An Adorable Halo Grunt Tattoo

Halo Grunt Tattoo

The Unggoy, a small species of servant warriors that often play the role of Covenant cannon fodder, are one of my favorite enemies in Halo, despite the fact they are not exactly a formidable foe. It could be that my gameplay strategy is similar to theirs as I tend to run straight into enemy territory, shout nonsensical phrases at the top of my lungs, and then die from a seemingly single battle rifle shot to my head. Or maybe I just find them adorable, which happens to be exactly how Sarah feels as well. Excited about getting her first very decorative body modification, she opted for a suicide kamikaze-style grunt tattoo to adorn the upper portion of her left arm. It’s really quite perfect if you think about it. You can complement her lovely pair of blue balls and then offer to show her yours!

that sucker's permanent

23 Responses to An Adorable Halo Grunt Tattoo

  1. xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

    Awww doesn’t he just look so huggable?

  2. Thors toe says:

    Bad ass! I love it. :-)

  3. liphttam1 says:

    Now I feel sorry for sending 40 of them to there death in halo wars. But you know… It’s hilarious to watch 40 suicide grunts.

  4. Doc says:

    You also both really like plasma gernades

  5. So adorable, but dangerous.

  6. rollo 93 says:

    We can’t help but enjoy his bright blue balls :’)

  7. Killer CJS says:

    Awww man I love Grunts. I almost hate having to shoot their cute little faces. Nice tatoo.

  8. This is awesome! ^_^

  9. OMG that´s free!! says:

    That is so cute…
    But i have to say that i want to make me a tattoo of marcus fenix cutting a locust with his lancer in my back…ALL my back YEEEAHHHH :D

    • Doc says:

      Maybe you can be the locust, and marcus’s lancer is coming out of your back…..

      • xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

        That would be pretty intense.

        I think I’m gonna go get a chestbuster tattoo now.

  10. ShaggyWalrus says:

    Umm Nasty? Its a nice tatoo, but people with non-muscular arms should not get tattoos. It just looks stupid. I don’t give a -blam!- what the rest of you think, its just not cool when your arms are fat covered.

    • TehKrush says:

      It’s a girl, they don’t usually tend to be super muscular.

  11. hongoasdf says:

    I’ve always wanted a pet grunt… they’re so huggable.

  12. RevMDN says:

    That is cool.

  13. ninjaofdoomsday says:

    That is awesome!!! Great choice in covenant army personnel.
    But, I would get the Tri-Force symbol on my right hand instead.

    • Chadachada123 says:

      I has a triforce tattoo, actually. It’s a memorial tattoo for my friend with his initials incorporated in the design.

      I really like this grunt tattoo though, heh. Maybe someday I’ll get some sort of Halo-themed ink for myself.

  14. Octavian says:

    LOL – I thought they were cute, yes. Especially when passing invisible past them and smacking one or two – all others going nilly willy around, shouting gibberish!

    Not a formidable foe? Let one or two of them stick enough needles into your a$$ and you’re totally in for a formidable blow to the personal esteem – being “totaled” by a Grunt? A Covenant Grunt??? :-) Nifty!

    Cute tatoo!
    Take cake!

  15. KingofHeartX says:

    Nice BALLS i might add… haha

  16. Helix says:

    interesting, though i coulda sworn it was a mudkip from the thumbnail!

  17. Matt says:

    If you meant to imply that all Halo players have blue balls because they don’t get out enough then it’s a very clever joke, but if you did it by accident then that’s a shame.

  18. Sydney says:

    Hahah This is an awesome tattoo! I love it when I decide to charge out in front of the grunts, yet get shot in the head shortly after, then start to yell a few things because I decided to act dumb. They make you so mad, yet they seem huggable all at the same time! Awesome! :]]

  19. Sarah says:

    Yes, I was a larger girl when I got my first tattoo. Why it is any of your business is beyond me. I appreciate that you are entitled to have your own opinion but all you had to have said was that you dont prefer tattoos on large people. I’ve found that those who pick on people for their faults, are generally the ones with the most to hide.

    For those of you with all the nice wonderful comments however, thank you very much.

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