Halo: Reach Deliver Hope Extended Trailer

19 Responses to Halo: Reach Deliver Hope Extended Trailer

  1. IceDragon says:

    So epic! AHHH!

  2. Mr. Meyagi says:

    …there are no words

  3. voicedwalnut says:

    that was so epic love it

  4. Caboozel says:

    Multiple eyegasms

  5. Zwooosh says:

    The visuals were really stunning…
    Combined with the wonderful music..

    One of the best (live action) trailers I’ve ever seen…

    Me Really wants a spartan suit nao… because damn… those look insane…

  6. I dunno, I don’t feel like it really added much to the shorter version. :/

    *braces for thumbs down and flaming*

    • Salesman says:

      Yeah, did not see much added…

    • rowboat 000 says:

      Nearly every scene has a few more seconds added. A lot more action and Banshee stuff. I spotted Emile at 0:36 and Jun at 0:54. There’s a focus on Kat’s arm, which wasn’t in the first and is probably how she lost it.

      • I saw those, and none of them made me feel like I was really seeing anything great. It felt like content that was trimmed off for good reason. I still prefer the shorter version. Short but sweet.

  7. Cazafex says:

    Personally i’d still say odst/birth of a spartan/believe was better. This one just didnt have the same feel those ones had.

    I still love it though!

  8. KalamariKidd says:

    yep, its definitely extended

    • bs angel says:

      LOL… thanks, Captain Obvious!!

  9. Cozmo23 says:

    This was pretty amazing. Look close you can see all of the member of Noble team!

  10. hongoasdf says:

    Bricks were shat.

  11. augustelc says:

    oh god yes. this just makes me want to get the game even more. CANT WAIT

  12. L337MA573R says:

    Just out of curiosity, did the woman who stood around in Pax in the Kat costume have anything to do with this?

    Ossum, btw.

  13. XxENIGMAxXx says:

    Wow, that is just so beautiful… Now im gonna have to clean my computer from all the eye chowder on it

    =] lol

  14. lifeskoolthug says:

    Damn you Bungie! Why must you torture us!!!
    Only 6 days left and all these awesome videos I can’t watch (Besides this) come out!

  15. arbiter178 says:

    well did you see those marines getting blown up left and right? i did. epic

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