The Katonian Press: Valve Announces Left 4 Dead 3, Due October 2009

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Valve Announces Left 4 Dead 3, Due October 2009

left 4 deadBellevue, WA – Fresh off the heels of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Valve Software dropped another bombshell this week, announcing a third entry in their zombie survival series Left 4 Dead. “We are very excited to continue this franchise,” said Gabe Newell, founder and managing director of Valve. “We know our fans can’t wait to confront the zombie hordes again. And so we proudly announce our next title, Left 4 Dead 3, coming to PC and Xbox 360 consoles in October… of this year!”

The original Left 4 Dead was released to popular and critical acclaim in November of 2008 and has sold over 2.5 million copies. A sequel, Left 4 Dead 2, was announced at this year’s E3 and is slated for release in November of 2009.

Regarding the release date, Newell had this to say: “I know that this announcement means that Left 4 Dead 3 will actually release before Left 4 Dead 2, which might not make sense to some. But we’re just so excited about what we’ve done with this game that we want to get it into the gamer’s hands as soon as we can.”

Pressed about the quick turnaround in new titles, Valve’s Chet Faliszek assuaged some fears. “We came up with some really cool ideas during the development of Left 4 Dead 2 but the programmers had already written a bunch of code so we were kinda like: ‘Screw it, let’s make a NEW game!’  And we did! Besides, there was no way our cool new changes could have been applied to the previous games–I mean, it’s not like there’s some kind of magical ‘patch’ we could apply that would update them.”

Valve promises that Left 4 Dead 3 won’t disappoint. Players will get to take the role of one of four survivors: Joey, Francine, Louie, or Phil. New enemies include The Burper (who belches toxic smoke on players) and multi-ethnic zombies dressed in culture-specific clothing. The highly-touted A.I. Director feature, which dynamically ramps up the tension and difficulty for the players, has undergone some major changes as well. Valve wouldn’t reveal all the details, but an e-mail response did offer this tidbit: “Let’s just say the A.I. Director is a lot smarter and a lot more powerful this time around. You might just find yourself fighting your way to the escape vehicle in a movie and BOOM–your Xbox reboots. That’s the A.I. director at work.”

And what about new weapons? “We’re replacing the Sniper Rifle with a bow and arrow, since it’ll do about as much good against the Horde. Oh, and there’s now a sawed-off shotgun and, wait for it, a slightly better sawed-off shotgun. Zombies beware!”

Major retailers are now taking pre-orders for Left 4 Dead 2, Left 4 Dead 3, and Left 4 Dead 4 which was just announced during the writing of this story.

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205 Responses to The Katonian Press: Valve Announces Left 4 Dead 3, Due October 2009

  1. HellCat says:

    Good right up. i’m loving how it mocks L4D 2 (or Just left 2 Die in my opinion) but i think it will be good. I just hate how sequels and DLC are announced before things are even close to being released

    • amk says:

      There could be a 3 where louis is found lol

      • Eman says:

        this a joke obviously i mean joey francine louie and phil the real characters zoey francise louis and bill see the connection

        • Troy says:

          no really? I couldn’t figure that out.

    • DNF says:

      lol think about Duke Nukem Forever, it has been announced in 1997.. it’s pretty far for it’s release of 2011

    • kitkatkid360 says:

      why do you call it left 2 die thats retarded:0

    • killthekat says:

      still i cant wait till this damn game comes out

      • Cynthia says:

        really wants l4d3 I have the other twoo :l

  2. DethPwn says:

    Is this our Kato? Gewd work! Also, I recommend all who enjoyed this watch the YouTube video ‘Hitler hears about Left 4 Dead 2’

    • That video was hilarious.

      • crazy jo says:

        what video

    • Kato says:

      Depends on who you mean by “our Kato”. :)

      • Bob says:

        What do you mean? its My Kato XD

    • Ryley says:

      I also loved that video
      look up bill finds out about l4d2
      it’s freaking hilarious

  3. GeneralCupcakes says:

    And Wait, there’s more!

    A shotgun with the barrels sawed off to the point it look like a pistol!, that you can dual wield!

    • Kato says:

      In related news, Microsoft has announced a new entry in the ever-popular Halo universe entitled “Halo: Left 4 Dead”. Play as Master Chief, the Arbiter, N’tho ‘Sraom, or Usze ‘Taham, fighting hordes of the Flood to reach the next Forerunner safehouse. “It’s Left 4 Dead with plasma grenades!” says lead writer Frank O’Connor.

      • Trader Sam says:

        I could actually see something like that happening. . . Endless waves of flood sent out after you.
        Each area could have a few “normal” enemies (Elites Grunts Brutes etc.) and while dispatching them the flood comes in and zombiefys (infects) them. . . It couldn’t play the same way Halo does right now though, it would need a few tweaks to make it work.

      • Wasn’t that pretty much “The Library” from Combat Evolved?


      • ShadowNova DVX says:

        I would swear they now call it ‘Firefight’!!!

      • sels says:

        its called halo reach

    • Superzebra12 says:

      thats called a sawnoff shotgun dumbass

      • kkk360 says:

        you want to bet

  4. madBOX20 says:

    wait. left 4 dead 3 (due oct. 2009) comes out before left 4 dead 2 (due nov 2009)???!?!?!

    • Jason says:

      I know rofl whats up with that

      • Joshgh7 says:

        This sounds like a joke to me. I’m pretty sure it’s fake seeing as there’s no trailer, no mention of it and somehow they managed to finish it before they realise left 4 dead 2.
        Complete rubbish

        • PS says:

          Umm, duh.

        • Joe says:

          yo how do you know this? because it could have been on hold after left 4 dead 2 came out because they realized they couldn’t release the 3rd one first. it’s obvious that a 3rd left for dead will come out. and it will probably be soon.

        • Mast Tebeiter says:


  5. LAZR Blade 14 says:

    I spy a little displeasure at the TF2 sniper update.

  6. Billdebeast says:

    apart from the fact that it makes no fucking sense it should be cool

  7. Mike says:

    … man… this would be funnier if it wasnt a possible reality :-(

    more ethnic stereotype zombies i can see happening
    having more ideas that cant fit into a game that shouldnt even be made yet i can see happening
    multiple versions of the same gun… most likely being a sawed off shotgun i can see happening
    system getting rebooted while playing i can see happening

    sigh… all terrifying possiblities

  8. nixproto says:

    at first i was like “huh? are you sure?” but once i read on i was laughing so hard! can’t wait for the bow and arrow! the sniper sucks and the slightly better sawed off shotgun sounds like a BLAST! haha.

    • kitkatkid360 says:

      you got bad taste in guns cause everybody knows the sniper is better

  9. zackowens23 says:

    Haha, Inside Gaming thought that this was a serious post

  10. StephaBon says:

    It’s Star Wars all over again

  11. Jarryd says:

    i got Left for dead 2 , is awsome , cant wait for # 3 , SOUND GOOD , semi auto shot gun , that gun rocks , pipe bombs are cool , and not to mention the barrels os petrol you can pour onto zombies and ignite ,


  12. L4D:42 days later says:

    I’m seriously confused!?!…is there REALLY gonna be a LEFT 4 DEAD 3 coming out October 2009?

    • Steve says:

      Are you metally retarded? “I’m seriously confused!?!…is there REALLY gonna be a LEFT 4 DEAD 3 coming out October 2009?” – L4D:42 days later

    • Brennan says:

      no there will be no LFD3 in October. its just a joke.THAT’S VERY funny lol i though it was real XD

  13. L4D:42 days later says:

    Wtf!?, how the hell am I mentaly retarded 4 askin that fuckin Question?…I thought they seriously ment L4D III was really gonna come out b4 L4D II…what part of the question did u not get?

    • DJ Atomica says:

      Nice swearing.
      let’s hope that gets your point on SOMETHING across, otherwise swear words are a pointless set of adjectives, nouns and verbs.
      You should read the entire article in future.
      FAKE gaming news. for the humour of others, and apparently the displeasure of others.
      but whatever…

  14. alen says:

    left 4 dead 3 is the same like left 4 dead 1

  15. porkstein says:

    First sentence:

    The Katonian Press […] will soon be your best source for weekly fake gaming news.

    How did you not get that?!

  16. Tankbuster says:

    i got Left for dead 2 , is awsome , cant wait for # 3 , SOUND GOOD , semi auto shot gun , that gun rocks , pipe bombs are cool , and not to mention the barrels os petrol you can pour onto zombies and ignite ,

    THE GAME ROCKS – Jarryd

    L4D2 isn’t even out yet, idiot. It’s not due out til November 17th.

  17. alex says:

    Omg the second 1 comes out in november wat the hell

  18. Anonymous says:

    The sad thing is: Valve probably already has Left 4 Dead 3 in the works.

  19. Mama Luigi says:

    That’s cool! I thought they will not work again with Half-Life 2 Episode Three and start Left 4 Dead 3.

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  21. Tremor209 says:

    Impossible!!!Left 4 Dead 2 is coming out this november . and how could possibly Left 4 Dead 3 is coming out first than Left 4 Dead 2.

  22. ZombieBambie says:

    Huh? But Left4Dead2 Is Coming Out In November! You Cant Relese A Left4Dead3 Out before Left4Dead2! XD Lol Well It Would Be Awesome For A Left4Dead3 Tho!! YAYY! Wait No I Havent Even Played Left4Dead2 Yet Lol XD YAYY! Cant Wait Till November!!!

    • Faith says:


      You sir, are a dimwit.

  23. GameFrik! says:

    Well.. That would be interesting..

    But still.. why give the announcement of a 3rd when they havent Released the 2nd.
    Besides.. when i played Left4Dead2 Demo.. i kinda didnt get the feeling of Left4Dead.. i wanna play as Louis, Bill, Francis and Zoey.. well changes are good, but i dont relly get the feeling of play left4dead. cant wait for the 3rd. i love the games anyways!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Some people seem to not be getting the point of the article. It’s not serious; it’s just meant to be humorous.

  25. IcyTreats says:

    Yeah that’s what’s kinda funny. people are actually taking this seriously.
    Any takers on a L4D4?

  26. cryman says:

    It is regular fake.Nobody will buy L4D2 if it will be L4D3 faster.Silly fake.I like L4D series.This is just fake.Valve are not silly,arent they?

  27. duuno says:

    Doesnt any one else think this is bullshit? Doesnt make sense?

  28. Russel Nash says:

    This has got to be my favorite part of the whole article: “Let’s just say the A.I. Director is a lot smarter and a lot more powerful this time around. You might just find yourself fighting your way to the escape vehicle in a movie and BOOM–your Xbox reboots. That’s the A.I. director at work.” LOL> The game rewboots your Xbox at a critical juncture. Hahaha!

  29. Boover says:

    Um guys, I think they mean October 10th, 2010.

    • jared says:

      i agree

  30. Anonymous says:

    Haha nice joke. But, couldn’t you think of names that werent related to the Left 4 Dead character names? =P
    Joey – Zoey
    Francine – Francis
    Louie – Louis
    Phil – Bill

    • OMFGZortehSTIG!1 says:

      Hehe Joey+Phil, the ultimate shoot-em-up heroes :D

  31. RedYogos says:

    XD left for dead 2 is a lot better than the first but i kinda miss bill,francise,zoey,and louis and one more thing left for dead 2 is funner because there are different special infected and more normal zombies

  32. Jay says:

    It’s like when people watch “The Onion” and think it’s real, some people are just dumb.

  33. therealfreeman says:

    I’m going to point out the obvious and say FFAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Jack Burton says:

    This is’nt funny nor is it witty or creative. In my opinion it’s just utter garbage.

    • OMFGZortehSTIG!1 says:

      Wow, really?
      I found it freaking hilarious. I mean I respect the guys at valve, and everything, think they’re making a bang-up game series with L4D, but this is comic genious at it’s finest, highest level :)
      and if it’s so bad why post? to put your opinion through to the people that like the post and are commenting? ah well. your life :)

  35. Jack Burton says:

    that was a bit harsh it is kind of funny I suppose

  36. your talking shit says:

    You are talking shit! L4D2 has come out and l4d3 hasnt even been announced!
    Dont Make Me Lose My Rag!!!

    Derka Derka!

    • Atlas says:

      I can tell you gave yourself that thumbs up.

      • OMFGZortehSTIG!1 says:

        AMEN. people like you deserve a cookie :)

  37. gigigty says:

    ITS FAKE!!!!

    • OMFGZortehSTIG!1 says:

      HOLY CRAP!
      It’s a shame I read it properly or you’d have ruined it for me.

      • AttackAttack123 says:

        Omg this is some funny shit! XD i laugh when people have to guess that its fake. it says right above the article “fake video game news at it’s finest” haha dumbasses

  38. Jake says:

    this sounds like a load of crap if u ask me

  39. DethPwn says:

    Can’t believe this post correctly predicted the coming of 2 sequels!

    Now ewe just have to wait until Guitar Hero 14 Lego Jonas Sparkle Edition: MC Party Tyme!!!

  40. wolfman23 says:

    i think it would be better if it had both left 4 dead and left 4 dead 2 characters together. In left 4 dead 3, it would have all the weapons from both L4D games.In the last chapter, you should show them seperating. Leave it hanging like that. Then in left 4 dead 4, put in the new characters.The last left 4 dead “final stand” as i like to call it, would have every character, every zombie, and every weapon. Then it would be amazing and more fun because the mystery of the zombies would be solved, even though the survivors would all be dead.

  41. brant says:

    what that is awesome a bow and arrow i was thinking they should put that they should also put a rocket launcher and the characters names sound like the originals just revised

  42. Pistols says:

    Left 4 Dead Is The Best Game Does Anyone Agree?

    • carla says:

      The best

  43. Pvt. Miller says:

    Why left 4 Dead is not in PLay Station????????? They Can Make More Big Hits!!!!

    • iPurism says:

      Because the 360 is better. It just is.

  44. AAndrew says:

    what october all the other left 4 dead and l4d2 are in november wtf!

  45. Destiny says:

    Hey is this a good idea or not? maybe they should have formed a group of eight where the first two novels characters should join forces to survive think about that dudes

  46. stokie says:

    as if its the left 4 dead 1 case

  47. Destiny'schild says:

    i hate it when ppl put fake blogs on there and get ppl who r l4d maniacs all jumped up.then it never shows up…
    But,, i heard there’s gonna be a special event thing tht MITE come out in late march 2010.
    tht the l4d and l4d2 characters are gonna find each other to fite the zombies.
    and tht u can only be the l4d2 characters. there will be a new zombie. and i think new weapons.
    and it takes place between dead center and dark carnival. holy shinpper doodles it sounds fun as hell.!! =D

  48. iain says:

    it is not left 4 dead 3 it is left 4 dead2

  49. says:

    As soon as i saw the names i knew it was fake then lol
    Joey – Zoey Francine – Francis Louie – Louis Phil – Bill
    It dissapointed me actually :/

  50. Superzebra12 says:

    left 4 dead 1 fransis and bill are cool. left 4 dead 2 that country teenager is the coolest. left 4 dead 3……..

  51. GREG says:

    This is going to fail.they are moving to fast,..They are basicaly useing the same survivor names Franchise(Francais) Louie(Pilz) come on valve…You cant add a few weapons and some new campaigns and really expect for everyone to be at your feet

  52. Andrew says:

    ok wait a minute
    it is 2010
    left 4 dead 2 came out
    i have not seen anything for a left 4 dead 3
    they said that it was released in october which clearly hasnt happened

    • OMFGZortehSTIG!1 says:

      Clearly not, no. well that’s awfully strange.
      Among the blatant introduction saying this’s fake and all the people in the comments saying this’s fake,
      you know what? I’m STARTING to get the inkling that it’s fake.
      but go ahead and ignore the hell out of everyone…
      Or don’t?
      read everything first, dude? It helps sometimes.

  53. Shadow says:

    What the hell was with due’s 2010 but I’m still hearing bout it coming out soon.

  54. Loz says:

    did any one remember the small time game half life? i wish valve did. I wanna see how gordon freeman saves the planet! Who know’s he may even get a jet pack this time!

    • OMFGZortehSTIG!1 says:

      Or a tamagotchi G-man :)

  55. toxicvirus1230 says:

    left 4 dead is cool but 2 is better 1 sucks in versus

  56. toxicvirus1230 says:

    i like in left 4 dead 2 the Parish its crazy in second level but i think left 4 dead 2 is cool i even played in xbox 360
    my profile name is toxicvirus1230.

  57. toxicvirus1230 says:

    when is left 4 dead 3 coming out? like i played 1 and 2 i want to play 3 already am i right

  58. Joe says:

    Are they gonna make black zombies this time???

    • DarkReign2021 says:

      No. It’ll be considered racist if you kill zombies of African descent. Any other ethnicity on the planet is ok. Just no blacks.

      • supercoolguywithnoname says:

        No you can’t kill anybody but white people because if `you do, ITS RACIST!!! lolz

        the next left 4 dead you should et to kill the infected president (not obama, wink wink)

        • kitkatkid360 says:

          how is it rasist cause there is not just white people in the world there is black people too>=^(

  59. FallinL4D says:

    Oh my god, I hope that they will make a fucking crazy game!

    but I miss the first four characters and especially Zoey and Louis…

    Damn… when will we play with them again??!!

    But congratulation for those 2 games.

  60. kitkatkid360 says:

    bow&arrow burper fucking awesome

  61. kitkatkid360 says:

    i hope its like halo where you get frag grenades=Dlmfao

  62. kitkatkid360 says:

    they should have alredy anounced that l4d3 was coming out

  63. kitkatkid360 says:

    Ijust dont get why they would trade a sniper rifle for a bow&arrow cause you have to reload every one shot and it does not have a scope unless it is a crossbow=\

  64. Me says:

    Unless the story line was like Res evil in which 2 was 3 or vice versa…. its all mental really

    • kitkatkid360 says:

      i know right =

    • kitkatkid360 says:

      well the zombies in l4d1and2 dont have weapons only fists(besids special infected

  65. kitkatkid360 says:

    im starting to get really fuckin pissed off cause i want l4d3 cause it sounds fuckin awesome and i have and beat left 4 dead 1&2

  66. kitkatkid360 says:


    • kitkatkid360 says:

      sorry im just really mad=`

  67. craig morgan says:

    is there going 2 b a left 4 d 3

  68. Enter name here says:

    Why not half life episode 4 or even left 4 dead: counter strike?

  69. kitkatkid360 says:

    This might sound crasy that i never heard of half life=/

  70. kitkatkid360 says:


    • stwilfsphoto says:

      it isn’t coming out for gods sake, i am writing this in 2010 and it still hasn’t come out,it says there clearly that it comes out in 2009 and it didn’t, that really disappointed me greatly D:

  71. Ollopa Gavin says:

    Okay, here is what I think, in L4D3,if they make one, there should be Zombie Children. And there name are Orphans. they can run SUPER fast and, they can alert other hordes by crying. There should also be a Poisoner, it jumps on your head a injects a poison into you, to where you have to find an antidote, you will have like a minute to live. A Bomber it is basically a suicidal zombie.
    Hellz yea…that would be fuckin awesome!

  72. matthew says:

    cant believe l4d3 is coming up 2010

  73. kitkatkid360 says:


  74. kitkatkid360 says:

    there should be an infected called the drunker that looks like a normal infected but with a hat and long gray hair[just like a normal drunk dude] but he has beer bottle filled with acid in his hand and if he throws it at a survivor and it hits it instantly incapacitated that survivor but it only has one acid bottle. Bad news is that the acid attracts a horde to the survivor who got hit with it. It has 150 health and is known as a playable special infected and is like the spitter hope they put it the game<=)

  75. kitkatkid360 says:

    what do yall think about the drunker↑↑↑↑↑↑↑(the comment from me above this comment)

  76. Ollopa Gavin says:

    omgzzz……..that would be awesome!!!! comment on mine

    • kitkatkid360 says:

      i see i think that would be halarious man there should be pregnant infected that hit you with there infected babies

  77. thanks dude i just randomly thought of one where is yours

  78. kitkatkid360 says:

    and the their water breaks out of nowhere<=-^D

  79. kitkatkid360 says:

    can i just call you gavin

  80. Ollopa Gavin says:

    sure..xDDDD can i call u kitty xD

  81. kitkatkid360 says:

    NO you can call me kitkat<=^)

  82. Ollopa Gavin says:

    xDDDD kk kitkat

  83. kitkatkid360 says:

    do you think the sniper or bow & arrow is better

  84. Ollopa Gavin says:

    yea that too

  85. kitkatkid360 says:

    bow and arrow or sniper

  86. Ollopa Gavin says:

    ohh xD srry bow and arrow

    • kitkatkid360 says:

      ME TOO I LOVE THE BOW & ARROW better if crossbows<=^)(what does xDDDDDD MEAN<=^/

      • kitkatkid360 says:

        i wonder how they will put a laser or flashlight on the bow&arrow[if they even make the game]>:^(

  87. Ollopa Gavin says:

    Yea me too xDDD is like a fase……

  88. kitkatkid360 says:

    it looks like a the face is laughing its ass off or a dead face anyways whats your 2 fav guns in l4d2 mine is the COMBAT SHOTGUN and COMBAT RIFLE

  89. Ollopa Gavin says:

    Mine are the auto shot gun and the KATANA!!!

  90. kitkatkid360 says:

    the KATANA is a melee weapon not a gun but i will count it WHAT IS YOUR 2 FAV MELEE WEAPONS MINE ARE THE CHAINSAW AND THE AXE

  91. Ollopa Gavin says:

    KATANA and GUITAR!!!!

  92. kitkatkid360 says:

    I cannot belive BILL DIES IN L4D2 THE PASSING i saw a youtube video that shown ellis and the others meeting with zoey and the other two then ellis goes to bills resting place aka his body and a spitter spit acid on his body then ellis took his assult rifle and ran to get gas cans for the genorator

  93. kitkatkid360 says:

    dude whats wrong why you not replying

  94. Ollopa Gavin says:

    srry i haveny checked my e-mail in a while

    • kitkatkid360 says:

      its fine xDDDD dude who is your 2 fav character2 zoey bill francis louis ellis rochelle coach or nick mine is bill and ellis

  95. Ollopa Gavin says:

    Ummmm lets seeee my favorite characters are Ellis and Franics P:

    • kitkatkid360 says:

      i dont like francis cause he hates everything and he thinks he is all bad the only reason i like him is cauze he loves the shotguns

  96. Ollopa Gavin says:

    Hey that is why i like him to P: what r ur favorite infected (playable) mine r the hunter and charger

    • kitkatkid360 says:

      mine are the tank and the hunter hey did you know there is a glitch where you get to play as the witch

  97. Ollopa Gavin says:

    xbox or PC?? omg rrly what

  98. kitkatkid360 says:

    xbox360 to activate the glich you just got to spawn as a normal special infected and go somewere you cant get shot and crouch down and it is voice activated so make witch moans and look at the floor and your the witch

  99. Ollopa Gavin says:

    Do you have a video link??? cuz i dont get it xDD

  100. kitkatkid360 says:

    i am so sorry i dont cause i have been talking to on a dsi cause i dont have a computer but i have dsi browser srry<=^)

  101. kitkatkid360 says:

    just go to youtube and type in how to play as the witch

  102. Ollopa Gavin says:

    kk P: what do u think bout the dsi xl

  103. kitkatkid360 says:

    i think its awesome

  104. Ollopa Gavin says:

    xD rrly nice ugh i cant find it :\

  105. kitkatkid360 says:

    you cant find it but DUDE YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT THIS do you know what the screamer is

  106. Ollopa Gavin says:

    yea i do P:…grr….i am trying to download L4D2 for the PC because i lost mine xD… you have it for PC??

  107. kitkatkid360 says:

    no i messed up mine too but go to youtube and type in l4d real screamer sounder and click the first one dude it is CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZY

  108. kitkatkid360 says:

    i spelled sounder wrong its really sounds

  109. Ollopa Gavin says:

    o.O omg….

  110. kitkatkid360 says:

    crazy aint it

  111. kitkatkid360 says:

    hey whats your real name

  112. Ollopa Gavin says:

    Austin wbu?

  113. kitkatkid360 says:

    mine is cody

  114. kitkatkid360 says:

    reply please<=^)=

  115. arian martinez says:

    its cool their putting bows and arrows but there is no fucking sense or way how they should take the sniper rifle

    • kitkatkid360 says:

      cause the sniper sucks and there is no point of having both so they take the sniper that acually makes some sense[other that almost the same names


  116. Ollopa Gavin says:

    zD srry dude so you got xbox live??

  117. Ollopa Gavin says:

    zDDD yea

  118. kitkatkid360 says:

    no but i really want it

  119. Andrew says:

    In Left 4 Dead 3, it should take place in Alaska. Why? so it would be more challengeing
    because you would also look after your health so you dont die of hypothermia, or something like that.

  120. Ollopa Gavin says:

    nice nice ugh i am bored

  121. kitkatkid360 says:

    well im going to six flags so im not going to reply for a couple hours so reply later austin bye

  122. Ollopa Gavin says:

    kk have fun P:

  123. kitkatkid360 says:

    waz up austin im back

  124. kitkatkid360 says:


  125. Ollopa Gavin says:

    omg….isa srry, I haven’t been on the computer, i got grounded T^T

  126. kitkatkid360 says:

    oh i thought you moved away to somewhere where you have no internet sorry i yelled i just now looked cause i look every day hey do have a account

  127. Ollopa Gavin says:


  128. kitkatkid360 says:

    go to and click start drawing the go down and you should see a little slot you can make one then put me as a friend. my account is CHEIFdragon

  129. Ollopa Gavin says:


    • kitkatkid360 says:

      what is your username on mine is CHEIFdragon

  130. kitkatkid360 says:

    dude i am very sad that bill dies in l4d2 the passing cause he blead too death by a tank but the bright side BILL SHOT THE TANK 250 TIMES IN THE HEAD WITH HIS M16 ASSUALT RIFLE<=^(

  131. Swellow says:

    wow, Valve is just such a awesome corporation! :D. This is just to tease us a bit :D. I’m almost 100% shure that they will make a new L4D :D

  132. rob says:

    it would be more awesome if you could be one of the midnight riders.

  133. kitkatkid360 says:

    yea hahaha

  134. kitkatkid360 says:

    hey austin do you have a facebook profile please reply

  135. all i do is win says:

    this is pretty funny

  136. kitkatkid360 says:

    whats funny

  137. kirby says:

    i want to play this game now!

  138. damon says:

    hey does anyone know what day in november left 4 dead ecause my b day is 3 comes out because my b day is november 7th so i really want it for my birthda

  139. kitkatkid360 says:


  140. katttz says:

    well you know its pretty obvious there WILL be a left4dead3. well because in left4dead1 the survivors got on the evac truck but was takin somewhere very opposite to a safe place. shown in the new comic on and ended up in the passing after escaping somehow… still unknown… but same thing will probably happen in l4d2 they got to a rescue vehicle that may or may not take them to rescue. either their going to run out of fuel or land somewhere like the original survivors ended up and have to excape and the next group of survivors will take their place in the next horror game. left4dead3.

  141. shane says:

    well in l4d2 theres the new map called the passing and l4d2 characters met up with l4d1 char (phil is dead) and well at the end of it they get away and the l4d1 char stay there (bet ya they die) and theres going to be a new campaign on l4d1 hopefully with melee weapons(wen l4d3 coming out in oz)

  142. Burgermeat says:

    I love the jokes about games being released before they are thought of just like modern warfare 3 that’s funny I found it slightly funny good job but I so want left for dead ever since getting left for dead 2 and reading the l4d comic I so now love left for dead

  143. CArloL4D says:

    i just request new common infected and special infected and all characters from L4D and L4D2 are playable….(if u like this comment then be it and if not ignore it)…im just saying my thoughts ya know….

  144. jason says:

    i have two ideas for l4d3 1: you could make it a longer campaign 2: you could give characters special abilitys 3: you could have armor like a bullet proof vest or something

  145. ILUVELLIS! says:

    YAY new L4D! i was actually hoping for the return of the L4D2 characters and heck L4D too! but a BOW AND ARROW EPIC!! i cant wait for the release! but i hope it has more story line in the game. i always wonder where they go after the helicopter.

  146. tarrizz says:

    I realize it’s a joke, however, Valve should’ve called L4D2 for Left 2 Die. That would’ve been so much better. :D

  147. wat up the sky says:

    that bull crap joey francin phil louie ring a bell (zoey francis louis bill)

  148. Zaniack says:

    They really should make a left 4 dead 3 and also a left 4 dead movies cause that would be cool :)(it was kinda mean making all this stuff up about but all is forgiven)

  149. MinxyFox says:

    well it’s august 30th 2011, and i noticed something, NO left 4 dead 3 yet. how strange…~_~

  150. kitkatkid360 says:

    have yall realized that it isnt coming out so just stfu and stop sayin ” this would be cool if this happend” cuz it isnt so stfu

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