Twas the Night Before Reach

Because Halo: Reach pretty much is Christmas

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A Real-Life Halo Rocket Launcher: Hold Like This

Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo: Reach Console Cake

Halo: Reach Console Cake

The fact that the latest installment in the Halo series has yet to hit store shelves has not stopped a plethora of Reach-themed treats from flooding the collective community’s insatiable palate. We’ve witnessed the glory of hand painted cupcakes and also an incredibly sweet version of the Legendary Edition box, and now we have an edible console to add to the mix. Created in celebration of a significant other’s birthday, this marshmallow fondant-covered Halo: Reach dessert features a carrot cake Xbox with white chocolate ganache filling and a matching chocolate Guinness cake controller. To say it’s nothing short of a huge success would still not be giving Christa, the person behind the creation, enough credit. Let’s just say she’s more than earned her title of being a Master Baker!

*Many thanks to Etha777, who will keep on trying ’til he runs out of cake, for the tip!
mmm cake

Friday Caption Fun, Round 109

Halo 3 ScreenshotWith Halo: Reach a mere four days away, it’s probably about time to send Halo 3 off in style. This is in no way a goodbye, mind you, but simply an until-we-meet-again sort of thing. Bungie is graciously offering up Maption Sack as their weekend double experience festivities, which, if you have a penchant for crazy, community-created maps, should be right up your alley. Otherwise, a marathon session in your favorite playlist should suffice. Up first though is our customary captioning. Let’s recap the wittiest of last week’s responses, and then we’ll tackle a brand new screenshot!

  • “Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!” (VYPER117)
  • “To hunt the cone, you must become the cone.” (akanealw)
  • “Tonight’s “Xbox Live Game With Fame” goes retro with the folks from Devo!” (Anton P. Nym)
  • “Have you ever wondered why we are here?…” (retinence)
  • “In’cone’nito” (SIR COFFEE)
  • “Bungie were struggling to top the flaming heads of Halo 3 but then suddenly it hit them… in the face… hard…” (Crazy A 64)
  • “Shhhh! Be vewy quiet! We’we hunting twaffic cones!” (Iago 462)
  • “Halo: Conebat Evolved” (cardo8)
  • “Greatest disguise ever, Red will never spot me!” “Greatest disguise ever, Blue will never spot me!” (Bud the Chud)

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Halo on the Brain


*Captured by HC Redemption and posted here with permission

The Future of Hawty McBloggy: A Website Announcement

Halo: Reach Screenshot

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Meet the Newest Member of Rooster Teeth!

ODS Steve Meets Rooster Teeth

*As seen at PAX 2010, captured by CrazedOne1988, and posted here with permission