Friday Caption Fun, Round 110

Halo 3 ScreenshotMany of you were sick, on vacation, or simply not available for at least a few days this week. While excuses were undoubtedly varied, the source of 99% of the absentee issues can probably be reduced to two words – Halo: Reach. I’m sure, as three full days have passed, you’ve completed the campaign, customized your Spartan, and perhaps even built something in Forge World. Or maybe you’re like me, slowly working your way towards all of the above. Regardless of what aspect of Reach is keeping you busy, I do hope you’ll spare a few minutes for our customary Friday festivities! Before we begin though, let’s start with the traditional recapping of last week’s responses.

  • “Oh sure, it’s quite impressive he got in there, but wait ’til he comes out. It’ll be a blast!” (Zwooosh)
  • “Red has learned the first lesson of not being seen: not to stand up. However, he has chosen a very obvious piece of cover…” (porge)
  • “(Superintendent chime) Thank you for using Mombasa Recycling. Keep it clean!” (Anton P. Nym)
  • “Elite: Go on, punch me – I DARE you!” (Nuclear Pi)
  • “Upon reflection, the Elite realised that his Weighted Companion Cube cosplay outfit probably wasn’t the best thing to wear during combat.” (Sgt Benton)
  • “Blue, if you make a “thinking outside the box” joke, I swear I’m gonna kick your ass.” (MGH1138)
  • “With a matter of hours left, Blue Spartan sighed with relief as he got ready to ship the last packed up Elite to Halo: Reach.” (Mr Viper)

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Friday Caption Fun, Round 109

Halo 3 ScreenshotWith Halo: Reach a mere four days away, it’s probably about time to send Halo 3 off in style. This is in no way a goodbye, mind you, but simply an until-we-meet-again sort of thing. Bungie is graciously offering up Maption Sack as their weekend double experience festivities, which, if you have a penchant for crazy, community-created maps, should be right up your alley. Otherwise, a marathon session in your favorite playlist should suffice. Up first though is our customary captioning. Let’s recap the wittiest of last week’s responses, and then we’ll tackle a brand new screenshot!

  • “Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!” (VYPER117)
  • “To hunt the cone, you must become the cone.” (akanealw)
  • “Tonight’s “Xbox Live Game With Fame” goes retro with the folks from Devo!” (Anton P. Nym)
  • “Have you ever wondered why we are here?…” (retinence)
  • “In’cone’nito” (SIR COFFEE)
  • “Bungie were struggling to top the flaming heads of Halo 3 but then suddenly it hit them… in the face… hard…” (Crazy A 64)
  • “Shhhh! Be vewy quiet! We’we hunting twaffic cones!” (Iago 462)
  • “Halo: Conebat Evolved” (cardo8)
  • “Greatest disguise ever, Red will never spot me!” “Greatest disguise ever, Blue will never spot me!” (Bud the Chud)

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Friday Caption Fun, Round 108

Halo 3 ScreenshotIf you are attending PAX this weekend, hopefully I’m gazing into your gorgeous eyes this very second. If you are instead facing an extended weekend at home, I wish I had good news for you but unfortunately the only thing you’re currently looking at is a bit of a delay with your customary double experience playlist shenanigans. Sucks to be you! I suppose I could attempt to improve your day by offering you a caption activity, but that would require me to actually be nice. While that’s against everything I believe in, I guess I’ll give it my best effort. Recap. Caption. Yada yada yada.

  • “Even 500 years in the future, Aquaman is still sore at BP executives.” (Absolute Edge)
  • “By 2357, Swamp Thing had evolved enough to be called Swamp Man. By 2552, he had further evolved to become Swamp Spartan.” (SkeletorODP)
  • “Recon tried to compensate for his height with his mighty mohawk.” (soulofaqua)
  • “Marco polo… with deadly consequences.” (halcylon)
  • “This isn’t the flood I thought you meant…” (Aklangi)
  • “Spartan seamen: armed and dangerous.” (pwkwsfi)
  • “The Bungie banhammer lurks for all those who pee in the Xbox Live community pool.” (JLay)
  • “We’re gonna need a boat. Then, we’re gonna need a bigger boat.” (Andrew)

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Friday Caption Fun, Round 107

Halo 3 ScreenshotHalo: Reach will be happily spinning in your Xbox 360’s disc tray in a mere 18 days but if your current experience is somewhat similar to mine, time is moving at a snail’s pace at this point. Gameplay videos, live-action trailers, and vidocs continue to hit us at a rapid-fire rate, every single one teasing what will eventually be ours. For now though, we continue to play Halo 3. And we caption. But only after recapping last week’s responses of course!

  • “It’s a legitimate strategy.” (Indeed Not)
  • “It wasn’t the rocket that hurt Blue in the end. It was being left out.” (TPA Nightmare)
  • “Camping taken to new heights.” (Gagazet)
  • “IT’S A TRAP!” (jVictor)
  • “Great WTF Moments In History – Blue gets an overkill extermination for throwing a couple of ‘nades down the invis hall…” (JLay)
  • “That’s not OS. Fred was stuck in the middle and really had to pee.” (retinence)
  • “Guys! I’m not sure this overshield is gonna hold your weight much longer!” (Ben Of Bodom UK)
  • “We are a monument to all your sins.” (shonan)
  • “Blue thought he was the only one clever enough to time the invisibility spawn.”
    (Skitzo Sven)
  • “It looks like OS is -sunglasses- carrying his team. YYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH” (ODST Alpha)

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Friday Caption Fun, Round 106

Halo 3 ScreenshotWhenever I got stuck playing Fiesta back in the days of Halo 2, everybody around me would spawn with a sniper rifle or rockets, and I would be left standing there with a Needler or a Plasma Rifle. Every. Single. Time. I can’t tell you what happens on Halo 3, because I refuse to play it now. You can let me know how it goes this weekend as it’s the Double EXP playlist of choice, or you can simply pretend it doesn’t exist as I do. Regardless, it’s time to caption! After recapping last week’s responses of course.

  • “You are wearing super-soldier armor…no one is going to be able to tell you peed yourself!”  (mendicantbias00)
  • “The sad Blue’s emblem isn’t quite an accurate representation of his mood at the moment.” (Queen 0f Blades)
  • “Hey, it’s ok…everyone’s sniper rifle goes off early once in a while. I still love you!” (JLay)
  • “… Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of furr…” (retinence)
  • “It’s okay, I didn’t get picked to be on Noble Team either.” (Absolute Edge)
  • “Hey buddy, why so blue?” (Jim 028)
  • “Don’t worry, it’s OK………..I’m sure Reach won’t be the LAST game…” (SPARTANXIII)
  • “Come on man…just because bs angel didn’t pick your caption this week doesn’t mean she doesn’t still care about you.” (S)

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Friday Caption Fun, Round 105

Halo 3 ScreenshotSome of you will be fondling balls all weekend (three of them to be exact). If you’re anything like me though, you’re probably planning a Jason-themed movie marathon. As if there’s any other way to celebrate Friday the 13th! Regardless of your short-term plans, you know you have to carve some time out for captioning, right? Let’s start by recapping last week’s responses, and then … well, you know the drill!

  • “While unsure as to the exact use of the object, Keith tried to look menacing.” (TPA Nightmare)
  • “The #1 cause of Spartan finger loss.” (OwlAssassin)
  • “The Spartan concluded that the weapon was unusable due to lack of a trigger.” (Liam)
  • “Never bring a sword to a gunswordfight.” (Canuck-Errant)
  • “Freeze, Splitlip! I know how to use one of these…” (S)
  • “What’s to understand about swish-swish-stab?” (OwlAssassin)
  • “An elegant weapon for a more civilized age.” (ODST Alpha)
  • “The hardest achievement in Halo 3, obtaining a headshot with an Energy Sword.” (Shadowmech88)

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Friday Caption Fun, Round 104

Halo 3 ScreenshotI’m currently on vacation and away from my controller, so it only makes sense that Bungie would choose this weekend to host my absolute favorite double experience playlist. That’s right, all of you get to indulge in some Grifball for the next three days while my Xbox will remain woefully neglected. Stick around to recap last week’s responses and caption a new screenshot, and maybe I won’t hold it against you…. maybe being the key word.

  • “Unleashing Hell. At 5mph.” (OwlAssassin)
  • “Surprisingly, he’s on a splatter spree.” (retinence)
  • “Think moving things around in Halo 3 Forge was buggy and slow? You should’ve seen the original version…” (S)
  • “A forklift sounds like an ideal penetration machine, but Boris was unable to get it up.” (staticrift)
  • “They see me rollin’. They hatin’.” (Wasiq)
  • I’m telling you, there is no way you can pick up chicks in a forklift!” (Jim 028)
  • “He wasn’t sure whether he was madder at his mother, for naming him Sisyphus – or his boss, for having an education and a lousy sense of humor.” (Louis Wu)
  • “Forklift beats everything!” (Babbott)

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