Halo: Reach Friends and Family Beta Code Giveaway

Halo 3 Reach Screenshot

The Halo: Reach beta is slated to begin on the very soonish date of May 3rd. For one of you though it will start the very second you piece together a Friends and Family code. Hidden within this website are five strings of digits that, when entered in the correct order, will magically unlock the Halo: Reach beta four days before its official release. I am one chatty bitch, meaning  my archives are quite extensive, so I will make your searching a little bit easier. All five pieces of code are images that are located in Halo-specific articles written within the last year. Some may be in obvious places. Others may require a click or two to unearth. But they are all here somewhere, just waiting for you to find. To ensure the code does not go to waste, it will be published in its entirety on my Twitter feed around 5 pm PT (you need not follow me to snag it, simply check the page whenever you feel so inclined). Happy hunting, happy Halo-ing, and… wait, is that part of a code I see?


UPDATE: The code has been found and redeemed. Congratulations to @SteveDutzy! The individual segments were hidden within the following articles:

The Hardcore Gamer’s Guide to Preparing for the Halo: Reach Beta: last check mark
First Halo: Reach Review Hits the Internet: Marty gif
Top Ten Halo 3: ODST Pick-Up Lines: only text link
Balls for Every Taste: last text link

68 Responses to Halo: Reach Friends and Family Beta Code Giveaway

  1. Das Kalk says:

    why did I have to work yesterday AND today!? GAAAAAHHHH!!!! i have to leave in 4 minutes!!!!

  2. punkpirateafo says:


  3. Ray says:

    I have the beta downloading right now. =)

    • punkpirateafo says:


      • Ray says:

        Yessss… your hatred will only make my Spartan stronger! =D

    • Remember Reach says:

      Pics or it didn’t happen.

    • Beaverkill says:

      Wait, did you already find them all?

      • bs angel says:

        Not from this site. He probably got the code somewhere else. :)

        • Beaverkill says:

          Quick question for you bs angel, will we be able to see the code pieces without ‘hitting the jump’? Or do we have to click every halo article?

        • bs angel says:

          I think this article is the only one that you can see the code without viewing the entire thing.

    • Ray says:

      Sorry about the confusion… I didn’t find the code on this site.
      Also, just played and won my first match and it was AMAZING!
      Jetpack +DMR FTW!

  4. That’s pretty cool of you.

    But I’ll just wait until the 3rd because I have stuff to do anyway. Good luck to everyone else, though.

    • Grumpy Jedi says:

      I’m in the exact same boat. Would it be cool to get in early? You bet. I guess I’m too damn old/mature/patient (take your pick) to go through any additional effort when I know I’ll enjoy it on Monday.

      • Pessimist says:

        Enjoy it on Monday? Nearly ALL of Xbox Live will be attempting to download the Beta come Monday. I will be up in the wee hours of the morn to “get in line” mashing buttons and swearing at the Active Downloads list.

        • I don’t get home until about 8 pm on Mondays, and even the I usually just pass out the second I walk in the door. But that means I get up nice and early on Tuesday, and hopefully the Live traffic will have died down a bit by then, or MS will have made accommodations to support the activity.

          Or maybe they did something smart for once and prepared for it ahead of time.

  5. Beaverkill says:

    This is gonna take a while, I’m going through Dec. ’09 and still haven’t found anything :(

  6. spyda munky says:

    WHERE is the code bs angel.?? lol is it on this page or everywhere!

  7. CBTrigger says:

    :( I so want to find the codes but Im sure they are already gone or I wouldnt find them til its too late.

    BTW, did you ever get my message Angel?

    • bs angel says:

      Not sure. How did you send it? Email? B.net? Xbox Live?

      • CBTrigger says:


  8. Still searching.. Are the code pieces going to be in the article somewhere? or will they be in comments as well?

  9. Hyokin says:

    I went back through the archive grabbing at anything remotely Halo related, but no luck. :(

    No beta for me…

    • Beaverkill says:

      That’s okay, I can’t find anything either :(

  10. spyda munky says:

    this is just not worth it.. there not on this site! ive been searching for like and hr an 30mins =-(

  11. Trogdorbad says:

    sad faec

    I missed out on a ton of codes today on Twitter

    excuse me while i go hang myself until monday

  12. Ben Of Bodom UK says:

    Bleh, I went back through EVERY Halo related article from now all the way back to August ’09, at which point I got so sick of scanning through old ODS Steve’s and Grin + Bear It’s that I gave up. Didn’t see a single piece of the code, am I doing it wrong?

    • Hyokin says:

      Good question. I hope that they aren’t just leading us on….

  13. DomDaBomb says:

    Eh, I dount I’d get one anyway. It’s no use to try. : /

  14. alec says:

    Im beginning to think………… THE CODE IS A LIE!

    • bs angel says:

      Are you saying the code is cake? NOM NOM NOM.

      • Mr Nom Nom Noms says:

        thats my gamer tag! Mr Nom Nom Noms

  15. Master KChief says:

    yeah, gee, it wont take a long time to sift through all halo-related articles for an entire year beings the majority of the site is halo, will it? not only that, but you have to input the code in the correct order, in which there is 120 different possible combinations. pretty much FAIL.

    • mendicantbias00 says:

      Where do you all get this sense that you are entitled to these codes?
      Of course it’s going to be hard to find, otherwise the first five people to check the site would have it already. If you don’t want to search for it, then don’t. But don’t get mad at someone who is trying to do something nice.

      • Master KChief says:

        did i say i’m entitled to the code? did i say i was getting mad? no, my conclusion was this is pretty much fail, especially in comparison to the far easier ways to get an early access code (bungie blatantly handing them out on twitter, trivia questions, g4, watching the access video from the odst disc, etc.). dont get mad at someone that is entitled to expressing their opinion, be it discontent. seriously, hop off angel’s BLAM!, and please think before you breathe.

        • Mizzy says:

          Let it be known that you don’t like effort.

        • Master KChief says:

          you’re right, i dont. why spend hours searching for a code when i can play instantly (yes, all gamestop employees have early reach beta access).

        • Mizzy says:

          Why spend hours working at Gamestop for crap pay and cheating game manufacturers of their money?

    • bs angel says:

      I wanted to ensure that the person who won was an individual who truly wanted it. Someone did exactly what you said and has already redeemed the F&F code. So I’m calling it a success!

      • mendicantbias00 says:

        Perhaps even a triumph? Maybe we should make a note of it.

        • bs angel says:

          It’s so delicious and moist!

        • i am the light show and i approve this message

      • Man, people seem so tense these last few days. Must be the anticipation for Monday.

  16. staticrift says:

    Ive only found three (includin the above)… waving the white flag. When I think about it, id only actually gain an extra 24 hours gameplay… if I punish my liver enough saturday maybe ill miss sunday and wake up for the beta ;D

    • Beaverkill says:

      You wouldn’t happen to be so inclined as to share the treasure you have found with the rest of us? *wink wink*

    • cardo8 says:

      I’ll be playing the Punish My Liver Beta as well! Hell, I’m starting now!

      “Punish! My! Liver!”

  17. ReverendTiki says:

    There isnt a code is there? You just want people to read your blog. Am I right?

    • Jeffery says:

      i know one thing BS is not and that is a tease. If she says something, she means it!

      • xxxJL AUDIOxxx says:

        She’s no tease.

        • cardo8 says:

          No games. She means bidniss. Just ask Chief’s codpiece ;O

  18. hockeylevys15 says:

    Ugh I’m always so bad at these. Well, good luck to everyone.


  19. Steve Dutzy says:

    Code redeemed. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much! It was worth the three hours.

    • Steve Dutzy says:

      The code was KGWQK-FB7HK-T7JMB-HPHJD-WWP6B.

  20. iPurism says:

    Lol, and I was trying to help you get a code xD

  21. Someguy says:

    There’s approximately over 400 halo related posts to go through.

  22. xxxJL AUDIOxxx says:

    I spy with my little eye (aka “Friends Online”) someone already playing the Beta…..You know who you are….

  23. iLovePretzels69 says:

    Dude, how far back did the codes go, bsangle? Can you just give me links to the pages so that i know what I should have been looking for?

    • bs angel says:

      Sure! I listed them with the exact locations up in the original post. :)

      • iLovePretzels69 says:

        So that is why I haven’t been able to find them. I just kept looking through the posts… not the links on them.

        • Ben Of Bodom UK says:

          Same, didn’t think to click any links :(

    • hehe, “bsangle”… =P

  24. Mizzy says:

    Goodness, I thought the codes were going to be in the articles themselves and not hidden in links. I should’ve paid more attention. 8(

  25. iPurism says:

    Hey, just a quickie. MS emailed you codes?

  26. the_eNeME says:

    *wave hand*
    You want to give me a code…


  27. hockeylevys15 says:

    Ah, this is so frustruating.

    Congrats to the winner!

  28. DomDaBomb says:

    Angel, any hints? I want to join Marine in the Beta tomorrow! :P

  29. Dam you international time zones!!!

  30. FinAeros says:


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