Unlock Vidmaster Challenge Achievements, Get Recon Armor

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The always reliable halo.bungie.org just posted a tasty tidbit of enlightening information gleaned from the pages of the December 2008 issue of Game Informer. Nestled amid other assorted facts about Halo 3: Recon was, “Recon Armor will be earnable for all – complete the Vidmaster Challenge series of achievements and it’s yours.” Urk, the new face of the informal and entertaining Bungie Blog, was quick to reply with a simplistically appropriate “Believe“. Seven achievements total (four from Halo 3 and three from Halo 3: ODST) will be needed to unlock the highly coveted armor. Once the Vidmaster Challenge series of achievements has been successfully completed, your shiny new set of Recon armor will be accessible by officially flipping the switch on your Bungie.net service record (look for the ‘Road to Recon’ under your trophy shot). You will need a valid and linked Bungie.net account to complete the required steps.


vidmaster achievement

Vidmaster Challenge: Annual – Halo 3
After 9/25/08, complete Halo on 4-player Legendary LIVE co-op, with Iron, and everyone in Ghosts.

vidmaster achievement

Vidmaster Challenge: Lightswitch – Halo 3
Get to the rank of Lieutenant in any playlist in the new EXP progression system.

vidmaster achievement

Vidmaster Challenge: 7 on 7 – Halo 3
Enter into any ranked or social playlist with 7 EXP on the 7th of the month.

vidmaster achievement

Vidmaster Challenge: Brainpan – Halo 3
Find all the hidden skulls on the Mythic maps.

vidmaster achievement

Vidmaster Challenge: Classic – Halo 3: ODST
Finish any level solo on Legendary, on LIVE, with no shots fired or grenades thrown.

vidmaster achievement

Vidmaster Challenge: Déjà Vu – Halo 3: ODST
Complete Highway on 4-player Legendary LIVE co-op, with Iron, and no ‘Hog or Scorpion.

vidmaster achievement

Vidmaster Challenge: Endure – Halo 3: ODST
In Firefight, on any mission, pass the 4th Set on 4-player Heroic LIVE co-op.
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726 Responses to Unlock Vidmaster Challenge Achievements, Get Recon Armor

  1. Hmmmmm, interesting.

    Anyone want help getting any missing vidmasters?

    • zadrath says:

      i need help with them my gamertag is Ace of Aces1 i know cleshay

      • GETgo420 says:

        Yo i’m GETgo420 add me up and we can do that four player 1, i have some friends who will do it but we need one more guy

        • callum says:

          getgo420 you still needin one more guy ? coz i can do it first try on a ghost but my friends well cant last 10 seconds on it

        • The captain16 says:

          i can do it on wensday my gt is the captain16

        • austin says:

          I can help i need it to so my GT is Stealthyninja53

        • keaton says:

          hey i am mini k100 add me i can do it cause me and my bro need it

        • volvagia07 says:

          yo i can help wit the vidmasters i need em too

        • Ancubius says:

          I will help!!!!

        • XXKADENXX says:

          HEY i should have recon by now hello world of bungie i should have seven on seven but for some reason it wont give it to me my tag is XXKADENXX msg me if any1 can help

        • Ugems says:

          I need help with annual, deja vu, and endure. it’s really bugging me, I just need those 3 and I’m done. My gamertag is Ugems

        • emerson flores says:

          i need help so bad my gamertag is sprinklez4806 i knw stupid but what ever please help

        • zobs says:

          @ UGEMS – Yo did you get help – I too am looking for these 3, can get 1 guy to play on both Halo 3 & ODST, if you got 1 more?

          Zobs09 if we can help each other

        • abdel says:

          i will do it my gamertag is AZ1Z2K9

      • I can assist u in that

        • poop says:

          add me urihatesu123 i need it

        • General Vondrak says:

          I could use help with the Halo 3-based ones, and would love help with odst ones once i get it [hopefully tonight] — just add me and comment it as “Will help you with Vidmaster” —-Thanks
          GT: General Vondrak

      • Brandon says:

        Hey ace of aces1, i was wondering if you could help me get a few vidmaster achievments, my GT is CaRb0NNm0n0XiDe

      • chester says:

        i will help you cos i need help with them aswel my gamertag is CS LEGANDzZ

    • Antz396 says:

      I need help with the 4 player level

      • Eltrosk8s says:

        Hay add me i need help too my games tag is Eltrosk8s

        • anon says:

          Yeah I’ll help ya out add me

        • illl help says:

          ery body add me too…….my gamertag is …….. mixed kidd 05

      • The Dark Plum says:

        hey ya i need help wit tha multiplaya stuffs like the ghost one. i ned them fo odst and halo 3. only the multiplayer ones. GT=The Dark Plum.
        Just like that spaces and capes and everything. dont ask how i got the nam

    • scythea says:

      Yeah i need help with the vidmaster annual achievement add my gamertag lollipops22

      • Qolloxx says:

        If anyone will like to help me out with vidmaster challenges plz invite me. thnx

      • add me i know how to do it

    • IIIIreDnEcKIIII says:

      i will help need to get the final map in a gost with iron on i also need help get the splater spree

    • llllllallllllallll says:

      yes can you help me. My GT is xXEpicWonderXx

    • Chief Bear Paw says:

      yes i need anual

      • ShadowNova DVX says:

        That could have been the typo of the century!!!
        The easiest is 7 on 7, but just bribe your friends for the annual achievement.

        • brmonkey says:

          no this is the typo of thr cenrury

    • war313phant says:

      any one need help with the vidmaster annual achievement message me at my gamertag>war313phant

    • Sgt Floss 2014 says:

      i need help w/ the legendary iron ghost vidmaster my gamertag is Sgt Floss 2014 pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

      • xDJximpactz says:

        will anyone help me with the vidmaster endure on ODST i only need that one to get recon

        • il help my gt is my name up above ^

        • Steven says:

          I need help with the odst ones. My gamertag is topgun110

    • jay says:

      i need help with After 9/25/08, complete Halo on 4-player Legendary LIVE co-op, with Iron, and everyone in Ghosts.

      • renagadeface says:

        Sure, I need help as well . find me; my tag is renagade face, just send me a message saying who you are and a friend request.

      • ZOTERZ says:

        Hey i need help with annual.

        My XBL is ZOTERZ message me if you can help.

    • irish killer95 says:

      ya my gt is irish killer95 i need help

    • KAPS LOCK says:

      I need help my gamertag is KAPS LOCK
      I just need the campaign

    • small halo says:

      hey,i need help getting the Vidmaster Challenge: Annual Achievement please thanks my gamertag is: small halo

      • chris says:

        ill help my gt is dutchaguese

    • bryan hawkins says:

      Hey i dont have any of the acheivments.I really need some help so if anyone can help out pls messege me.My gt is XxONLINEKILLAxX

      • mason adams gt is sfc adams says:

        to get all mythic just go online and look for instructions

    • jdog8889 says:

      hey hit me up for the four player online… gamertag= jdog8889. i’ll do it anytime im on

    • ivan says:

      We Can Get The Vidmaster Challege:Annual Anymore Can We? Gammer TAG= II Getix II

    • Brent says:

      I already got the one about the ghosts, got to the rank of lieutenant, the next two are impossible until july 7. my lone wolf exp is 6 so i will get it on the 7th. And the last one is impossible because all the maps haven’t come out yet. but i already have 3 of the 6 skulls.

      • Nick says:

        i thought there were only 3?

        • Teali0 says:

          No, theres six.. But you cant get them until ODST is released. Theyre on Longshore, Citadel, and Heretic.

        • ShadowNova DVX says:

          3 more come with ODST

        • Morpheus300 says:

          :) Almost all done but I don’t think I can go through ONE WHOLE LEVEL without firing one bullet or using one grenade

        • Mikey says:

          you’ll probably due co-op and take turns going through and not shooting.

      • austin says:

        7 skulls and der is a new playist call 7 on the 7th all u av 2 do is get 7xp in da playist on the 7th of any month

    • jp says:

      ENER6Y on xbl add me im down to get
      annual and 7 on 7

    • trey says:

      i would like 2.. trey 2635.its a gay name but hey, need some help?

    • cody says:

      yea i do haha

    • zexoman says:

      yes i do… where are the ghosts on halo anyway oh and thats my gamer tag

      • Ill help I know how to so it

        • DO notSo

    • dkilla says:

      need help with the vidmasters achievements, thanks

      • ok give me your gamer tag and i can help you

      • give me your gamer tag and i can help you….
        i need a little help too

        • Justin says:

          need help too. wanna play? my gamertag Bluntmans

      • iigluez says:

        iigluez im down send me a friend request

    • jessie says:

      ya i need help getting the vidmaster all of them

    • Ryan says:

      Yah I have unlocked all of the vid master achievements and I still do not have Recon… This is not true!!!

      • austin says:

        go on bungie site and click on unlock my recon

    • Jajdsadsad says:

      yes messege me Blazin Duksey

    • steve says:

      i need help on the four player xbox live thing gamertag: NOVANATION14

    • andrew says:

      yeah i need help

    • Michael Delgadillo says:

      i do my gamertag is goofygoober1234 i need help getting the 4 player legendary iron and in ghost acheivement

    • WLC20 says:

      the annual

    • XDemonicPendentX says:

      I ILL HELP ANYONE GET THEM PM ME AT XDemonicPendent on live

    • x exodus 8 says:

      ok guys i need recon baddd i had it right? well then it got taken away because bungie is stupid. anyway mky name on live is x Exodus 8 i just got halo 3 ODST and im doing good but if u guys help me with the achievements ill be very grateful. i help u with anything u guys wants if i can. i need all the achievements so please please help me. thanks guys

    • scam says:

      i need some help getting the 4 player legendary one. that and the new 4 player firefight challenge my tag is SCAM66

      • Ben Of Bodom UK says:

        Looking for people to do Vidmaster: Annual with. Message me: Ben Of Bodom UK so we can sort out a time.

    • aunton says:

      i need help on halo 4 player with iron my name is aunton i have friends just need help!!!!

    • Bobby says:

      hit me up for vidmasters, my name is SNiiP3 G0Dx

    • ben says:

      add my gamertag or aim account for help with ODST
      i fiinished the game on legendary and got 30 out of 47 achievments my first time in played
      gamertag: IRIxJOKER
      aim: iiTzJ0K4H

    • Wargasm7896 says:

      yea i need help my gamertag is Wargasm7896 :D i need help with annual, deja vu and endure

    • BroncosRule93 says:

      i need help my gamer tag is BroncosRule93

    • j says:

      wtf man i got all the vidmasters and yet no recon……….. what a waste of 6 hours getting all of those

      • dOzE RuNz Ny says:

        did you do the vidmasters in halo 3?

      • austin says:

        dats becuase yu av 2 go on bungie website sign in and hit unlock my recon!!! yu noob

    • TOm says:

      yeah i need help big time

    • matt says:

      yes def my gamer tag is wwwwmmwwwwmwwww it looks stupid but its legit

    • MR quincyXX says:

      Trying to get annual endure and Deja vu. Gt is MR quincyXX

    • James says:

      I need help with the vidmaster achievements. Can anyone help me?
      My Gamertag is James is best

      • chri$ says:

        ill help im pretty good but i need the achievements too my gamer tag is GHOST assasin13 msg me and ill help out best i can

    • iTz x ToXiiCzZ says:

      i need help getting Annual, De ja Vu and Endure my gt is iTz x ToXiiCzZ

    • Skullhalo says:

      I’ll help!!!

    • nick rose says:

      i need help

    • Unicornloverr says:

      hellppp meeeee same gamertag as my name

    • Oliver says:

      My gamertag is mikolidb413, im no sure about the vidmaster does we can’t shots and throw grenade in a legendary campain that’s impossible??

      • thepiebaker says:

        i just got it today. do the vehicle one… i think its lvl 3 and you play a dutch, you start with a spartan lazer you start off flip the warthog fill it up get to a safe spot after you destroy the first chopper give your side seat guy the lazer and go through, keep moving and dont rush it, take your sweet time. after awile you should come to a brute cheiftan with a fuel rod, take it and give it to your side seat guy when you get the chance its better for this than the spartan lazer.

    • ZeroTheReaper says:

      we can help each other get this armor thats my gamer tag

    • looking for help to do my vidmaster my name is my xbox gamertag delta wolf 311

    • thepiebaker says:

      i would love help with all the ones that require a team of 4 and endure

      my gamertage is

    • Andrew says:

      I need help on Deja Vu, Annual, and Endure. GT is Swirly Friska

    • jackhutch says:

      hey man, yes i would
      i need the annual one, de ja vu and endure.
      my gamer tag is jlHutch
      just leave me a message and say you want to help me
      i lie in australia and im on holidays too so im free all day

      • connor says:

        i need help with annual and endure…if anyone can help me my gt is HaTtOwNzFiNeZt add me

        • dOzE RuNz Ny says:

          if you cant do it on your own you don’t deserve the recon

    • chance says:

      D3MON PIRATE95; i need 4 player co-op and odst firefight

    • jimmy says:

      hey guys i need some help with the vidmaster endure ive tried for 100s of hours not exaggerating and i also need some help in understanding the vidmaster classic because i went through a 5 hour campaign and i did not get achievment i did not punch no grenades no bullets fired i just drove a warthog and my gunner killed covenant if anyone can help me i need help on friday my gamertag is: xcest jacquesx : so if anyone can help me i would appreciate it alot…

    • Pat says:

      add PDB323 and ill do some vidmasters

    • X says:

      yeaa I do my gamertag is


    • Matt says:

      GT: GotSumDangles
      I need Endure, Déjà Vu and Annual.

    • prodogy says:

      hey i need help with the endure vidmaster achievement on odst so ya if u need help i will help u my gamertag is prodogy123

    • ITz HockeyStar says:

      Add me I will do Annual , Endure , and De Ja Vu so pls message me
      My Ganertag is = iT’s HockeyStat
      Message me about them and we mabey can get a team together
      MUST HAVE MIC or else!

    • ken says:

      me and my buddy need half of them

    • Jarrod says:

      Hey I need some help getting the vidmaster achievements..please help.. GAMERTAG: “MikeHawc”
      Thank You

    • Damian says:

      i need help on vidmaster achievements i only have 1 friend that plays no 1 else does for some reason my gamertag is The1456 if you could help that would be gr8 thnx

    • mateo says:

      i need help getting the annual achievement. GT is mateo almighty

    • Icee202 says:

      My GT is icee202. Help!

    • DJRebel87 says:

      Hey whats up. I would definitely like to get Recon, my gamertag is DjReBeL87.
      hit me up when u get a chance. Thanks.

    • kaism says:

      need help with endure, annual and dejavu. add me my gamertag : KAS THE LEGEND

    • seaki11er says:

      yes add me seaki11er on x box live

    • ted says:

      i need help with them my gamertag is xslappndabas304

      • aichemyst says:

        Need help with the vidmaster add me on live and send me a message (all the 4 player ones) Gamertag: aichemyst

    • The Real Dr Nog says:

      how can you help

    • Melzer19 says:

      ya i would like to

    • volvagia07 says:

      ill help maybe this weekend send me an invite
      GT: volvagia07

    • captaininsaino9 says:

      I need the vidmasters.. captaininsaino9.. add me or send a message watevr

      • jose says:

        hey i can help out anyone that needs help cause i also need them umm add me mines tuxedo men

    • way2bakedd2play says:

      i need help with it im pretty good just cant figure some things out my gt is way2bakeDD2play msg me i got a mike FYI

    • master117300 says:

      i need deja vu only

      • Demon433 says:

        I need help with deja vu if u still haven’t done it yet. My gt is Demon433.

    • Matthespartan says:

      Annual and Deja Vu — Matthespartan

      • tuxedo men says:

        hey i need annual also so add me up mines tuxedo men

    • Josh says:

      i need help getting deja vu, and i need 3 more ppl cos my friends are asses and wont help after i helped with endure, so can anyone please help me get deja vu?

      i need 3 PPl

      My Gamertag is Helkash324

    • x SUPERFLii x says:

      I need help with annual,endure,classic and dajevu .help with any would be much appreciated,just message me if interested…my gamertag is the name I used for my post .p.s in return I can gett all the skulls…bye

    • Simmo117 says:

      yeah can u plz hellp me

    • Simmo117 says:

      hellp mee plz my gamertags simmo117 thanks

    • tik says:

      i will i need like almost all of them gt: tik31
      ive only gotten classic and brain pen.
      annyone else care to help?

      • tuxedo men says:

        hey im into helping anyone

        i already have them

        but since i had great friends that helped me i would love to do that ffavor back so add me whenever or send me a message tellign me when you want to do them and ill try to get on

        my email is viry123@netzero.com

        gt: tuxedo men

        just how you see it =P

    • Ninja1452 says:

      can u help me get the vidmaster achivements my gamertag is ninja1452

      • Figureitout189 says:

        Yea i need help as well my gamertag is Figureitout189
        thanks if anyone can help me!

    • Prodigy X says:

      I have the 4 on Halo 3 but i’m having serious trouble with the 3 from Halo3 ODST.
      My Gamertag is IronProdigy X.

    • Michael says:

      i’m not the best player but i need help on the endure achievement

    • joe says:

      i need help with deja vu and endure my gamer tag is kbd1900 every time we get close 2 finishing the players that were helping me with it leave. so if anyone can help me add me and if im not on my cell is {deleted} i will try 2 help anyone with the others but really need deja vu and endure so add me or call me if u can help me out or need some help.

    • supertacos55 says:

      I already have RECON hurray

    • demitry vasquel says:

      I could use some help with just about all of the achievements, any takers? my gt is Demitry Vasquel.

    • OGR Assassin says:


    • joe says:

      i need to do vidmaster deja vu and endure achievements

      • Krill1432 says:

        I Could use some help with nearly all of them so if any one can help add me it Krill1432

    • leonidasboo says:

      i need help with the halo 3 vidmaster achievements add me leonidasboo and i will contact you later

    • Sp117ASJ says:

      I need help getting 4 vidmaster achivments, three on Halo 3 ODST, and 1 on Halo 3.

      • spartanlord45 says:

        about the recon i got all the vidmasters went online it keeps saying cant verify endure evrey day and i did the 2 hour achievment with my four friends any advice.

    • bob says:

      vidmaster help plz gamertag sgt terrorguy

    • Tox1c says:

      i need help with annual and all the ODST ones any1 up for it? my GT is Tox1cSile3ntK1ll

    • UntiEden says:

      Hey, I need help with any you can help with. I am getting the 7on7, and I have the Lightswitch one, so I need help with all the others. :) My gamertag is UntilEden08. Thanks!

    • dalolzer says:

      ye i will help gt: ConstantCheese (stupid i kno)

    • demonSpark says:

      yeah i havent got any of them my gamertag is taipei ceebee.

    • Avenged188 says:

      i need the vidmasters so i can heve Recon >:)

    • luiguftdry says:

      i need help my gamertag is BLUE CHEESUS

    • Kaiizer says:

      hey i need help getting endure, dejavu and annual .thx my gamertag is Kaiizzer

    • marco diaz says:

      if you can help me get the vidmasters im missing a few NUM2TMAN

    • Alex says:

      Yes, if your question is still valid, I would appriciate greatly some help. Thank you.

      • Alex says:

        My gamertag is Dracodenario.

    • justin murphy says:

      i need help my gamertag is DarkIkuto50005

    • Collin says:

      I Could use some help my gt is thekingcollin

    • cody says:

      ya dude plz my gamertag is Smittyapril30

    • spartan92296 says:

      my gamer tag is spartan92296
      can u help me get the ones where u need 4 people

    • biteme74 says:

      please I need help with 4 of them witch are deja vu,endure,classic,and annual

    • Nick says:

      GT is x69MrLong69x

      I’m down

    • max says:

      i do

    • CaptiveChimp says:

      i need help to get the Vidmaster Challenge: Endure and the Vidmaster Challenge: Annual.

    • DrAGoNFiReZeRo says:

      i would like help on pretty much all of them if u wouldnt mind my gamer tag is my name posted but it may have a capital e in fire im not sure

    • Hunter Mockett says:

      my live name is BronskiBeater haha im up for doing the live ones with you, just send me a message saying thats why you’re adding me

    • Austin says:

      i really want and need help can u please help me my live name is rabidauzzy33

    • bravemixirabbit says:

      yes please im stuck getting odst ones and anuual and 7 on 7th

    • zach says:

      yes I would I need to get just 3 more anuuale deguview and endure

    • Itzme23 says:

      yeah can neone help me my gtag is D3ADLYPR0SN1PER

      • ChaosBRAE says:

        i was in a game with you earlier today. right now i got 2 other guys who might be willing to get some of the vidmasters. ill send you a request.

    • ChaosBRAE says:

      my gamertag is ChaosBRAE, show up right now

    • brian says:

      can u help me

    • brian says:

      can you help me get all of

    • Alexander says:



    • Kanman66 says:

      hey, could anyone help me with the vidmaster challenges? i have brainpan, 7 on 7 wont unlock even though i have more than 7 exp on the 7 on 7 playlist… anyone else had that problem? my gamertag is Kanman66

    • bryan says:

      i realy need help gamertag AlivESuPeRbYaN

    • Etheinne says:

      I need help to finish the rest gamer tag Broodampersand6.

  2. Jak says:

    Oh snap.
    Vidmaster time. Still need the lieutenant one.

  3. Jak says:


    “So, how many of the three Vidmaster Challenge achievements have you unlocked thus far?”

    Three? There’s three out, but there is more Vidmasters. Do you only need to get the three current ones?

  4. bs angel says:

    Aaahhh, are there more for the Mythic maps?

  5. There’s still the brainpan one, I think thats it.

    • ShadowNova DVX says:

      Some will be ODST achievements

  6. Just collect all the new skulls from the mythic maps.

  7. Tortacular says:

    Yep, skulls on Mythic maps is the last one.

    • No you have to get the newer maps from Halo 3 odst Theres like alot of maps…alot of maps alot of skuls

      • Teali0 says:

        No, theres only 3 New maps from ODST. The other vidmasters have been “leaked” (no one knows for sure yet if theyre real.) just search on youtube… “halo 3 odst achievements”

  8. Jak says:


    Man, Recon armor shoulders are gonna be the new Scout shoulders. Same goes for EVA Chest.

  9. Mondo Titan says:

    @Jak. i would think that you need them all. that includes the one from the new map pack. yup, there are 4 total. (see: http://live.xbox.com/en-CA/profile/Achievements/ViewAchievementDetails.aspx?tid=%09%5D%3a%15%18*iAr )

    as for me, i’m 1 for 4. i’ve only got Annual, the one with the Ghosts and the Iron Skull. it was actually kinda fun to get.

    • gforce says:

      Hey, at least thats probably the hardest of them all!

  10. Jak says:

    ive got 2, the annual and 7n7. Annual was fun to get, lol.

  11. Nik says:

    I’ve got the current three vidmasters (annual was epic IMO), so chances are I’ll be able to get recon easily. But, I play as an Elite. So, chances are, I won’t be using it. Arby armor please, bungie!

    • brmonkey says:

      i agree their should be arbiter armor

      • CJ says:

        Man, i’ve seen at least 20 forums on bungie about arbiter armour, and still no response from one’s that were at least from a year ago. So, unless you have a friend who’s in a bungie at a high place, then it might not happen.
        Also, will someone help me with annual? I’m InfernalMass and me and my friend need help.Plz help if possible. Thank you and peace out.

  12. Tortacular says:

    I’ve got 7 on 7 and Lightswitch. I may try to get Annual at some point… but I never really cared about the armor anyways. I’ll stick with ODST.

  13. D taktics says:

    I only need one more. Just gotta find those skulls when the new maps come out.

    • Jake says:

      Hey bro, my gamertag is MotoXrider77
      Please help me dude

  14. Crunchbite says:

    yeah, i wore odst helmet and people actually thought i was wearing recon and it was just the other day that my friend told me that in the odst helm is an azn face and he was right!

  15. Rhamsey says:

    all i need is the Lieutenant one. but thats because all of the new achievements were so bloody easy (as well as the majority of the old ones) that i have taken a hiatus from the game while playing others, mostly fallout three, fable 2 (unfortunately), tales of vesp(whatever) and some random other games i haven’t beaten yet but am over 75% through, yet stopped because of my horrible ADD.
    oh, and papers, these are the weeks of papers

  16. the silver fox says:

    I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to get “Seven on Seven”. I get up to seven exp. in the 7 on 7 playlist, give the game time to register, then start up game # 8 and nothing ever happens. I think it might be a problem uploading to Bungie, because after the first one, the website said I was short a point compared to what I know I had earned.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  17. AusQB says:

    Ske7ch says there are more Vidmaster Achievements with Halo 3: Recon.

    In any case, I thought it would only go to the first seven people to complete the challenge, not everybody.

    I don’t think people want to see another “Project Hayabusa”.

    Doesn’t bother me though, there will be bigger and better things further down the road.

  18. A10M1C says:

    This is pretty rad. I mean i like recon and icould care less if everyone has it.

    Ha, Anyways who wants to help me get annual can you email me at mindless_distortion@yahoo.com?

  19. AT-AT says:

    The 3 current vidmasters are pathetically easy.

    Recon has been ultra rare, bordering elitist armor. If the 4th vidmaster is also easy, it would seem Bungie has finally changed its attitude about Recon.

    Finally, I can have the chance to wear those super cool shoulders and body (the head sucks. I cant imagine anything uglier to wear on your spartan’s head).

    • brmonkey says:

      i really need recon shoulders because nothing else suits my spartan.
      i have ODST helmet, katana body, scout left arm and mark VI right arm. my colours are steel primary red secondary and red detail. my emblem is runes and circle with white primary red secondary and white background.
      dont know why i just wrote that or how any of that has anything to do with the comment that im replying too but oh well.

  20. If anyone needs help with annual, just message my GT “CrazedOne1988”

  21. MasqueNoMercy says:


    My thoughts exactly

  22. halcylon says:

    I’d be kinda urked if that were true.

  23. Morphen Jar says:

    That would be really lame if everyone had it. There’s just have videos on Youtube about where the skulls are and all the noobs are just gonna “OMFG I have RECON”.

    I doesn’t look that great, but when everyone gets it, it’s not gonna be special anymore.

  24. Well there will probably be more vidmaster achievements in Halo 3:Recon, which may be harder to pull off than the current ones.

  25. Das Kalk says:

    I don’t actually agree with this decision. Recon was coveted by those who were so honored to receive it (grats Hal!) and now it will be as easy as playing a lot. Hopefully they will make new armor that can be bestowed.

    • jmatt9893 says:

      instead of recon you can play multiplayer as a brute is believed

  26. Tortacular says:

    I don’t really understand why people are upset. Bungie gave it to people they wanted to. They have decided to give it to everyone. Do people really need a digital cool badge that much?

  27. mopy09 says:

    From what I understand, you will have to get the vidmaster achievements in Halo 3: Recon as well in order to unlock it. Still, I feel kinda bad for those who earned it. This will probably become the next Hayabusa, but I’m still going to wear it. I like the way it looks.

  28. Everyone will wear recon for a few months, then it will die down like hayabusa did, and it will just be another armor.

    That’s when I’ll wear the head.

  29. The Oreo says:

    Well, if that isn’t a ploy to absolutely sell billions of Halo 3: Recons, I dont know what is. I predict absolutely everyone who has Halo 3 will get this now.

    Kinda cool, in a total “Ruin the amazement of Recon” way. I like the shoulders.

    • Matty0040 says:

      too right buddy

      it does seem like a conspiracy to sell more copies of halo 3 odst, a strategy to attack the more…obsessed halo 3 players

      and yes the shoulders are very cool

      and yes i replied to a comment made 3-4 months ago

      • soulboy8888 says:

        Hahaha, so did I.

  30. Bryan Ojeda says:

    I can imagine a match with everyone wearing recon, just like the Hyabusa period.
    I can’t wait to put on those shoulders!

  31. xkevlar says:

    This is pretty lame… Unless the Halo 3: Recon Vidmaster Achievements are nearly impossible, then yes, this is very lame.

  32. FTM says:

    I can already smell the basement-dwelling halofags creaming themselves over this. All that effort for some armor that ISN’T RARE ANYMORE? All I can say is wow.

  33. Pingback: Unlock Vidmaster Challenge Achievements, Get Recon Armor - Xbox 360 Forum

  34. Reneiw says:

    I think this is Bungie’s way of hinting at new armor!

    It makes sense…
    Why would some dude give out a shitload of free beer?
    Because he has much better beer in the trunk of his car!

    I hope I predict correctly….
    I want some new Elite armor (Heretic armor anyone?)

    BTW getting some S.P.I. Armor would be nice too….

  35. I really don’t see what everyone is getting so worked up about.

    It’s just virtual armor. If someone did something cool, and bungie gave them recon, good for them. Do you think DigitalPh33r would have quit had he not known that he wouldn’t get recon? Or that Predator would not have made those unique pics had he known he wouldn’t get recon for them?

    They and others did what they did because they love doing it. Bungie just liked their work and gave them recon to show appreciation. There are those who got it through contests and challenges, such as the Pax 2v2 against bungie or various photoshopping contests. one way or the other, eventually everyone would have recon, wither it be little at a time through contests and gifts, or all at once.

    (note: This is aimed more toward the bungie.net thread where everyone is panicking. I just didn’t want to re-write the entire thing, so I copied and pasted.)

  36. Mace Windex says:

    I called this a few weeks back in a bungie.net thread! Don’t forget that there is a Banned From Recon list. I assume those peeps are S.O.L.

  37. Crazyeye0 says:

    Agh! I need the luetenant achievement still! I havn’t been able to get on, and when I have, I get on Social Slayer, only to either have all of us stuck in the lobby with no game loading, somebody lag switches me because thier *Censoredness*, or I disconnect, even though I’m on the best signal I can get >_>

  38. p0gothemonkey says:

    My Friend has recon, because he works for rare and bungie asked for some viva pinata goodies from him. Even though its really cool he has the privilege of recon, he finds it annoying because everyone just teabags him and gives him more abuse. not to mention the wall of questions of how he got it. I think people are making a mountain out of a molehill. They should just chill and do something productive for themselves if they want it so bad. We still die all the same, no matter what armour we are wearing. But then, it is fun to lead all those hyperactive kids on with stories of how to get it…” yeah you play a game with you’re controller upside down, with the contrast set to the highest setting….” fun times! Nice blog by the way. It keeps me sane at work.

  39. Socket says:

    Cna somebody help me here? I can’t seem to get 7 on 7. I leveled up to a 6, and then entered into a playlist. I played until I had a 7 and then entered again…I never go it…

    It’s making me really sad.

    • gforce says:

      you need to have 7 EXP not 7 skill. and it has to be when you enter the playlist.

  40. p0gothemonkey says:

    Sounds really stupid, but did you do it on the 7th?

  41. SPARTAN G110 says:

    i have all current achievements for halo 3 whoop!

    and its pretty cool and all to get recon but EVERYONE will wear it!
    other than that RECON IS SHIT HOT

    GUUUUUUD Blog btw

  42. pumraWr says:

    if anyone wants to do the annual achievement with me hit me up on xbl… my gamertag is pumraWr

  43. SPARTAN G110 says:

    oh also someone (don’t know if their lying) but there is new armor

  44. AT-AT says:

    “I can imagine a match with everyone wearing recon, just like the Hyabusa period.”

    Those won’t be my matches. Not if my Elite has anything to say about it. And, as I stated in the other article, I definitely won’t be wearing the head, so you may not even notice my occasional spartan having recon armor.

  45. John Killer118 says:


    Seriously though, the three Halo 3: Recon Vidmaster achievements better be harder than shit if the prize is actually this. Something that only dedicated Halo fans would actually do.
    I know.

    Vidmaster Challange: Perfect!: Play 15 games with perfection medals in all of them in one day. Die once and you are banned from unlocking the achievement forever and ever. Loser.

    P.S. Currently (until the bitch above this P.S. message is unleashed) Annual is the hardest achievement ever! Because my dick ass friends never want to play Co-op with me, and I can’t play with other people because they always die and quit right in the middle of the game!

  46. Krishan K says:


    It’s cool that we can get recon armor, but i feel bad for people like Digital Ph33r and Predator5791 for doing some really cool things and getting it. Maybe bungie will award them with some new armour and then everyone will be happy :)

    • DethPwn says:

      They won’t be happy. If gamers are anything, they’re jealous by nature. (For the most part, at least.) If a new armor comes out, there will at first be excitement. Then, the flood. Messages will pour into b.net like a hailstorm. ‘Why did RoosterTeeth get AwesomeCon and not me? I got killed by a cone and my k/d ratio is fleeble flabble a-a-and…’ After the select handful of elite machinimators and MLG gods get their time in the latest perm, the hate mail will rain down until Bungie takes the only way out.

  47. lazyboyofpa says:

    hey if any1 wants to do annual send me a message dont request friend i might be full i gotta got threw it gt:lazyboyofpa

  48. david says:

    how would i be able to get the annual if i didnt to it on 09/25/08?

  49. it’s any time after 9/25/08

  50. GoldSparta says:

    “I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to get “Seven on Seven”. I get up to seven exp. in the 7 on 7 playlist, give the game time to register, then start up game # 8 and nothing ever happens. I think it might be a problem uploading to Bungie, because after the first one, the website said I was short a point compared to what I know I had earned.

    Any help would be much appreciated.”

    You have to get to 7experience on the seventh of the month, not before it.

  51. coldestgummi says:

    Anybody who go’s through all that trouble to get recon armor are Really losers. Who would go through all dat trouble to get armor that’s not rare anymore and everybody’s gonna have………??? What’s the point……… ??? U might as well keep playing wit the armor u got on now , if that’s the case !!! recon armor aiant that serious !!! People can put on as much recon armor as they want ………..ur still gonna die like a regular person !!! Lol lol

  52. T Moneyzz says:

    I have 2 complaints: first of all, how can the achievements in Halo 3 Recon affect your gameplay in an entirely different game and CD? Halo 3 is its own game, so how could a different game’s achievements help you in it? And second, doesn’t anyone think it’s time for an Elite version of Recon? Such as, maybe, the Honor Guard from Halo 2? If you have any questios my gamertag is T Moneyzz

  53. halogeek says:

    well the new CD thats coming out should not really i think happen at all like one of us said we will get noobs gloating “ive got recon im a bungie member look at me ill give you recon loosers” but even with the same concept you all know 4 out of every 2billion noobs will or wont get the cd because either it might be bought out because of sales because everyone will want it or we just might not want to spend the extra 40-60 bucks for a challange to get what we might or might not get. but there will still be them in our gaming world the come and go!!!

    also when the release comes out this cd will be said to give u recon after you complete the challanges.but thats a way away due to the game informer magazine all i can say.

    this is a dedicated halo player that quit for a bit comin back, :) and will be back in 6 days to own. hope to meet you on the battlefield.

  54. halogeek says:

    sorry calulations arnt correct but just anyway i ment 1-2million

  55. jakester0001 says:

    they should make a special elite helmet it is always spartan spartan spartan!!!

    • David says:

      Thank you! I love the elite armor but there isn’t enough! The commando helmet is cool but there needs to be some fresh faces.

  56. jakester0001 says:

    id be really pissed if it wasnt recon and it was just some secret achievment

  57. Sgt. Johnson says:

    This is Sgt Johnson I am requesting backup at my location I am broadcasting on all radio frequencys I will be at the bridge at dawn when sun is highest in the sky I will provide food water and protection

    Sgt Johnson out.


  58. War Hawk II7 says:

    Wait, then every body gets Recon armor so then what is the point in that. i mean the vidmaster achievements are really easy to gain and once “Halo ODST” comes out every one will have the armor in a matter of hours?

  59. War Hawk II7 says:

    oh and by about a month of every one wearing recon will probobly get tired of it and go back to the origional armors.

    • supertacos55 says:

      did that happen NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO its been a year and my friends have had halo since 07 and they still dont have recon and its 2010 there is only one person in match making with recon and thats probably just me

  60. Das Kalk says:

    there is going to be more vidmaster achievements in ODST though, so it won’t be easy…

  61. Some n00b with a gun says:

    The way I see it, Recon will become the replacement for wearing the Security helm with the Katana body and Scout pads. Not everyone will wear full Recon, but some will. Actually, a lot of people will probably wear full at first (myself included) because, well, just because. But after a while they’ll change it all and stuff. Then, when you see a full recon nub, you can smile as you kill him and teabag him.

  62. armyofcake says:

    for my irongravemind account i have the 59 achivments but it tuffed up saw i got one called armyofcake the vidmaster achivments i got for that are annual and lightswitch just have to for the 7 of febuary to get 7 on 7 then i have got all 3 again there main achivments im going for anyway

  63. Kaizen410 says:

    you people realize that there will be an extra three coming out with H3-ODST, so… yeah!

  64. jose says:

    ok for now there are only 4 but they are going to release 2 or three more i cant remember how many bungie said at the confrence but there will be more

  65. AIM DRIV3R says:

    you are all also forgetting that you need to find all 6 skulls in the 6 new mythic maps but only 3 are being released now. There is no date set for the remaining 3 and probably wont be before H3 ODST comes out so it will be after the release.

  66. Deadlock says:

    It won’t be a free ride, more vidmssters = more weird and wonderful challenges.

  67. rofl says:

    Once people start earning the recon armor, the armor will start to get really gay because everyone in the fricken world is going to wear it all the time bragging about it when it really isn’t that big of a deal that they did the gay vidmaster challenges which of course have nothing to do with halo 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Teo r says:

    Ihave ’em all :D

  69. DethPwn says:


    I remember a couple weeks or so ago I made a post in the forums about whether or not we deserved Recon. Frankly, I stand by my decision that we most certainly do not deserve it. While it will shut up the pesky little forum-dwelling buttholes, It makes it that much less special. I’m calling it right here and now, Recon will be the new Hayabusa. I called it.

  70. Krontos777 says:

    Does anyone know what the vidmaster challenges in halo 3 odst are going to be? What if they are hard like Annual?(did that one :D)

  71. xTedstax says:

    I have 2 of the four, and the others i can’t do, but need someone help with the 4-player legendary co-op?

  72. Mokibob says:

    for the one with 7EXP on the 7th month, if you go past 7EXP then you cant get recon… right?

    • Tamara Shan says:

      no u can u just need to join matches and quit in the middle of them to lose exp…
      it would suck if u already had like 200 exp or something like that

      • only goes up to fifty

  73. EnvY says:

    you cant get the mythic skulls achievement yet, all the maps haven’t come out yet.

    • ya you get it from halo 3 odst

  74. Ricky says:

    Hey I’ve done the lieutenant challenge :) but I need help with the co-op Legendary one Gamertag: TimelessCub

  75. Whizzer Hawk says:

    I need this achievement, help would be appreciated.

    GT: Whizzer Hawk

  76. fartmoore says:

    Got all Vidmaster Challenge!!!

  77. Paradox says:

    hey there are more vidmaster challenges than those 4 right there, there are also vidmaster challenges for the new halo 3 ODST game thats going to come out this fall. so dont get too exited about recon just yet =]

  78. G$ says:

    Recon Armor = The new Hayabusa

    I’m still going to sport my armor.

  79. AmsterdamMan420 says:

    hey i am getting people together to completing the level on ghosts, so add me if you wanna do it.
    my GT is AmsterdamMan420

  80. damienmcturnan says:

    hey…need help with the ghosts!!

  81. xibimmerix says:

    hey i found all three skulls on mythic but it didnt unlock the vid master achievement, any suggestions?

    • Jonfosta says:

      You have to wait until the 3 other vidmaster achievements come out when ODST does…
      7 vidmasters… Bungies favorite number

  82. true fuschnick says:

    hey anyone wanna help me with the 4 co op vidmaster achievement? send me a message my gt: true fuschnick

  83. WSimpson says:

    I have all of them so far just need the mythic skull 1 add my gt if u want WSimpson

    • Tamara Shan says:

      this shows where all of the mythic skulls are

  84. Trevor says:

    I need help getting the last three all I have is the Lieutenant one, my tag is “TSUT Rules”. Any help would be appreciated.

  85. Jonfosta says:

    I think its great that theyre giving the armor of everyone
    now all those people who are like “OMFG i have recon” we can just say ya who cares everyone does it makes us all equal in a sense

  86. philip says:

    hello may somehelp get the vidmaster acahiement plz

  87. An Admin says:

    I love to see people still looking for how to get Recon :)

    You won’t be able to get it unless you buy ODST when it comes out.

    Sorry guys!

    Gamertag: An Admin

  88. its taking forever to get recon!!!!

  89. how much longer will it take to get it i have scout head but no other scouts so i look wierd!!!!there has to be 1 way to get mythic without wasting microsoft points!!!!

  90. homesgnomes says:

    hey, if anyone out there wants to get together and do the vidmaster and other achievements send me a message or FR. i’m more than happy to help. my gamertag is Homesgnomes

  91. I tested this by modding my achievements on my offline account (No Im not a noob who wanted a boosted gamerscore I was testing and the account isn’t even a used account or a Live account). I unlocked all of them achievements and it didn’t unlock Recon.

    • Alex C says:

      To everyone who doesnt know this yet, the achievements that are currently out are not all of the achievements you need to get. 3 more will be coming out when Halo: ODST is released.

  92. Jerkywizz says:

    I need 3 players to help me with the achieve, if anyones up for it add JerkyWizz, cant find anyone lol :p

    • Brandon says:

      if anybody wants to do the vidmaster achievements with me, add me my GT is CaRb0NNm0n0XiDe

  93. kai says:

    u can get recon by playin halo:odst

  94. KAPS LOCK says:

    I need help with the campaign i almost did it but i need some help

  95. sc1l3ntone says:

    sc1l3ntone is my gamertag need help on 4 player achievement

  96. jon says:

    well i will need help on the annual one..my gamer tag is wite stick

  97. Derick says:

    Ive gotten it already so i know how too do it but i help people my gamertag is m5 k1lla76

  98. luiis ax 05 says:

    i need help w/ the legendary iron ghost vidmaster my gamertag is luiis a 05 pleeze message me

  99. AdrianRS says:

    I also need help on the 4 player achievement, can someone help???, my gamertag is AdrianRS, thnx

  100. luiis ax 05 says:

    may be im getting online on monday 29

  101. luiis ax 05 says:

    can someone give an advise on how to dont have lag

  102. Crooked72 says:

    haha wow i got all vidmasters awhile ago except annual and i just did that yesterday…..want me to prove it? my GT is Crooked72
    add me

  103. Erick Von Lippke says:

    I need some help with the mythic skulls. my gamertag is Slaya003.

    • Reese says:

      I could help you add my gamertag MIST8KE

      • Me too its x3 KillerKid 3x . Ican help but i didnt get the vid masters because im not in to recon.

  104. Jack says:

    I dont play matchmaking much and dont understand the 7 on 7 one if u can explain it better message me my gamertag is JACK1200

  105. RANDOL says:

    i need someone to help me to get annual my gamertag is RAND0L all caps and a zero instead of an o

  106. Aimman383 says:

    Hey how do you get the “Enter into any ranked or social playlist with 7 EXP on the 7th of the month” achievement if you already have more than 7xp? Ive got way more than that so what do i do?

    • Earth Kin says:

      They always make a temporary playlist that has exp on the seventh of every month, Grifball, Juggernaut, etc. Just win seven or so times and Bleep Bloop for you! :D

  107. Kinji yakime says:

    Yes look me up my. User is kinji yakime. I can’t earn exp. Can’t figure out why

  108. robinhood says:

    they have a playlist called 7 on the 7th for those who have more than 7 exp in all the playlist. its on every 7th of the month :)

  109. CQBspecialist40 says:

    Is it true that if u get a ricochet snipe u will get recon?

    • Well not exactly… The person got recon for doing a funny / awsome suicide. So killing your enemy and your self with one shot one ricochet is considered funny. Do something like that, film it, then put it on your file share for two to three weeks. If you dont get recon by then that means bungie didnt think your film was funny or awsone.

  110. collin says:

    my screen name is TheUglyGorilla
    Really need help with the reunion one,add me, thnx

  111. REcon says:

    Ill help any one with the annual achievement send a message to FlameRazor and ill help ASAP

  112. Troy P says:

    Hey i need help on vidmaster and ill help anyone else too on it my gamer tag is


    mssg me n add me so we can do vidmaster and also if u complete vidmaster achievments do u automaticly get recon? mssg me answer on xbox live plzz

  113. Cool man says:

    ive got all the vidmaster achievements that you can get at the moment and they were pretty easy

    • Liar u dont have recon

      • ITzLLoyd says:

        he said the ones you can get at the moment, dick head, not all of them, only hackers have all vidmasters, and even they dont have recon

        • sorry big mistake LOL! oh and… umm… can u help me

  114. AllHopeRemains says:

    Anyone wants to do the Annual Challenge 4-p co-op Iron online Ghost thing, Ill be glad to do it with ya.

    Gamertag: AllHopeRemains

  115. Bas says:

    Play some games in matchmaking and invite everybody in your party and ask or they want to get the achievement i did it like that

  116. KU says:

    can someone help me with annual archivement my gamertag is CitywideSC999 you can add my as a friend

  117. Reese says:

    so you need 7 vidmaster achievements total to get recon?

  118. Reese says:

    Anyone need help doing Vismaster: Annual I’ll love to help you because I love campaign and I already have the Vidmaster:Annual but I’d still love to help you get it.

    Gamertag: MIST8KE

    • ITzLLoyd says:

      i would really appreciate that, my gamertag is ITzLLoyd, i will add u later

      • ITzLLoyd says:

        i got 2 people who will help so its all good, but if you have buddies that are good, and reliable then thats ok

    • please!!!!!!
      x3 KillerKid 3x

      • help it takes forever and the seventh is soon but soon it will not be soon
        so write back soon lol

        x3 KillerKid 3x

  119. callum says:

    anyone want to help me do the achievment with ghosts ? gamertag is iG MARKZMAN x

  120. T says:

    i need to get vidmaster annual.

    GT Mistr Mischief message if you want to get it with me

  121. xce says:

    i remember tryin to get the annual vidmaster and i hated just because if one person on the ghost fell to far behind you lost everything

    • bs angel says:

      Uh yeah. That person constantly falling behind? That would be me! :)

  122. abdawg64 says:

    I could definiately use help with the “09/25/08” achievement.

    • Justin says:

      add me so we can go: Bluntmans

  123. kim says:

    hey i need help with the annual one add me my gamertag is destroyerx71

    • Justin says:

      HOW bout we team up?

      • kim says:


      • kim says:

        add me

    • Justin says:

      I’m gonna need help too. but your gamertag is wrong because it say it not found…..add mine: Bluntmans

  124. Justin says:

    Whoever want to get the Annual Achievement (After 9/25/08, complete Halo on 4-player Legendary LIVE co-op, with Iron, and everyone in Ghosts.), please add me: Bluntmans, because I want that achievement too.

  125. nater tott says:

    i need to get the annual achievement add me if your interested nater tott

  126. AleYoYo says:

    I’m up for the 4-player Legendary LIVE co-op Iron and everyone in Ghost achievement!

  127. x3 KillerKid 3x says:

    ill help!
    mi name is x3 KillerKid 3x

  128. corey says:

    i’ll help out anyone that wants to get the annual achievement lol i did it and found it pretty fun so i’ll do it again no problem but its easier if u have a mic just to let u know gamertag is corey3012

  129. Sam says:

    Anyone want to help me & my friend with the Annual Challenge add samburger078 & leave a note why you’re adding me. Otherwise, I’ll think you’re a stalker & block you. I just finished school so I’m on mid-afternoons & late nights most days. Bring a friend who doesn’t suck if you can.

  130. Yo my names xXConeydogbenXx i just beat all the vidmaster challenges except the last 3 if anybody need help add me and join my clan thats all u have to do i dont die easy but i will need some good teammates

  131. Franklin says:

    I need help with the 4player co-op legendary on Halo with Iron, add me- please help ASAP!!!!!! lol My gamertag is FT3BEATME

  132. GingermAn13 says:

    Need help with the 4player legendary. Add my gamertag. Need someone who doesnt get bored and gives up :P GAMERTAG:: GingermAn13

  133. j says:

    Need 3 people to do the Annual achievement. GT: iJerome.

  134. Brandon says:

    hey i need help gamertag- Ruin Cross

  135. Trent says:

    Wow surprisingly the only vidmaster achievment ive gotten is the one that none of you people can get without help!

  136. ZAck says:

    I got all of em except the ones I gotta get when odst comes out and I think there 3 r 4 more on there so good luck..BTW the the vidmaster annual achiev is HARD!!!

  137. bill says:

    I need help to do all the vidmasters challenges. my gamer tag is Deathking853. thx

  138. Chris says:

    I need help getting the my last vidmaster on halo 3
    the one with four ghosts here’s my gAmertag if u r willing to help

    Artic Wolf112

    Plz n thnx

  139. Mike says:

    I don’t have the new maps yet, so i can’t get the mythic skulls. but i’ll get those when i get ODST
    but i have 2 people right now and we’re trying to get the annual challenge.
    Please someone help us, here’s my gamertag. try to hit me up on weekends.


    Please and thank you.

  140. Mikey says:

    I need some help with the Vidmaster: Annual Achivement. Lookin for 3 other people to do it with! My gamer tag is: Sunnymuffins777

    • Mike says:

      Saturday, Sep. 12th, i can help you out, as long as you can help me with the same achivement.

  141. TheDude says:

    i need the vidmasters too! my GT is OMEGA JEFFERZ.

    and one question, so we dont need all of the other achievements but only the vidmasters right?

  142. silentassasin says:

    OK let me just point one thing out here. I myself am a huge halo fan(meaning halo is the only video game i play) and am an alright halo 3 player (commander grade 3) and i have very easily gotten all of the current Vidmaster achievements. Unless the Vidmaster achievments released with halo3 ODST are INSANELY difficult to unlock, every joe shmo and his little brother will be unlocking recon armour. IF everyone has the ability to easily unlock recon then be prepared to see another “Hyabusa” armor (meaning one that is very popular at first but then everyone unlocks it so it becomes a noob armor)

    For the sake of the halo community I hope players of my skill and below will find the new achievements almost impossible to unlock, (dare you call me crazy?)

  143. ac says:

    Anyone wanna do the annual achievement? Add me xAC91x with a message saying u wanna get it.

  144. psyclonesrage says:

    hey i need help too my gamer tag is psyclones rage ill be on on wensday please i really need help

  145. Dexter says:

    Anyone want to play firefight. None of my friends have ODST and I can’t find anyone to join me. If you would like to join me in a game of firefight, message me. GT: DexterM1122

    • chri$ says:

      glad to help my gt is GHOST assasin13 add me or ill add u

  146. sirusocalypse says:

    add me. will be playing 9/24/09 2pm PST i will have 1 person split screening with me, so all i need is 2 others.

    gt: sirusocalypse

  147. Rapituss34 says:

    I need help if some one whant to help me add my gamertag it Rapituss34

  148. Stewpido says:

    Hey my Gt is Stewpido, looking for some people to help with the 4 man acheivements. Annual, Endure, and Deja Vu. Send me a message.

  149. Brandon says:

    I need the three 4 man achievements
    anyone wanna do it tonite? i got from like now to 12est

    (the second letter is a ZERO not an O)

  150. Steve9413 says:

    Index help on them I only have the 7 on 7 one I have tryed to get anule but my friends arnt good at it and I’m still working on the light switch one I can get the omes on odst other than firefight my gt is Steve9413

  151. Derek says:

    I am looking for a group to play halo 3 ODST for the vidmaster achievements
    Gamertag: SmokeProfff


  152. II TySoN FuZioN says:

    Hey if any1 needs any help with any achievement on halo 3 and halo 3 ODSt just Message me on xbox live my gamertag is: II TySoN FuZioN or email me On Devil_Man626@hotmail.com or SackyTacky@hotmail.com

  153. gordeee says:

    i u want to do endure add my gamertag = gordeee

  154. mcflem says:

    I love RECON!!! =]

  155. Daisy says:

    I need help getting the vidmaster on fireflight playing heroic
    and non of my friends have ODST

  156. meow says:

    need hel with the vidmaster challenges
    Send me a message on my gamertag Pein1227

  157. Trickkie says:

    Ill help people to get the vidmaster achievements radio logs and regular achievements just send me a message

    GT: Trickkie

  158. oldgum says:

    mines is OldGum i can help

  159. josh says:

    I got my Recon today. :)

  160. gordeee says:

    my gamertag is “gordeee” add me if u wana do endure

  161. CHRIS says:

    GAMER TAG= Ukrainian Boi

  162. Ezstreet4u says:

    I need help with most the vidmasters send me message gt Ezstreet4u

  163. Khamba says:

    i need help with the vidmaster endure

  164. ZeroTwitchy says:

    I got all of the vidmaster acivmnets and did not get recon armor

  165. dillybarsly says:

    i need help with de cha vu and strigise or the odst achivements excpet claccic that was easy gamer tag dillybarsly no capitales please i can help with all halo 3 achivment if you help me thanks

  166. flakmaster87 says:

    yeah, I need to run all 3 of the 4 player co-op challenges, I can’t seem to get any decent people coordinated to play. I have ODST till 11:30PM tonight (central time) so not much time to complete Deja vu or Endure. My gamertag is flakmaster87.

  167. griffy f baby says:

    i need 3 people to help wit deja’ vu if interested hit me up my gamertag is griffy f baby

    ill be up all night startin at 11pm est.

  168. XI H3LLFIR3 IX says:

    hey all i need is the firefight one if anyone is willing to help me out add me my gt is XI H3LLFIR3 IX

  169. Aimman383 says:

    Hey I am looking for a team to do Vidmasters preferably an Australian or New Zealand team so we dont get lag. Anyone interested add me Aimman383

  170. Tiones Is Fuego says:


    I definitely would like some assistance getting a few of these 4-Player achievements. If any of you would like to get them, or help me attain these then hit me up on my gamertag… Tiones Is Fuego. Thanks.

  171. MR quincyXX says:

    Need help on annual Deja vu and endure. Gt is MR quincyXX

  172. iigluez says:

    im down add me

  173. Vassili says:

    im VassiliZeitsev4 help wanted

  174. Shawn says:



  175. Revan says:

    I need help getting the vidmaster achievements, my gamer tag is raven72411. Send me a message as well to let me know if you can help me. Thanks you all very much!!!!

  176. Stan says:

    Guys, I have 3 out of the 7 Vidmasters (Brainpan, Classic, Lightswitch) and I need 4 more (Annual, Endure, Deja Vu, 7 On 7 [7 On 7 don’t matter, I’ll get it on October 7 lol) Can anyone help me out? I got a good connection like 99% of the time, I have school 8-3 then football practice usually 3-6 but after 6 I got till 11. Basically I can get an achievement a day. Anyone wanna help me out please? I have Myself and MAYBE a friend, but my friend has a much more packed scedule then me so I don’t know about him most of the time. So any help please? :)

    • Stan says:

      Sorry, forgot my GamerTag is MadFCaliburn.

  177. Monkey_lord says:

    Hey I could use some help with the vidmaster achievements. Currently got the brain pan one. Need help for the Annual, Deja Vu, Endure. Others I can do by myself. Also I have a sporadic college schedule so here it is:
    Monday: 8:00 am- 5:30 pm
    Tuesday: 8:00 am- 8:00 pm
    Wednesday: 8:00 am- 4:30 pm
    Thursday: 8:00 am- 8:00 pm
    Friday: 10:00 am- 11:00 pm
    My gamertag is yourleftkidney. Message me first so I know. Also send a in-game invite/friend request so I know.
    Probably ask others in the forum also.

  178. fjgdbf fb says:

    GREAT NEWS! my recon is shiny =P

  179. RMhalo says:

    hey i could use some help with all of the challeneges if anyone wouldnt mind

  180. RMhalo says:

    oh yeah my GT is lIlI OM lIlI thats lowercase L capital i lower case L capital i on both sides message and add me thanks if you can help

  181. SRGMJR says:

    im mostly looking for the legendary halo co-op, but i was also wondering if there was a way you could get rid of exp for 7 on 7? gt EarthbornSRG

  182. nathan says:

    please add gt: Crystl Army013 (013 are numbers for anyone not sure) I need people good enough to help get the endure vidmaster challenge. plz add or msg me about challenge.

  183. Pat says:

    Hey i need help with vidmaster challenge endure. I have tried it so many times and my team always dies, Friend me my gamertag SIMONSAYS OSU. Thanks hope to hear from you!

  184. x GaMeTiiMe says:

    Road to Recon!
    Error: We couldn’t verify the Endure achievement. Wait 24 hours for the game to appear on Bungie.net. Thats what it it says when i wanna get the recon even though i did the vid masters

  185. Equiten says:

    yo i need help with vidmaster deja vu and endure any one wanna help?? hook me up on xbox live GT: Equiten

    • a wild mexi says:

      i’ll help you out i still need to get those too. message my GT “a wild mexi” these 4 player live vids are hard :l

  186. Mayito snaipa says:

    hi, i need help with the Vidmaster Challenge: Annual, anybody who wants to help or needs the achievement too just send a msg, my gt: Mayito snaipa

  187. aaaayyyyron says:

    hey, all I have left are the 4 player ones. super awesome to have some peeps to help me out. add me MrCrossfield

  188. Andy says:

    I want recon, i need the three 4-player achievements! add me! iTz freNzy

  189. curtis says:

    how do i get 7 on 7 if i have 35xp

    • Al says:

      Just wait till the 7th der will will b a specific playist that u play n u start out wit 0 exp

  190. curtis says:

    my gt is ambassa117

  191. CRAAZZYMIKE says:

    Can someone help me with Endure?

  192. player chief101 says:

    hey i need help with completing the 4 player one so add me if u can do the level and help me out my tag is player chief101

  193. Oliver says:

    if that’s mean im obliged to have halo 3 ODST?? to have the recon armor??

    Helpp me!

  194. iLoveLampXx says:

    Hey guys, i need help getting the Endure, Deja Vu and Annual.
    GT: iLoveLampXx
    right now i might need help getting Annual, i currently do not have ODST yet…

    • Y0 Face B Ugly says:

      GT: Y0 Face B Ugly, the 0 being a zero. I need help with Endure, Deja Vu, and Annual.

  195. rob says:

    hey my gamertag is x STANLAY x can anybody help me with annual or deja vu

  196. Noah says:

    I need all or any of the 4 player achievements. add me: Foxtrot Zek

  197. Ramintout says:

    If any of you are willing to help me with the Acheivements: Déjà Vu, Annual, and Endure. Thanks So Please Add me I’m Ramintout And thats my Gamer tag i will be on OCtober 10th to 12th and then im done for a while cause my live runs out so any help will be appresiated. Thanks!!!!

  198. Mayito snaipa says:

    hello now im looking for people to get the endure achievement and dejavu on halo 3 odst anyone who needs help too msg me
    my gt: Mayito snaipa

  199. jackhutch says:

    hey i need all the 4 player ones
    an im australian
    GT= jlHutch
    please add me, i want to do it realy soon

  200. Max says:

    add me for reciprocating help.

  201. Max says:

    Redact3r; add meee.

  202. chance says:

    I need help to add me: D3MON PIRATE85

  203. eric says:

    i help, gamertag is: ladiesman256

    thank you :)

  204. BULLZI319 says:

    neeed help with most vidmasters except 7 on 7 and the skull one also need help finishiong campaign on legendary

  205. BULLZI319 says:

    oh and my GT is BULLZI319

  206. need help with annual acheviment add me “harry_lockwood”

  207. IcyTreats says:

    help with ODST Vidmasters? middle eastern gamers plz. i know, random but. ok.

  208. Tctk1 says:

    I have alll the acheievements and i have no recon……….. how do i access my old halo service record online it says i havtn played halo odst or halo 3 online WTF

  209. Hi guys!
    I need to get the endure achievement, then i have recon!
    Plzz help mé! if yah wanna, i help ya with all the others..
    Add me to friend and sent me a message which country you from, and when you can join me,
    See ya, hope to hear form ya, Greetz

    DBM BloodStrike

  210. kev says:

    Blackrthanwhite, I need help with the “Dejavu” and “Endure”

    Help is very much appreciated :)

  211. angel says:




  212. heavensent2u says:

    add me if you need help!



  213. DrizzyDrake07 says:

    I need help with the achievements my Gamertag is DrizzyDrake07 thankyou!

  214. emperor adil says:

    i need all of them so if anyone needs some one i will help. my gt: emperor adil

  215. kumar says:

    add Kumarz Chronic if you need help with these

  216. Mohannad says:

    Hey, I need help with Vidmaster: Annual achievement, please message me (gamertag: Mohannad) if you need it or can help


  217. BEEFMAN LINCOLN says:

    Hey whats up, I need help with all the 4 player ones then im done.. please add me Beefman Lincoln

  218. spartanhunter85 says:

    hey i need help with firefight any 1 thats good plz add me and help my gamer tag is spartanhunter85

  219. BigNosedJew69 says:

    I would like some help getting Deja Vu and Endure

    My GT is BigNosedJew69

    Thanks for your help

  220. yo mamma 25 says:

    add me plzz ppl help with vidmasters on odst yo mamma 25

  221. dirtysanchezz says:

    Yo i need help with most of these :p
    my GT is aohernandez13 add me and send me a message if u wana help…

  222. spartanhunter85 says:

    need help with deja vu and endure add me my gt is spartanhunter85

  223. chris says:


  224. Pat says:

    i got all the acheivements. so if you need help add pdb323

  225. Chris says:

    Freez N 2 Pleez. I need lots of help on these. Pretty much just the four player ones. I think it’s stupid you have to do it with other people. Hard to round up a crew.

  226. Josh says:

    this is really annoy. im not really that fussed about vidmasters but i’ve reach luitenent and i havent got the achivement. which is annoying. i quess there not much anyone can do but if someone has an idea add me. Gamertag:OnlyJFRS

    • John says:

      i need help with the 4 player ones, especially annual, add me if you can help out. IPWNU117

  227. Brandon says:

    Will be online Monday evening, the 26th of October gamertag brakito. Would love to get those 4 player achievements!

  228. eric says:

    anyone want to do the 4player ones now/soon?

  229. Tlaw says:

    Add me for all the 4 player ones. Tag: inlerElevate

  230. tazam says:

    hey dudes does someone knows how to make the vidmaster endure how to you make it???

  231. i i L L N E z says:

    whats up… i doubt anyone is going to get back to me but its worth a shot… if anyone else needs to get the achievments… let me know.. add me anytime… asap… because im working on it asap… thanks… GT is

    “ii L L N E z”

  232. The Oldsmobile says:

    Anyone wanting to help me get them for recon add me anytime gt: “The Oldsmobile”

  233. Brandon says:

    Still looking for people to get the 4 player achievements with. GT is “brakito” I’ll be on every night this week. Thanks!

  234. iisniper says:

    i need help getting endure my gt is iisnipercrazed i am a 40 in halo 3 i have 2 friends and i need a 4th if interested message me

    • forest fire 333 says:

      i will help anybody who needs Deja Vu or endure. My gamertag is Spunkee30 and I need people who are GOOD at Halo. ANd it woulf be helpful if you had a mike and I will be on practically everyday.

  235. Morpheus300 says:

    Need help with Endure and Deja Vu and also need help Finishing Kikowani Station and Coastal Highway (Coz I wants two recons, One to kindly donate to zZombie13 coz I suck so bad that I don’t deserve it…)

  236. All4Jill says:

    if anyone needs help just add all4jill i can help with vidmaster for halo but i dont have odst

  237. roo says:

    i need a anual team

    • whats you GT?

  238. Lienx says:

    Anyone wants to do any of them with me hit me up. GT is Lienx

  239. stealingkidneys says:

    i need help doing the Vidmaster Challenge: Endure i need a whole team so add me on xbl if you can help my gt is StEaLiNgkIdNeYs

  240. Nightmare2993 says:

    Need Australian players ONLY for deja vu.
    GT: Nightmare2993

  241. simon says:

    Need help with the three vidmaster achievements that require 4 people. Gamer tag; NSG Peaceender

  242. Mr Pwnership says:

    I need help with annual, GT: Mr Pwnership

    • sent you a message on xbl…

  243. melvin says:

    i just did the endour, guys…
    if u are rly going to do this, u need a plan
    our plan was
    1st off do the map alpha site, its the best one
    2nd off prepare for EXTREME boredom and possibble stress
    3rd off have plenty of time, we did the vidmaster in about 2.5 hours but u may have to restart, lose or somthing else
    4th off when u start, have 2 people take a hallway across from them, dont go into the middle until the wave is over ( we actuly made it to the 4th set 2nd round from the 1st set last round with 2 people and the others stay in a corner cus they had to go, this could work {less people, less deaths?})
    5th off at the last wave of evry round, go get the rocket launcher, its between the 2 hallways on a wall)
    6th off by the time famine skull is on, ull be needing to preserve ammo, alien weps are better for u
    7th dont use the smg…
    8th always get the needler, then the fuel rod, use the hammer only on brutes or larger, and nevr go into the middle with it
    9th stock up on stickies after evry bonus round
    10th dont fight with eachother if some one messes up
    11th watch where u jump, and when catch is on, stay back and headshot grunts
    thats all i can think of
    all i know is, im nevr playing firefight again!

  244. Norman Brackey says:

    I have unlocked all the vidmaster achievements, but I have not unlocked Recon Armor. What is wrong or what do i do?

  245. Gandroff says:

    Looking for a team for Annual, Endure, and Deja Vu. Send me a message or friend request if you are willing to help.

    GT: Gandroff

  246. Looking for 3 for annual, I’m on everynight around 8 est, and 9 times out of ten, if you message me, I’ll be ready to go. So, if somebody needs a forth, get with me.

    GT: xxxJL AUDIOxxx

  247. sean says:

    i got all the skulls but didnt get the achievement

  248. hey my gt is “mY sPo0Ns 2 BiG” – note: the sencond “o” is actually a zero.

    im looking for a group, i need 3 others or if someone else is lookign for a last man, i need endure, deja vu, and annual. please send a message or friend request if interested. im on all of the time in the morning until like 2 and then usually after like 11pm. or anytime mon/tue. im trying to get this recon!

  249. LoGaN says:

    Gamertag: KiIIerSmurfette

    (The two lines in “Killer” are cap “i”)

    I`m looking for help with all the Vid Masters, and I will put all my own effort into helping out the people that have helped me. I’m pretty good at Halo also, I`ve beat the game on Legendary, plus I’ve been playing Online for a long time now. I might not be a General or anything, but I sure as hell can keep up with them.

  250. Neko says:

    Me and my friend are doing this.

    Our GT’s are
    Me: NekoNoodle
    Friend: RookyEliteX

  251. volvagia07 says:

    HEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP plz i need annual, endure and deja vu. it doesnt matter if u suck i need 3 people that can help me wit any of those and i will help them wit any achievement
    GT: volvagia07 =)

  252. JMasta97 TZA says:

    i need endure.add me.im JMasta97 TZA

  253. Banjo Legs says:

    Need people for Annual challenge. send me message if interested :)

  254. flukyben456 says:

    need annual, add me flukyben 456
    (with a space)

  255. flukyben456 says:

    alright me an xxxJL AUDIOxxx r teamin up for annual at 7-8 o clock TONIGHT if u wanna join in add me now

  256. A10dime96 says:

    I need help with all the odst vidmasters cause thats all i need for recon. If anyone wants to help they can add me and send me a message if you want to do it. GT A10dime96

  257. flukyben456 says:

    can u get online RIGHT NOW anyone cos i want to get annual (which is one of the old achievements)
    please add me flukyben 456
    i wil be able to help with de ja’ vu and endure and any others that require my assistance but annual is really buggin me as not many people can be arsed to make an effort or they quit halfway thru or my xbox overheats which is the most annoying thing in the world :@
    so if anyone needs help or just an extra person for vidmasters add me now an invite me when u need me, obviously explaining whats going on
    flukyben 456 (gamertag has space between flukyben and 456)

  258. flukyben 456 says:

    hey i need ONE more person to join my party, hopefully quite a good player but atm im not too picky,
    flukyben 456 add me with “vidmaster” as message an ill invite u
    soon as u can plz

  259. ProximateKnight says:

    Need help with the vidmaster challenge: Annual,Endure, & Dejavu. anybody need 1 more player? Send me an invite plzs. Thxs.


  260. fernyfarm says:

    I basically need help with all of the vidmaster challenges so please if you can help me let me know. Gamertag fernyfarm send me a message saying “vidmaster helper” thanks, Fernyfarm

  261. iamabombination says:

    i’m only 11 years old. please help me get recon armor. add me on xbox live at: iamabombination

  262. flukyben 456 says:

    Need only endure and annual
    add me
    flukyben 456

  263. Fragnotmyarse says:

    Lol, i joined a random group that inved me. And after 5 hours of long, hard, tedious, work. We finally got annual. I’d say that was the easiest of all lol. But Im pretty sure i have to wait till january 7th now, to get 7 on 7. I can get lightswitch…. And i need to buy mythic before i can get brainplatter or whatever it is. (getting all the skulls on the mythic maps.

    And ill have to rent ODST from my video store to get those. So if anyone wants to get lightswitch and on january 7, we can do 7 on 7… Or when i rent ODST, all of those…. Or when i buy mythic… that one.

    My gt is fragnotmyarse

  264. Waston131 says:

    I’m looking for help with ODST achievement if any body want to try my GT Waston131
    I’m on everynight

    • Demon433 says:

      I need help with Endure and Deja Vu. My gt is Demon433.

  265. TidierGuitar says:

    Hello I Need Help WIith Endure Deja Vu Or Annual Vidmaster My GT is TidierGuitar

    • Demon433 says:

      I already did annual, but I need Endure and Deja Vu. My gt is Demon433.

  266. abws says:

    hello i need help with all the ones on halo3 odst plzzzzzzzzzzz help me
    my gt is abws

    • Demon433 says:

      I am willing to help with Endure and Deja Vu.
      Gt: Demon433.

  267. fluke says:

    yea i havent got recon yet and i need help

  268. TidierGuitar says:

    my gt is tidierguitar I NEED HELP ANNUAL ENDURE DEJA VU

    • Demon433 says:

      Gt: Demon433.
      I also need endure and deja vu. I would be glad to help.

  269. TidierGuitar says:

    HELLO I NEED HELP WITH ENDURE AND DEJA VU NO NOOBS PLEASE AND YOU ROCK DEMON433 THANKS 4 ANNUAL MY GT IS TidierGuitar endure deja vu send me a friend request and wich 1 u want to help me

  270. princequent says:

    Can some one help me get the odst vidmasters and the anual vidmadster on halo 3 plz my gt is princequent

    • adanseth says:

      ill be happy to help my gamertag is kilrquadruplets

  271. adanseth says:

    i need help on the 4 player vidmaster challenges my gamertag is Kilrquadruplets send me a message ill be on tomorrow at 3-wutever

    • TidierGuitar says:

      ill help you my gt is tidierguitar

  272. TidierGuitar says:

    i need help with endre vidmaster all u need is a good conection and dont be a noob TEAM WORK AND DONT DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE gt TidierGuitar send me a msg

  273. princequent says:

    Vidmaster Challenge: Classic – Halo 3: ODST
    Finish any level solo on Legendary, on LIVE, with no shots fired or grenades thrown.

    how do u do it solo on live?????????????????????????????????????

    • adanseth says:

      go to the island where you first play as dutch in lost platoon and ride threw the whole lvl in a ghost remember to get new ghosts every chance and also health it will take a couple of tries but i think its the easiest vidmaster and feel free to splatter anyone

  274. adanseth says:


  275. blarg2556 says:

    i am willing to help any and all people with these just message me. my gamertag is blarg2556 i need all of them too and will do everything i can to help

    • StevenWoosey777 says:

      I need help I got all of the mythic skulls. I can do them all but 1. I need help on coastal highway on ODST. Can you help? My GT is StevenWoosey777. Thanks

  276. ACU Phoenix says:

    Im also looking for people to do the Vidmaster Achievements, and possibly some firefight stuff. Im being an achievement whore, and i just need people some stuff. my gt is ACU Phoenix IM Definatly not a noob, and i know how to do the vidmasters, just need the people. Feel free to add me and send me a message. Thanx alot guys and i look forward to pwn with you all!!!!

    ACU Phoenix

  277. sarge iz clutch says:

    Need people to do vidmaster achievements endure, deja vu and annual. my gt is sarge iz clutch

    • jjenks117 says:

      ill do it with ya if you want i need to do , endure and deja vu

      • Kilrquadruplets says:

        I help you with deja vu

  278. Simmo117 says:

    heyy doesn any one wanna get the Vidmaster Challenge: Annual – Halo 3
    After 9/25/08, complete Halo on 4-player Legendary LIVE co-op, with Iron, and everyone in Ghosts.
    add me on live and we’ll own this acheivmentt =) my gamertags simmo117

    • JBWCHAMP says:

      i could use help getting annual i just need 2 or 1 more person my gt is JBWCHAMP and no im not a noob

  279. XPetrificationX says:

    haha i just got my 360 fixed and i just found out about this…I need some help for these challeneges can anyone add me? GT is XPetrificationX would really appreciate it..my friend thinks hes “god” at halo 3 and its rather annoying Lol u people know how kids get cocky as hell xD but i rlly want to b all “yo ho who has recon!” XD add me pl0x =3

  280. Mscottster says:

    hey can anyone help me with the vidmaster achievements my gamertag is XxMscottsterxX

    • Kilrquadruplets says:

      i will help you with vidmaster challenge endure and deja vu

      • TirelessThunder says:

        I can Help you If you haven’t already done them,
        my GT is Tireless Thunder

  281. Kilrquadruplets says:

    For anyone that needs help with vidmaster challenge endure and deja vu i will help because i need them to

  282. Blooddragons says:

    Hey i need help with vidmaster achievments if any one could help i would like that i only have three left and 2 of the 3 are the hardest if any one could help that would be great my gamer tag is
    “Blooddragons” ty

    • Married Idiot says:

      I need help getting the vidmasters too. Just the one’s for firefight, annual, and deja vu. basically any that require online co-op. Hit me up please. I’m not a noob, and appreciate the help. GT is Married Idiot. And please help before my wife kicks me off…

    • Kilrquadruplets says:

      ill help you with endure and deja vu and nice gt and response married idiot no wonder your wife kicks you off

  283. TirelessThunder says:

    I need help with the co-op vidmaster achievements, Thanks in advance to any one who can help, my gamer tag is tireless thunder

    • Kilrquadruplets says:

      ill help with endure

      • JBWCHAMP says:

        i can help get endure too

  284. TirelessThunder says:

    Gamertag is TirelessThunder my mistake

  285. Kilrquadruplets says:

    I need help with vidmaster challenge: endure

    only join if you are an experienced player
    know the map: alpha site
    have halo 3: odst

    my gamertag is Kilrquadruplets message me or send me a friend request

    • Kilrquadruplets says:

      nvm i did it

  286. Kilrquadruplets says:

    i got recon! if anyone needs help getting brainpan or getting skulls in general or need a good person on their team to get easy exp just contact me and i promised a friend to do deja vu with him so if anyone needs it contact me and ill invite u when we do it which cud be anytime so… RECON


    and everyone who sees this change your emblem to a red heart and a white circle for every thousand people who do this bungie donates $100 to Haiti and the max donation is $77,000 lets (halo) reach it! if you dont believe me go to this website and also when you buy a “be a hero” T shirt the money that you gave to them to purchase the shirt goes to Haiti to


    and you can buy the shirt at


    Help Haiti, be a hero


    • Kilrquadruplets says:

      and i know that this site is for vidmaster helpers but if anyone wants to do any other achievements like the campaign scoring achievements or the firefight achievements ill do those with you

  287. NickRollUp says:

    Hey my GT is NickRollUp
    I need two other people to help me get the achievement on ODST
    Be great if you could do it today

  288. TurdNugget says:

    I need help on beating it on Legendary.

    • tuxedo men says:

      hey i can help you add me mines tuxedo men

  289. Jesus says:

    Hey i need Help with Endure challenge my gamertag is jexuss

  290. BO8324 says:

    I’m so tired of trying to get the vidmasters none of my friends want to help my gamertag is BO8324 if you want me to help you with the vidmasters send me a friend request

    • tuxedo men says:

      hey dude i can absolutely help im always helping everyone just you gotta add me

      my gamertag is tuxedo men

    • tuxedo men says:

      hey dude i can absolutely help im always helping everyone just you gotta add me

      my gamertag is tuxedo men,

      • TidierGuitar says:

        i need help with endure vidmaster can u help me

  291. TidierGuitar says:

    my gt is TidierGuitar i need help with endure vidmaster

  292. xGrubby87 says:

    I need help with Recon.

    If anyone needs to complete the map Halo and all ODST challenges, then add my gamertag: xGrubby87

    • redjoker94 says:

      i need to complete the halo and odst challenges. one of my would do it to.

  293. redjoker94 says:

    needs to complete the map Halo and all ODST challenges. my gamertag is redjoker94

  294. SamsGotThePower says:

    Hey I need to do all vidmasters which needs 4 players because none of my friends have ODST and the campaign of halo 3. My GT is: SamsGotThePower. Help from anyone would be nice, anyone that needs help also message me. I’m mostly online all the time.

    • JBWCHAMP says:

      I can help you with all the multipllayer achievments

  295. Noeyedfish says:

    Hey, my GT is ‘no eyed fish’ add me i need to get those acheivements!