Halo Armor Variants: The Tattoo Version

Some people spend months making the perfect set of MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor. Others simply have it inserted with indelible ink directly into their skin. Seth is someone who happily finds himself in the latter group. Working towards the eventual goal of a full arm sleeve, this particular Halo fanatic currently has part of an upper plate tattooed upon his left arm with plans to move onto the lower one next. Further down the line will be black ribbing in between the plates along with plenty of green shading, but that’s subject to change as Joseph Barr, the talented tattooist who’s free handing the design, tends to get new ideas with each session. I wonder if one of his future suggestions will be a codpiece. Fingers crossed!!

Halo Armor Tattoo

Halo Armor Tattoo

*Images posted with permission
that sucker's permanent

21 Responses to Halo Armor Variants: The Tattoo Version

  1. Ossim ^_^

  2. punkpirateafo says:

    I wonder if he will color it in or not, and if so what color.

    • It will eventually be a gun metal grey as we’re planning it now. The top will have my online insignia (kinda looks like the chevron logo).

  3. Time Glitch says:

    Wait…That red shit is INFLAMATION!?!?


    That thing looks INFECTED!

    Jesus…Never…EVER getting a tat…*shudder*

    You have to be one serious Halo fan to get that shit in your skin, though. Props to him for THAT…

    • MGH1138 says:

      Maybe he’s a fan of Donut….

    • Actually… looking at it, the darker red could be a part of the shading for the green, because putting green over the red would make a more shadowy green. It might also be mixing with blood right now and it might not actually be that dark or raised once it heals.

      And of course I’m probably totally wrong. But at least it’s something to chew on.

    • Not infected…. just fresh.

    • mendicantbias00 says:

      No that “red shit” is inflammation. That is part of the tattoo process. Thrusting a needle into your skin over and over again tends to irritate the skin. Weird huh?

      • Yeah, but that’s why I said “once it heals” it won’t be that raised. and gross-looking. And some of the shapes are too regular to just be inflammation, like the triangles. Last time I checked, skin wasn’t smart enough to say “Ok, today we’re gonna form our irritation into triangles.”

        • mendicantbias00 says:

          Whoops…see below, my comment wasn’t aimed towards you. =)

          Sorry for the confusion!

        • I saw it, s’all good. :)

      • mendicantbias00 says:

        LOL that was aimed at Time Glitch sorry!!!

  4. Ray says:

    Tattoos are stupid.
    Have fun wearing your MJOLNIR Mark V Saggy variant when you’re 50.

    • mendicantbias00 says:

      Say that to the next biker you see. Be sure to let us know what happens!

    • BrandonT98 says:

      Tattoos aren’t for everyone. I have one, want more.

      oh.. and when your 50 you can get them touched up, but if you take care of them and use sunblock they won’t fade as bad. when you see someone in their 50’s with a tattoo that looks old it’s because the ink has faded, they now use different inks to prevent that….

      how about when your 70?
      No one wants to see your rinkly old ass anyway. I’ll be proud of mine. so who cares. You like what you like.

      Not everyone will bleed the same amount, also depends on location. When i got my Skull King… Yes its halo related.. done I bled quite a bit. my friend got her wrist done.. and she hardly bled. Whats really gross is the healing process when the ink and blood start to coagulate and dry… then it gets itchy.

      Saying Tattoos are “stupid” is like saying playing video games is stupid because you don’t earn money to progress in life…. different strokes for different folks.

  5. Indeed Not says:

    That is both awesome and painful-looking. His skin is all swelled-like.

    Oh well, he’ll get + a bajillion armor points once it’s done.

  6. justifiedcandy says:

    Major LOLZ at the cod piece comment, OMG that would be ever so painful

  7. pwkwsfi says:

    more like, “legs crossed,” amirite?

  8. Thors toe says:

    That is going to be the coolest sleeve I have ever seen!!

  9. Mace Windex says:

    Looks like a big toe.

  10. Pssh…he’s wearing the default variant. N00b.

    j/k :P

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