Ear Plugs and Blinders Recommended: My Halo Waypoint Voice-Over and Interview!

Waypoint Top Five

I recently had the pleasure of recording a voice-over for the shenanigans that are the regularly occurring Top Five videos. You can enjoy the deliciousness that is the fruits of my labor on the Xbox Live Dashboard version of Halo Waypoint. My character is one that appears in a dream sequence, although I’ll let you guess if I’m the manly or girly one (hint: chest hair). While you are there, feel free to check out my interview as well. As much as I enjoy traumatizing the lot of you via text, the opportunity to do it visually and through audio as well was simply too tempting to pass up!

40 Responses to Ear Plugs and Blinders Recommended: My Halo Waypoint Voice-Over and Interview!

  1. ScourgeOTG says:

    Damnit, I’m away from my Xbox until mid September!

    • bs angel says:

      Consider yourself lucky!!

  2. JaYn0 says:

    Everything you did was awesome! Good Job! :)

  3. Das Kalk says:

    Well I just watched it. and it was totally hawt :D

    also, YOU’RE A REAL PERSON!!!?!?!?!?!!

    • TwitchingAWOL says:

      go figure, I always thought she was an autonomous robot made it Japan. damn those Japanese and their sexy robots.

      • bs angel says:

        I do a mean Robot dance. Does that count?

        • TwitchingAWOL says:

          hmmmm, you should come up with some robot inspired pick up lines like “I upgraded from a 3 and a half inch floppy to a 4gig USB, if you know what I’m sayin’.”

        • Das Kalk says:

          how a bout “i used to have a floppy drive, but as soon as you stepped in the room it became a solid state hard drive”

  4. Personsen says:

    LOL! Awesome! =)

  5. lol says:

    lol skizmark was using the pick up lines you made! XD

    • bs angel says:

      I arrived at the studio, and he had them printed out and ready to go. Needless to say I was surprised, and I loved it!

  6. and for those of us who don’t have a 360 Angel?

    • bs angel says:

      If it ever hits YouTube, I’ll be sure to post it. :)

      • Shadowmech88 says:

        Buy an Xbox. Sell anything you have to.

  7. xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

    That’s a really good picture, actually.

  8. thors toe says:

    I can’t wait to see. :-)

  9. thors toe says:

    Just watched it. Well done.

  10. Just watched it, not quite lost innocence but good stuff none the less. Tommorow after noon i could see about capturing this and putting it up on youtube for you, angel. Unless 343 does it themselves.

    • bs angel says:

      I’m not sure if they want it on YouTube or not. Your offer is incredibly kind, but I’ll sit tight for now. :)

      • OK, that’s fine. But the offer is there whenever you want it. :)

        • bs angel says:

          I appreciate that. And I just may take you up on it one day!

  11. AOClaus says:

    It’s a shame they never asked you to play a part in Reach…or did they?

    • bs angel says:

      If only!!

  12. TJFadness says:

    Every time you do voice overs of any kind you talk and talk about how “terrible” your voice is. You have a fine voice! In fact, you are probably have one of the better voices that I’ve heard in Machinima. :)

    And you’re pretty good at acting, too. :D

    • bs angel says:

      If one person thinks so, then I am content. :)

      • TJFadness says:

        Don’t know if serious… >_>

  13. so i was going to make a reaction video for this, but i puked on my webcam =(

    • Das Kalk says:

      I literally laughed for about 5 minutes at this. well done light show!

    • bs angel says:


  14. Just watched the interview and the top 5 last night/this morning, My compliments, you made going to sleep more pleasant. ;-)

  15. Wait… the funny little gal in the interview is the same person that makes hilarious inappropriate innuendo on a daily basis?! I call shenanigans.

    • bs angel says:

      LOL… <3

  16. Dead baby seal says:

    Wow! You look WAY too young to have kids, Angel.

    • bs angel says:

      I feel too young to have ’em sometimes. :)

  17. Hunter85792 says:

    Angel you’re too hard on yourself. It sounded amazing (like usual ~_-). Nice Halo pickup line chain there too :)

  18. Crazeye0 says:

    No access to theb ase from the rear?

  19. Awesome! Congrats! I will watch this asap ^_^

  20. lol says:

    wait wtf bs angel has kids?!? how can you make so many sexual inuendos (however you spell it) and crap when you criters around you?!?

    • bs angel says:

      They’re not allowed to visit my website. :)

  21. 117649 says:

    “I’ll let you guess if I’m the manly or girly one (hint: chest hair).”

    Girly one. definitely.

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