The Future of Hawty McBloggy: A Website Announcement

Halo: Reach Screenshot

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Chronicles of ODS Steve: Trouble in Space (#83)

ODS Steve. The man. The legend. The hero that knows no fear. Join him and Delta Squad for their comical adventures as they valiantly attempt to drop into enemy territory to take the fight straight to the Covenant. Enjoy the Chronicles of ODS Steve, a regular weekly offering brought to you courtesy of DeepCee.

ODS Steve

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Grin + Bear It: If They Came To Hear Me – SPLAT

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… something exciting and cool happened. But right now some crudely drawn space soldiers are sending you a weekly infusion of innuendos and lolz, brought to your face by the ever funny [citation needed] Grin + Bear It.

Grin + Bear It 52

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A Pretty (and Permanent!) Cortana Leg Tattoo

Cortana TattooLong before Halo: Reach introduced the Hologram armor ability, our collective heart had already been captured by the original. Cortana, an A.I. whose purplish/bluish appearance consists of a projected holographic image of herself, is definitely one of the more fan-favored characters, but Outrider81’s dedication to her shines brighter than most. With a desire to display his love for everything Halo, he decided to get a Cortana-themed tattoo on his leg. The piece finds its inspiration from a variety of different places, “including the late great Micheal Turner, Halo concept art, promotional art for Reach”, and the individual styles of his talented tattoo artist. Taking a total of approximately 15 hours in the chair, it’s considered, at this point, to be a work in progress. I have no doubt he’ll finish it in a timely fashion though because he did, after all, make a certain girl a promise. And we all know how Cortana feels about that particular subject!

that sucker's permanent

Friday Caption Fun, Round 110

Halo 3 ScreenshotMany of you were sick, on vacation, or simply not available for at least a few days this week. While excuses were undoubtedly varied, the source of 99% of the absentee issues can probably be reduced to two words – Halo: Reach. I’m sure, as three full days have passed, you’ve completed the campaign, customized your Spartan, and perhaps even built something in Forge World. Or maybe you’re like me, slowly working your way towards all of the above. Regardless of what aspect of Reach is keeping you busy, I do hope you’ll spare a few minutes for our customary Friday festivities! Before we begin though, let’s start with the traditional recapping of last week’s responses.

  • “Oh sure, it’s quite impressive he got in there, but wait ’til he comes out. It’ll be a blast!” (Zwooosh)
  • “Red has learned the first lesson of not being seen: not to stand up. However, he has chosen a very obvious piece of cover…” (porge)
  • “(Superintendent chime) Thank you for using Mombasa Recycling. Keep it clean!” (Anton P. Nym)
  • “Elite: Go on, punch me – I DARE you!” (Nuclear Pi)
  • “Upon reflection, the Elite realised that his Weighted Companion Cube cosplay outfit probably wasn’t the best thing to wear during combat.” (Sgt Benton)
  • “Blue, if you make a “thinking outside the box” joke, I swear I’m gonna kick your ass.” (MGH1138)
  • “With a matter of hours left, Blue Spartan sighed with relief as he got ready to ship the last packed up Elite to Halo: Reach.” (Mr Viper)

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Imaginary Friends

Halo Comic
Halo Comic

Source [PvPonline]