says:

    “Hey babe, mind if I unify my index with your core?”

  57. Bexxie says:

    I think something is wrong with my auto-aim. I can’t take my eyes off you.


    Would definately work on me!


  58. lol, thats great. Good stuff angel! xD

  59. teh sexy says:

    The whole pursuit is fruitless. Who’s seriously going to try to hook up with a girl 3,000 miles away?

    Forget about hitting on virtual chicks in a virtual world. The only girls I want to hook up with are the ones that I can find on voteboob (google it).

    • some 15 y/o dutch dude says:

      WELL. i have a physics teacher that is going to marry a Swedish girl. And he’s dutch. They met over WoW. BAM.

  60. Peter117 says:

    Thanks for the tips; now I know where I was going wrong when i was flirting with girls in halo previously…


  61. fable says:

    Lol. Hilarious. Great article! I’ll see if any of those lines work on my wife later… ;)


  62. harrison says:

    haha =) so awesome!

  63. intunericul says:

    Awesome man, awesome… jerked me a laughing tear….

  64. OcR Envy says:

    Wasn’t I surprised to see Angels blog getting dugg :)

  65. chrisfiore5 says:

    In the ever so confusing world of boy meets girl, boy wants to impress girl, boy opens mouth and inserts foot… these are priceless.


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  67. kidal25 says:

    thats great stuff. it’s still sad that people have to use this though. are there really chicks that play halo 2 online?

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  69. Ankit says:

    roflamo .. !! :D :D :D :D :D :D

  70. kashifalvi says:

    i would like to gain access to your base. Shall I enter from the front or the rear…???
    would it work on u …???

  71. maliha11 says:

    hahaha, a pick line should be with some class not offensive, that surely doesn’t show that the guy is interested in me but in something else. how rude.

  72. Mandmsarecol says:

    Wow, that is really, really, really funny! I am still laughing! :lol:

  73. prtndwhr says:

    I think the worst one i got when was playing was….
    “Are you wearing pants!?!”


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  75. Mara says:

    These are much better than most lines that I have encountered. Not saying they would work but they would be good for a laugh.

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  77. VideoGamer1988 says:

    girl gamers? please send one to me!

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  79. jeremy says:

    wow. you sir deserve the awkward pick-up line crown much more than I. Well done.

  80. Steve says:

    Get real – and a life. When was the last time you went outside?

    • some 15 y/o dutch dude says:

      • Shadowmech88 says:

        I enjoy the outdoors, but only looking at them. Through a window.

  81. diatribal says:

    I must say, ALL of those are better than the ever present, “Dude! It’s a girl! You’re playing a giril!”

    Nothing gets the homefires burning like that!

  82. bs angel says:

    @ Steve – Uuummm, … That would have been when I saw your mom. Which was last night.

  83. Phoenix says:

    Those were freakishly funny. :P

  84. Monkey says:

    I like 3 and 5. They might actually work on me.

  85. Jessica Lynn says:

    What you guys have GOT to remember is that you’ve gotta use a pick-up line suitable for the type of girl you wanna pick up. For instance, most of the girls that would respond to pick-up lines like the second one, really aren’t worth your time. Personally, one and three are the only really good ones…but hey, I’m just a girl, what do I know?

    -Jessica lynn

  86. Smurfa says:

    Phoenix: Agreed :P

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  88. GnaM says:

    Haha, Very clever! The “auto-aim” on is the best, I think.

  89. Quantifier says:

    Funny article angel – and for the record, i saw Stu taking notes

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  91. bs angel says:

    @ Quantifier

    I am actually scared to play Halo again with any of my friends that read this article. Particularly Coag mutli objective. Stay away!!

  92. Levine says:

    What button do I have to press to board you?

  93. sparkle1977 says:

    LOL!! That was funny!

  94. Dennis says:

    lol so goood, i’ll try them out even though i have a g/f.

  95. Sarah says:

    “I think something is wrong with my auto-aim. I can’t take my eyes off you.”

    Definitely the best of the bunch, it’s clever and doesn’t make the girl feel like a piece of meat

  96. Obi says:

    hilarious! very original!

  97. anime14 says:

    That was hilarious. My friends luv 2 play and halo on XBL!!! One my friends even has a “girl-friend” on that game. I wonder if he uses those lines. Keep up the good work chick!!!

  98. Ryou says:

    Ha! I love it~! That’s so funny!

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  101. ven says:

    hahahah! this is so funny. im am soo sending this to my boyfriend! :D

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  103. BITE ME788 says:

    Ahhh-haha Funny!

    I would never fall for any of those if someone used them on me but I would be laughing as I shot the hell out of um’ lol.

    Add me :) BITE ME788

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  105. sirtmagus says:


  106. Noddegamra says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Some great chat up lines! Very imaginative. lol

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  109. Toxic Tears says:

    *shakes head* what has this world come to…

    *shakes head again* …oh world… is this why your going to explode yourself in 2012?! Can you even wait that long XD

  110. LOFLMAO

    My favorite was the “should I enter from the front or the rear”.

    Excellent, absolutely excellent.

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  112. Mentality says:

    Best post yet! I want to watch someone using some of these lines in a game.

  113. Josie says:

    hahahaha this is freeeakin awesome. the FUNNIEST one was the one about dual wielding. the description haha. but yea the best was the assault. he he

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  115. romain says:


  116. Nathan says:

    so i took the liberty of making the first one into a picture you can send someone


  117. NidadiN says:

    haha these are hilarious, but so stupid lmao

    thank god no one’s used any of those on me hahaha

  118. Avid says:

    Hey Angel,
    I highly suggest you throw some Google ads up.
    They suck unless you get a huge traffic spike, and I know you got thousands of hits from this post.

    Its well worth it, i use google ads to generate money to buy stuff for giveaways..

    later buddy..
    – chris

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  120. Sarah K says:

    Haha, I love those. If i guy used them on me, they might just get some. No joke

  121. jason says:

    hahahaaa some great ones here!

    fantastic pick up lines

  122. Great lines
    Did you try any of them with a girl ? hahah

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  124. Terry says:

    Very funny. Nice pick up lines. If they do work, do i get a prize?

  125. thecanvasgrey says:

    I can see why your blog is a hit! You are extremely witty and smart! Can’t wait to see more! Sincerely, Shallow Halo

  126. SeaChelle says:

    So great…sad thing is Red is going to try them now!!!

  127. Manictastic says:

    Never knew Halo was such a “violent” game :)

  128. TTL L askan says:

    Tonight I’m bringing these back. In Game.

  129. unonomous says:

    (if she grabs the bomb say) Loosen ur grip on those balls cos they may be mine l8r ;)

  130. Dreads says:

    […] Nice Lines :D […]

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  133. D'Juan says:

    “Do you need a Magnum because I’ve got one right here for you. In my pants.”

    STOLEN! This is a mandatory pick-up line if I ever heard one! :D

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  135. snh7 says:


  136. ct says:

    hey, your pretty enough to ride on my Man Cannon!

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  138. Seth says:

    ‘Want to see what I REALLY melee with?’

  139. Seth says:

    Or: nice MJOLNIR, want to…?

  140. chase says:

    im like a plasma grenad one im one u im not comin off

  141. billdebeast says:

    i never meet any girl gamers :(

  142. Nida says:

    Hilarious. I wouldn’t even be offended if a guy tried any of these on me, they’re that great xD

    btw, I’m working on getting 53,595 zombie kills =P

  143. Waffle Deluxe says:

    I know I’m the bomb but what are you?

  144. G4M3SL4Y3R says:

    awesome, i actually like the one about the auto-aim and the assault-bomb one, the other ones are kind of too messed up lawl :P

  145. Xissae says:

    These made me laugh.
    “With the weapons I just need to hit “X” to pick them up. Does that work for you as well?”
    “*eyeing the breast plate* I am a master dual wielder. Mind if I give those a go?” (When it failed and he mentioned the dual weapons)
    Would do it for me. They’d make me laugh so hard. The second one of these two was my ultimate favorite, but, again, only when it failed, I shot him, and he mentioned the weapons.
    But I’m a screwed up woman, so… hmmm…
    The auto-aim was pretty cute, too. But, if someone said that to me online, I’d beat him down. xD

  146. Olletta Spring says:

    aha These Are Pretty Funnyy =]
    Never While iiV Been Playing Halo3 Has AnyThing Liike Thiis Been Saiid to Me .. But ii Often Jokinglii Get Asked Outt + Stuff,, Also They wanna Kno What Bra Siize ii Am =/ + What ii Look Liike + iif iiL Sleep With Them .. errNO!! ahaaa Also Youu Get Poeple That Dont Believe Your A Girl And Think Ur Justt a High Pitched Squeekii Kidd Thats Pretending To Be A Girl … iiMaa Girl Trust Me ii Have things To Prove ahaaa ;)
    ROFL x

  147. ween14 says:

    haha too funny, I feel for the guy’s that actually have to use them.

  148. Jim says:

    I got one. “Are you with the Covenant? Because you can take over my world any day.”

  149. Hahaha! I love this!! I am using some for valentine’s cards. BTW ADD ME! DARTHoVIBRAT0R (the 0 is a zero)

  150. i mean the second 0 is a zero lol

  151. Thors toe says:

    I don’t normally follow blogs but I have found myself coming back to your site more and more. I love it keep up the great work. :-)

    • bs angel says:

      Well thank you, I’m beyond flattered! It’s nice knowing others enjoy it as much as I do. :)

  152. some 15 y/o dutch dude says:

    LOL i’d totally use these since my gf wanted me to teach her to play games…

    it’s a shame i broke up :x

  153. Jeff says:

    I’m trying to come up with a SPNKR joke but I can’t.

  154. matt says:

    @jeff couldn’t it just be a variation of the magnum one

  155. someguy says:

    respondse to the bomb :P

    I think we’re playing infection because i’m sure you’re a zombie.

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