Friday Caption Fun, Round 108

Halo 3 ScreenshotIf you are attending PAX this weekend, hopefully I’m gazing into your gorgeous eyes this very second. If you are instead facing an extended weekend at home, I wish I had good news for you but unfortunately the only thing you’re currently looking at is a bit of a delay with your customary double experience playlist shenanigans. Sucks to be you! I suppose I could attempt to improve your day by offering you a caption activity, but that would require me to actually be nice. While that’s against everything I believe in, I guess I’ll give it my best effort. Recap. Caption. Yada yada yada.

  • “Even 500 years in the future, Aquaman is still sore at BP executives.” (Absolute Edge)
  • “By 2357, Swamp Thing had evolved enough to be called Swamp Man. By 2552, he had further evolved to become Swamp Spartan.” (SkeletorODP)
  • “Recon tried to compensate for his height with his mighty mohawk.” (soulofaqua)
  • “Marco polo… with deadly consequences.” (halcylon)
  • “This isn’t the flood I thought you meant…” (Aklangi)
  • “Spartan seamen: armed and dangerous.” (pwkwsfi)
  • “The Bungie banhammer lurks for all those who pee in the Xbox Live community pool.” (JLay)
  • “We’re gonna need a boat. Then, we’re gonna need a bigger boat.” (Andrew)

Jaws, the inspiration behind the last quote, just may be the best movie ever. The second best movie though? Definitely Coneheads. If my memory serves me correctly, the two Spartans in the following screenshot played the starring roles. Or something like that. Since I’m obviously confused, how about you figure out what’s going on in this picture, and then tell me in the form of a witty caption? It would be much appreciated!

Halo 3 Screenshot
Author: Walking Complex

114 Responses to Friday Caption Fun, Round 108

  1. richie3345 says:

    together,the street cone team plan to defeat bungie and then take over the universe,recruiting anyone or anything willing to join them.

    • richie3345 says:

      what about,
      blue-happy cone day to you–
      red-shut up!youll wake the cones!we have to make this a suprise coneday party for our enemies the cones!

    • richie98 says:

      what about…
      blue-happy coneday to you—
      red-sssshhhhhh!youll ruin the coneday party!

      • richie3345 says:

        This Is Sparta!…Cone style!!!!!!

        • richie3345 says:

          halo reach ultimate edition-the cone wars

          star wars the cone wars

  2. PunkPirateAFO says:

    Coneheads, Halo edition.

  3. VYPER117 says:

    Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!

    • B1G TOBACC0 says:

      I expected several movie references down here, but this wasn’t one of them.

      Good show.

  4. Comrade_Max says:

    Don’t worry, Santa’s bluffing he would never shoot.

  5. grimtimes says:

    The new halo armour permutation available to all reach beta testers

  6. frankie Luna says:

    And as the nerds thought they were getting a special leaked Halo Reach game for free it was actually target practice for Microsoft…

  7. Undercover Duck says:

    Coneman wont find us here, will he?

  8. lozg1985 says:

    Protect me cone!

  9. NiTrOuS 343 says:

    Camouflage: You’re doing it wrong.

  10. OwlAssassin says:

    Enemy at the Gates: Halo Edition was a lot less serious than the original

    Bungie got bored of the Banhammer – sniping is a lot more fun

    “When you said to form ducks in a row, I thought that was military jargon”

  11. Jrok206 says:

    The spartans had to make do with the only orange they could find on their hunting trip

  12. Crazy A 64 says:

    Bungie were struggling to top the flaming heads of Halo 3 but then suddenly it hit them… in the face… hard…

    • Serpent says:

      Bow chicka bow wow

  13. MetalKnuckle says:

    The spartans attempt at harnessing the awesome and destructive power of the cone.

  14. Nuclear Pi says:

    (david attiburough voice) “In much the same way as an Infection form, the cone will now attatch itslef to the head of its victim, and proceed to turn them into zombies”

    And for all you half life fans out there:


  15. Roaven says:

    Bungie’s new teamkilling punishment, complete with improvised dunce caps

  16. SPARTANXIII says:

    I don’t know about you, but I fell at though there’s a arrow on my head.

  17. Mjonir says:

    Spartan Birthday Party!

  18. xCoNs says:

    The new mind-control cone cause spartans to kill there own by flying into them at high velocities

  19. Firestorm12 says:

    Viva La Cone!

  20. Xenokyro says:

    And when you thought the metaphor “being target practice” was bad enough…

  21. Penguin Ninjoid says:

    Blue: “Your mother is a hamster-”

    Red: “And your father smells of Elderberries!”

  22. twostone says:

    “Why are there cones on our heads, Jimmy?” “I simply do not know Forest, I simply do not know.”

  23. Radius says:

    With their traffic cone alliance secure, the Hayabusha twins will be unstoppable!

  24. JLay says:

    “We are from France!”

  25. Shadowmech88 says:

    After the army’s budget cuts, this was the best active camo they could afford.

  26. those Noble 6 guys think they’re so badass. we’ll show them!

  27. Powen says:

    Blue to Red: I am telling you that wearing a helmet is a legitimate strategy. Like its the ultimate head protection in Halo 3.

  28. akanealw says:

    “To hunt the cone, you must become the cone.”

  29. Gunlat3M says:

    In this episode of “Everyone hates Hayabusa”, two Hayabusa n00bs fell for a target practice ploy. Boom headshots were had.

  30. Schoony says:

    Your Cone has evolved into ConeSniper!

  31. Bud the Chud says:

    “Greatest disguise ever, Red will never spot me”

    “Greatest disguise ever, Blue will never spot me”

  32. PsycoJoe says:

    The unrevealed bonus for Halo: Reach. Garden gnome sized Mjolnir armor minus helmet.

  33. Mudboy says:
    • best caption ever! ;)

  34. ExponentialExplosions says:

    Its a cone-undrum. Isn’t it ?

  35. ExponentialExplosions says:

    Wait !! Now they have the superior weapons ?? They must be have been drinking Jim’s tea again.

  36. Panncakez says:

    After the demise of their series, the Power Rangers had to find… other jobs.

  37. Big Appleton says:

    Seeing that he would not be included in Reach, Grand Master Cone have decided to pass down his secrets to his two Spartan disciples

    Wear the cone, Be the cone, Kill like a cone

    *Red and Blue SPartan backstabs cone*
    “We weren’t really was on your side

  38. Andrew says:

    You. Shall not. Pass!

  39. Anton P. Nym says:

    Tonight’s “Xbox Live Game With Fame” goes retro with the folks from Devo!

    (*dun-dun* Snipe it. Snipe it good!)

    — Steve

  40. Terminator182 says:

    Bungie’s secret plan for “i can haz recon armor” noobs in Reach.

  41. soulofaqua says:

    To defeat the cone, you must become one with the cone.

  42. xxgamerguyxx says:

    red: blue why do we have cones on our head again?
    blue: why not?

  43. Monkey_lord says:

    Red and Blue decide that the best camouflage against green was the most deadliest.

  44. augustelc says:

    red and blue quickly realized that the alien mind control preventing device disguised as a cone had simply been a ploy by the other team to make them look stupid

  45. a rascal cat says:

    Blue: Dammit Red. I told you, you should have been more careful during your driving test.

    Red: It’s not my fault. He just jumped out right in front of the car.

    Cone Guard: Will you maggots hush up, and get back to work!?

  46. Canuck-Errant says:

    Rumours of the Hayabusa helmet having upgrades in Halo 3 confirmed!

  47. CapturetheBomb says:

    The Story of William Tell: A Halo Production.

  48. Ethan says:

    SHHHH! The Red guy doesn’t see me!!

  49. retinence says:

    “NO GIRLS ALLOWED… ok, mom, you can come in. But you better have hot pockets for us!”

  50. retinence says:

    “Have you ever wondered why we are here?…”

    • Fata1Stryke says:

      “It’s just one of life’s great mysteries, isn’t it? Why are we here? I mean, are we the product of some cosmic coincidence, or is there really a God…”
      “What? I mean, why are we sitting here with goddamn traffic cones on our heads?”
      “Oh. Uh…yeah.”

  51. ComaToast says:

    If you need help, and you know where to find them, maybe you can hire…. the C team.

  52. SkeletorODP says:

    Red and Blue’s brilliant camping strategy had one fatal flaw. When hiding, remember to scout out the area ahead of time.

  53. A Deaf Boy says:

    “My cone is bigger than yours”

  54. SIR COFFEE says:


  55. Iago 462 says:

    “Shhhh! Be vewy quiet! We’we hunting twaffic cones!”

    • General Vaguneness says:

      Heh heh heh heh heh heh!

    • a rascal cat says:

      Haha, I love this one! :)

  56. PAraNoia817 says:

    Disgruntled highway workers: who says mailmen get to have all the fun

  57. iplayhalo says:

    As we see here in this pic the power of cones as it has brought a red and blue spartan together AWWWWW

  58. Patriotic Canadian says:


  59. ScourgeOTG says:

    When conspiracy theorists play Halo, they use the cone as their in-game equivalent of a tin-foil hat,

  60. QuackJAG says:

    Orange cones; the ghillie suits of the Halo universe.

  61. Brochacho says:

    Man, this new active camo loadout leaves a lot to be desired

  62. PAraNoia817 says:

    Next time you order cones specify the ‘ice cream’ part

  63. Rakolai says:

    Upon arriving at the costume party, Red and Blue discovered that there had been some miscommunication as to who was dressing up as The Scorceror’s Apprentice.

    • Rakolai says:


      “I put on my robe and wizard hat…”

  64. Matoro says:

    Camouflage is so good that they don’t even see each other.

  65. Salenstormwing says:

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about… …so here’s a pair of Spartans wearing traffic cones.”

  66. General Vaguneness says:

    again because why not: nyuck nyuck nyuck

    People said they want armor that looks threatening. It turns out Bungie listened as they recently announced “recone armor”.

  67. Aahad says:

    alright… all we need is the active-camo… and then we can freak out people with FLYING CONES!!!

  68. IHOMSI says:

    Dude, were sitting ducks………..

  69. Ronnie says:

    Combat, EVOLVED

    • cardo8 says:

      Halo: Conebat Evolved

  70. Ronnie says:

    Combat: evolved,

    camo: not so much.

  71. R3dDragon07 says:

    “The only way to survive the cone…. is to be the cone.”

  72. xxxJL AUDIOxxx says:

    You can always tell the Spartans that are Harry Potter fans…

  73. Personsen says:

    Act natural… Traffic cones can smell fear…

  74. Basic Paul says:

    From the makers of halo skeet shoot, now comes… HALO DUCK HUNT!

  75. Matt7777444 says:


  76. zarcon1222 says:

    “Hope theres no warthogs driving this way anytime soon”

  77. Droke says:

    This is what happens when you actually manage to get a spartan drunk.

  78. porge says:

    Blue: This is nowhere NEAR as awesome as it looked in Toy Story

  79. hongoasdf says:

    Whats more lethal than a Spartan super-soldier?

    A Spartan super-soldier with a cone.

  80. Matrix3 says:

    When garden gnomes go bad.

  81. TAS9303 says:

    “Do you think they’ll notice?”

    “Two of this things are not like the others! (old sesame street song)”

  82. Flying ViVo says:

    ”It´s a Legitimate Strategy!”

  83. Miztli says:

    If DEVO could pull it off…so can the UNSC’s Finest!!!

  84. Divine Plan says:

    The first lesson of not being seen. Don’t stand up.

  85. Natonator says:

    Valve introduces a new enemy in HL2:E3; headcones and headcone zombies

  86. augustelc says:

    here ye! here ye! today marks the first official meeting of G.R.O.S.S!
    dictator for life calvin will now take the floor!

  87. TwitchingAWOL says:

    The most dangerous game, urban edition.

  88. Mr Viper says:

    “I will become a symbol. I will use my greatest fear and turn it against them. I will become … CONEMAN.”

  89. The Flying Spartan says:

    Ni! Ni! Ni! Ni! Ni! Ni! Ni! Ni!

  90. CPWNED!!!

  91. F8L ERROR says:

    Introducing the New and improved Spartan Party hats.

  92. Gil Demoono says:

    if their disguise is believed, every spartan they splatter will get recon.

  93. dragonv2.0 says:

    do think they will see us?

  94. SonofMacPhisto says:

    Gimli was very grateful to Legolas for getting him that box.

  95. Morpheus300 says:

    Blue Spartan – “Hey, Red. Do you think they’ll see us?”
    Red Spartan – “Shut up! You’ll give away our position!”

  96. grimtimes says:

    the cones new role in life since the trash can took its job

  97. etha7 says:

    Blue “The reds will never see me!” Red “The blues will never see me!”

  98. Tank says:

    Ultimate camouflage.

  99. ZZoMBiE13 says:

    These pre-order bonus armors are getting a little damn ridiculous now.

  100. ZZoMBiE13 says:

    the killer cones have evolved

  101. Serpent says:

    What you can’t see is the fusion coils the Spartans are sitting on.

  102. A Pointless Paradox says:

    The guys at HLG are getting craftier.

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