Zero Punctuation: Transformers: War for Cybertron

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Video Game in Real Life: Talk to Woman to Complete Objective

Video Game in Real Life

As seen in Seoul, South Korea and captured by Andre Francisco

Blue Shell, Blue Balls

Dueling Analogs

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*A special thank you to PikminGod, who tends to cross the finish line before the race has even started, for the tip!

Console Wars: The Next Generation

Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation Cosplay

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Play with My Pok├ęballs

Pokemon Romance

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A Mouthwatering Watermelon Chain Chomp

Watermelon Chain Chomp

Whether you’re into bondage or simply have a penchant for spherical food, you’ll love this delicious Mario-themed dish. Crafted from the merging of two popular summer fruits, this watermelon Chain Chomp is not only nutritious but also comes with a chain made out of grapes. It looks great and all, but I do have one teeny-tiny piece of constructive criticism: NEEDS MOAR BALLZ.

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

This picture is posted not as a statement but instead because
I find the image and included verbiage intriguing. I hope you do too.

Jesus Died So I Can Play Video Games

As seen in Berlin, Germany and captured by Ben Scicluna