Twitter T&A Thursday: Left 4 Dead 3 Cast

Twitter T&A is where I ask your T(houghts) about various video game-related topics and you give me your A(nswers), all via Twitter. Sometimes serious, sometimes silly, they’re all 140 characters or less. You know what they say, less is more. Or something like that.

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L4D3 Dream Cast
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L4D3 Dream Cast
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L4D3 Dream Cast
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L4D3 Dream Cast

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L4D3 Dream Cast
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L4D3 Dream Cast
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L4D3 Dream Cast
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L4D3 Dream Cast
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L4D3 Dream Cast
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L4D3 Dream Cast
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L4D3 Dream Cast
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L4D3 Dream Cast
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L4D3 Dream Cast
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L4D3 Dream Cast

*Thank you to NartFOpc, who may or may not have been referring to L4D when discussing the possibility of a foursome, for the topic idea!

40 Responses to Twitter T&A Thursday: Left 4 Dead 3 Cast

  1. Poopie McGhee says:

    I named my War Hound on DA:O Cthulu…

    • Xerone says:

      Good job, McGhee!

  2. Drake says:

    Samuel L Jackson for sure! “I am tired of these mother-effin zombies on this mother-effin [insert noun here].”

    Sandra Bullock when she was Annie in Speed.

    Neo from the Martrix. (DUH!)

    And… Dwight Shrute from The Office.

    Best team for zombie elimination and human repopulation EVER. Oh crap, I forgot Topher Brink from Dollhouse… This is a problem.

    • The Real Dr Nog says:

      lol dwight

  3. pittofdoom says:

    About Arcaneknight94’s answer: I’d use Megan Fox as the decoy. The monkey would probably be more useful in the long run anyway.

    • Arcaneknight94 says:

      Lol u have a point…but we don’t wanna feed them the eye candy

      • The Real Dr Nog says:

        megan fox is, for lack of better word(s), a slut, tool, etc. but shes still hot

        • pittofdoom says:

          True. Still, I’d almost be afraid to touch for fear of some sort of super STD. Heck, maybe that’s how the zombie outbreak started in the first place! =O

    • DethPwn says:

      And attractive. (zapow!)

  4. Mizzy says:

    I had a feeling someone was going to put Cole… x(

    • IcyTreats says:

      Cole’s awesome.

  5. The Real Dr Nog says:

    Ellis, Zoey (those two are just instant classics) Vin Diesil, Selena gomez

    • The Real Dr Nog says:

      oh wait, replace selena with zach braf from scrubs (shrubs)

    • Mizzy says:

      You want Vin to roll a Nat 20 for you so you can crit all the zombies? xD

  6. Zerowind says:

    Dave Grohl

    • Leeumm says:

      Yes. Not a team of Dave Grohl, just Dave Grohl. And for Co-op, each person would take control of one of Dave’s limbs. Zombies wouldn’t stand a chance. :)

      • bs angel says:

        If we can only choose one person, I’m totally going with Tiger Woods’ wife. It’s as close as you can get to a guaranteed victory.

  7. Gnome says:

    Maximus Decimus Meridius: Because his name is awesome, and he has a pair of brass balls so big that they drag on the ground as he walks.

    Jason Bourne: Because he is awesome and can turn anything into a weapon

    Bs Angel: Because her Blog is awesome. If she could find time to update while running away from zombies I would totally read it.

    A flood combat form. Just because

    • bs angel says:

      I would Tweet the whole thing!

    • Fiesta says:

      Maximus Decimus Meridius. General of the felix legions. Commander of the armies of the north, and loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Husband to a murdered wife, father to a murdered son, and i will have my vengeance in this life or the next.

      Yeah, pretty much the best movie quote ever. Yeah, that was from memory.

  8. Araknoros says:

    Altair (assassins creed): He would sneak up on the hunters and be all like “WIN!”

    The cast of Serenity: do I really need to explain. Jayne is enough by himself, cause anyone who needs to be told a reason NOT to bring grenades is my best friend

    Yahtzee (Zero Punctuation): for lulz. His commentary would be priceless

    Capt Price (Modern Warfare): HE DOESNT EVER DIE. He’s immortal. Like if a highlander came up and screamed: “There can be only one!” and lobbed his head off, he’d sill pick up whatever gun was nearby, or just spawn one from nowhere and kill shit.

    I’d also bring in a new zombie. The Heros Guild dude from the first Fable. You get hit by a zombie and all he does is run up and say “You’re health is low, do you have any potions” He doesnt attack you and you cant kill him, he just exists to annoy the hell out of you

    Also Bill Murray… he’d be fun to have along…

    And a congressman. So he could look at the smokers and tell them that a bill just passed and theres no smoking within 800ft of nonsmokers.

    Thaat about wraps up my team

  9. My vote is for mizzyalana’s team. Hugh Jackman ftw.

    • Mizzy says:

      Thanks! I mean, he’s fought the undead before, so why not do so in leather pants?

  10. JLay says:

    For a seriously entertaining game:

    Kate Beckinsale as Selene (Underworld)
    Milla Jovovich as Alice (Resident Evil)
    Will Smith as Robert (I Am Legend)
    Michael Gross as Burt (Tremors)

    • Killshot says:

      I reckon that would be so cool but here’s my idea

      Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee (Zombieland)
      Sarah Polley as Ana (Dawn of the dead)
      Kate Beckinsale as Selene (Underworld)
      Kurt Russel as R.J macready (The Thing)

      And that’s what i reckon would make thing’s intresting

  11. A Shaky Shotgun says:

    Master Chief, Cole Train, Issac Clark, Samus Aran

  12. Fiesta says:

    The End (of MGS3), Captain Price, Romeo, And the Sniper from TF2. The undead wouldn’t even get near them.

  13. BUfels says:

    Skulduggery Pleasant(From a book I doubt you’ve read)
    Neo Cortex!

    Ultimate Team Of Awesomeness unite!

    • Aklangi says:

      im already playing that in my head

  14. voicedwalnut says:

    hmmmmm thats tough

    skilgannon the damned
    Druss the legend
    waylander the assassin
    Jon Shannow the Jerusalem man
    hell yea a team of legendary guys from the books by david gemmell

    • voicedwalnut says:

      Skillgannon with his swords of night and day
      Druss with his axe snaga
      Waylander with his tri crosbow
      Jon Shannow with his dual pistols

  15. autoboy1 says:

    all i have to say is Me and Punisher{ marvle comics} Captan Amrica{marvle comics} and super man{ dc} what can i say i like to know i will win. : )

  16. Zwooosh says:

    Arnold Schwarzenegger , Will Smith, Jack Black… And: Rick Astley

    Instant win :)

  17. augustelc says:

    wow i cant believe nobody used this: one word… CHUCK NORRIS( and his chin-fist-beard)

  18. Fiesta says:

    Skwisgaar Skwigelf, taller than a tree.
    Toki Wartooth, not a bumblebee.
    William Murderface, Murderface, Murderface.
    Pickles, the drummer.
    And Nathan Explosion.

  19. Visitor at home says:

    Master Chief, Chuck (from Chuck), Bs Angel (+inifnite grenades) and to top it off? Terminator (The one with a gatling gun)

  20. DethPwn says:

    The robot from Short Circuit, Sean Connery, Soundwave, and Linkara. EPIC WIN!

  21. TKE Super Dave says:

    Chuck Norris…that’s all that would be needed.

  22. Wasiq says:

    Andy Samburg, Me, T-Pain, and Kyle from Kyle XY.

    Why did they cancel that show?!! :'(

  23. Tony says:

    I would definately choose people from Shaun of the Dead…. including their melee weapons (Pool stick, Cicket Bat, Playstation Controller (throw it), Gold Club, Broken bottle of Jack Daniels, and Cigarettes. I don’t know what you would do with cigarettes, but hey, that’s England for you :)

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