Bet You Can’t Stick This Halo Tattoo

Halo Grenade Stick Medal TattooHalo Grenade Stick Medal TattooHalo Grenade Stick Medal Tattoo

Neil, also known as illocon, is a Halo fanatic with a fancy for Type-1 Antipersonnel Grenades. You and I may get a small sense of fleeting enjoyment from acquiring the random plasma grenade but he is nearly inseparable from his delightfully sticky blue balls. While he savors the feeling of when they finally explode, he also enjoys the beauty of the associated “Grenade Stick” medal, so much in fact that he took that flower-like image and transformed it into a tattoo. Permanently etched into his arm by Tony of Dabs Tattoo are three bold reminders (set upon a two tone background) of his penchant for the sticky. More than just an image, this tattoo holds memories of the four plus years of gaming he’s shared with his online buddies. According to them it also signifies that he’s only gotten three sticks during that entire lengthy period. Yup, they went there! Apparently he couldn’t stick it.

*Images posted with permission
that sucker's permanent

23 Responses to Bet You Can’t Stick This Halo Tattoo

  1. JLay says:

    Nice final design. The back ground reminds me of VANS skate shoes. How long did that take (and how much)?

  2. ya feelin lucky, punk? says:

    but could he just beat it?

  3. SPOC says:

    Cool concept but it looks too much like flowers IMO.

    • bs angel says:

      I actually like that aspect of it! But I love sunflowers so maybe it’s just me. :)

    • kevin says:

      Cool words, but “IMO” makes you seem uneducated! :-( aww

  4. XMixMasterX says:

    I’m a huge Halo fan, but that is ugly as shit…

    • Ozi says:

      A true Halo fan would do anything

    • thejet619 says:

      Im with you.

  5. illocon says:

    JLay – it took 5 sessions. 1 for the outline, one to fill in the blue inner, one to fill in the orange and yellow outer, then 2 for the checkerboard (i’m a fan of motorsport and ska music, so i wanted that design). The sessions were 18 hours (4 x 3 hour ones, 1 x 6 hour) in total, but probably took 12-14 in actual needle on skin time. cost? £650 or so. And i’m already in for £600 for the upper arm (the pics above are half of my sleeve).

    SPOC – you’re not the first, and not the last, but yeah, they look like flowers or stars – neither of which are that manly!

    XMixMasterX – fair comment, so I won’t have to worry about you ripping this deisgn off then?! :)

    • XMixMasterX says:

      No sir :-)

      • illocon says:

        i’m sure i could tempt ya! :)

  6. RDKirbyN says:

    Those are gonna be some wicked ugly flowers when he gets all old.

    • Lolmaster says:


  7. Poopie McGhee says:

    i’d rather get the moo-tastic bulltrue medal… hahaha…

  8. Patrick says:

    Very awesome, although I would’ve had three different medals.

  9. cookieofchaos says:

    Looks awesome!

    Might have something related like this for my future tat’s. But for £600, thats a bit too much for me, I’m glad I can get tat’s done for free :)

  10. HellCat says:

    Really cool but i wouldn’t get it as tattoos are permanent and i don’t want halo on me when i’m 70 and people wouldn’t get it

    • Poopie McGhee says:

      yeah, the translation From 360 to “super duper cerebral fun time machine” would be lost…

      BTW:”super duper cerebral fun time machine” that’s loosely from Yahtzee… He’s Awesome

  11. RevMDN says:

    I’m going to worry about who’s going to change my diapers when I’m old, not my tattoos. Nothing’s wrong with men having flowers tattooed on them either. Look at all the cherry blossoms and other flowers in Japanese tattooing. All the roses in traditional American tattoos.

  12. tattersall says:

    guess my 7th column tattoo isn’t badass enough to make the front page >.<

  13. illocon says:

    ta everyone for your comments. some like it, some don’t, and some just don’t like or want tattoo’s.

    that’s brilliant, as everywhere would be dull if we all thought the same or did the same.

    oh, and contrary to the front page post on bunglenet, and even here, i’m not actually THAT much of a fan of halo, and prefer Call of Duty! its just a nice logo to remind me of the laughs i’ve had with a load of mates i met through halo.

    • tattersall says:

      your tattoos are legit! check mine out as well, I got the 7th Column etched on me

  14. logan17 says:

    i have the same idea but i want mine to look like the legit sticky with the blue flames or whatever around it an put it on my shoulder blade so its like i got stuck. lol yours looks good tho bro. let me know what you think of my idea.

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