Imaginary Friends

Halo Comic
Halo Comic

Source [PvPonline]

7 Responses to Imaginary Friends

  1. Hyokin says:

    I love the hologram. Its so fun! :)

  2. Indeed Not says:

    Oh boy, I felt like such a moron for falling for one of those. Silly me.

  3. hongoasdf says:

    Can’t say how many times I tried to assassinate what seemed to be a sniper, only to get assassinated myself…

    Damn those holograms. Damn them to hell.

    It’s still pretty fun to make someone lose ammo on yours, though.

  4. soulofaqua says:

    I enjoy how easy the holograms have made certain campaign missions by drawing covenant out of cover for me and my pal to snipe.

  5. JLay says:

    This comic is awesome. Found the rest of the series on PvPonline very entertaining as well. Thank you, Angel, for making me aware.

  6. We at SSG have renamed it the “LOL-agram” (TM), because it so dam funny to fire it up and watch people chase after it. ;-)

    I <3 Halo Reach!

  7. Rhamsey says:

    God, I hate telling teammates there is a one shot guy around the corner only to be told that I just put 5 rounds into a hologram.

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