Twas the Night Before Reach

Because Halo: Reach pretty much is Christmas

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31 Responses to Twas the Night Before Reach

  1. Indeed :)

  2. Nuclear Pi says:

    Aww, how touching,
    Merry Reach everyone!

  3. twostone says:


    no more questions your honor

  4. ok, NOW i really want Reach =P

  5. Edward B says:

    lol “Yeah, Killing spree.” i didnt see that coming.. thanks for the post angel.
    Enjoy Reach everyone

  6. TPA Nightmare says:

    If only events like this were as annual as Christmas!

  7. LeeVEGETA says:

    This is why Halo fans are the best!
    Just don’t get this kinda thing with any other video game!

    Just a few more hours everyone!

    See you all on Reach!

  8. Shirdel says:

    The worst time EVER to be Banned from XBL! FOR TWO WEEKS! JUST BECAUSE I DO A NOOB OF THE DAY IN MY BIO!!!!1

    Not very many of you know me, but if you could please be kind enough to send a 2-Day Trial to my other account, “shirdel”, it means I could enjoy Reach as well, and not be left out. Thank you for your kind generosity.

    • TJ says:

      You don’t need live for Campaign, you don’t need live for Firefight, and you don’t need live for Forge.

      I’m sure you can last for a few weeks. :)

      • wrinkly cat says:

        the good chief fairy wont grant a beggars reach day gift. he’ll fuck up your pre-order

        • justifiedcandy says:

          “noob of the day”?? you deserve to be banned for being a dick.

    • Glasses Guy says:

      Your plees have fallen upon deaf ears good fellow. The people of the internet are cruel and fierce.

    • Or maybe, you know, you couldn’t be a moron. Just for future reference.

    • BUfels says:

      And the banned will look up and shout “Give me a two day trial!”
      And I will look down and whisper…

      • I think I love you. Well done, sir.

        • justifiedcandy says:

          I concur that was awesome!!

  9. XD Cute video. The ending made me laugh out loud.

  10. hongoasdf says:

    I think the name “Haloween” or “Halo-win” would fit better. But the spirit of Reachmas certainly seems to be in the air…

    Merry Reachmas.

  11. Hunter85792 says:


  12. staticrift says:

    Awesome video. Everyone have a Merry Reach.

    I wish my Reach-eve was that relaxing, the powers been out all day and we had to get an electrician out, turned out to be a faulty kettle. luckily I recently got a surge protector for my 360.

  13. OMFG I can’t stop laughing… Never been part of a midnight launch before… at work can’t concentrate….Need Halo Reach

  14. Noah says:

    You’ve got to be in geek-heaven.

  15. Ben Of Bodom UK says:

    I have my copy of Reach! Campaign is amazing and firefight is awesome and matchmaking is brilliant and forge world is incredible!

  16. D○m says:

    Oh, Lawd. hahaha. I loved the Killing Spree Guy’s voice. I think I may take one last Halo 3 Screenshot tonight. Any suggestions?

  17. danieljc2008 says:

    That ending had me rolling.


  18. L3377MA573R says:

    If I didn’t have stuff going on literally all day tomorrow, I’d probably be shitting myself right now.

  19. Crazeye0 says:


    Unfortunatley tommorow looks set to contain very little playing of Halo Reach…for me….

  20. S7RAIGHT EDGE says:

    It really does feel like christmas, because i just can’t wait for tommorow!!!

  21. staticrift says:

    It wasn’t in the post :(

    • staticrift says:

      Its here…yay

  22. ScottyBob says:

    That was an excellent video! I spent my Reach Eve playing Halo 3 just for old time’s sake! I can’t wait to get my hands on Reach! I hope everyone’s enjoying it!! :)

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