Chronicles of ODS Steve: Faux Chief (#81)

ODS Steve. The man. The legend. The hero that knows no fear. Join him and Delta Squad for their comical adventures as they valiantly attempt to drop into enemy territory to take the fight straight to the Covenant. Enjoy the Chronicles of ODS Steve, a regular weekly offering brought to you courtesy of DeepCee.

ODS Steve

ODS Steve

ODS Steve

ODS Steve

ODS Steve

ODS Steve


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15 Responses to Chronicles of ODS Steve: Faux Chief (#81)

  1. Alzam says:

    By the prophets! Good comic nice to see the scarab finally destroyed! :)

  2. Silent Stranger says:

    I’m pretty sure Master Chief has nothing on Steve.

  3. JLay says:

    Nice! Best one in awhile – love the punch line.

  4. richie3345 says:

    hes referring to the chief right?

    • Awesome;Opossum;McCoy says:

      No, the Green Lantern.

      • brmonkey says:


      • Ragingterror says:

        Congratulations sir… you are the winner of 1 free internet. Enjoy.

        • Awesome;Opossum;McCoy says:

          I will enjoy it.

  5. Undercover Duck says:

    He certainly penetrated that scarab.

    • danieljc2008 says:


  6. Daniel13789 says:

    I’m sure that plowing your way through a scarab and taking out all the baddies inside is more badass than boarding the rear :p

    Steve > MC

    • Pumpkiz says:

      You boarded the rear? I always try to jump on from the front with a mongoose.

    • tster75 says:

      I like to board the rear… if you know what I mean.

  7. Noskills117 says:

    Heh…*ZWOP*… lol

  8. Templescout says:

    Makes me think of Cod 4 lol. “Pretty good soap, but I’ve seen better” as you beat the record :(.

    Steve ftw XD

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