The Best Halo: Reach Pre-Order Display Ever

Halo: Reach Display

Sometimes game displays, especially those that have highly anticipated launches, are elaborately decked out, hype-inducing masterpieces. Other times they look like they were crafted during a bout of boredom. This Halo: Reach pre-order contraption, which was recently spied at Dave Mark’s local GameStop, definitely falls in the latter group. Made out of cardboard, plastic, and some shiny, silver wrapping paper rolls, its intended appearance is that of Master Chief driving a Warthog. Well, either that or a go-kart with a big ass turret. Oops, I probably shouldn’t have said that. Spoiler alert! SPOILER ALERT!!

47 Responses to The Best Halo: Reach Pre-Order Display Ever

  1. ElItearbiter says:

    Generally you’re meant to put the spoiler alert BEFORE the spoiler. Just sayin :D

    • Fragnotmyarse says:

      Damn it! And i really did stop reading the internetz after Urk or whoever said to stop. So thats what the scooters are for squirts meant… Fml.

      • KNITEpanda says:

        No…thats not what they meant by scooters are for squirts.

  2. lozg1985 says:

    the sign should say:
    master chief says pre order halo reach or I’ll send Mr T round with a helicopter load of snickers, Fool!

    • Rippolighter159 says:

      Made me think, best warthog combination.

      Driver = Master Chief
      Gunner= Mr T
      Passenger = Chuck Norris

      Random Thought

      • NextGenHitman says:

        Its faster for Chuck Norris if he just runs alongside the warthog.

      • king kottah says:

        Drive by roundhouse kicken theyd be doing along with some snickers so they can get sum nuts to those people who got roundhoused

        • Rippolighter159 says:

          I see what you did there.

      • soulofaqua says:

        Wouldn’t it be better to let Mr. T drive and Master Chief shoot? Mr. T has shown to be more skilled behind the wheel than behind the gun.

        • augustelc says:

          actually i would just let the old spice just stand there and all the enemies heads would explode from the sheer awesome

        • SonofMacPhisto says:

          Old Spice Skull – Kill a grunt with a headshot IS NOW DIAMONDS!

      • Penderz says:

        Dude, that would just be crazy overkill, and CNs wasted in the passenger seat. Theres only so much awesome that the world could take.

        I vote:

        Driver: Master Chief- The guy did drive a warthog 3 kilometers in 5 minutes, and stopped to chat with a grunt on the way.
        Gunner: TAWPs Matt Damon: Provides intelligent and varied team speeches, even with the linguistic grasp of a pokemon.
        Passenger: Sarge- Come on. Its sarge.

        • Nuclear Pi says:

          If your going for team speeches you need Morgan Freeman in there somewhere-Just Sayin…

      • imJUSTthatAWESOME says:

        thats impossible everyone knows that if chuck norris and Mr. T were in the same place its overpowered awesomeness would explode the warthog especially with Master Chief.

      • Scoutgunner698 says:

        Chuck norris can be the driver, gunner, and passenger all at the same time.

        • lozg1985 says:

          wow, longest reply chain ever!

        • SonofMacPhisto says:

          Psh, don’t even get me started. Chuck Norris has NOTHING on Garrus Vakarian.

        • SonofMacPhisto says:

          Need proof? Those five thumb downs are already breathing through a new hole in their head, courtesy of Mr. Varkarian. He also slept with their mothers, and didn’t call them back.

        • Derrick says:

          That is defiantly the best chuck norris joke ive heard today… even better than only two things in the world can crush diamonds… other diamonds and chuck norris lol

      • miniman says:

        ahhh but chuck norris is master chief

      • Chicken boy 3 says:

        I prefer:

        Driver : Master Chief
        Gunner : Mr T
        Engine and gun itself : Chuck Norris

        = Uber Warthog

      • o7w23yer says:

        MC should Gun And Mr T drive

        • o7w23yer says:

          Why don’t they each get Scorpions? More destructions!

  3. Whitcher says:

    I’m Confused as to what Hermione seems to be doing with her wand.


  4. great white says:

    awsome but i think master cheif head is to big lol jk but it is awsome

  5. v1 says:

    i wish people would stop using chuck norris.
    hes not that great.
    bruce lee should be in the passenger seat

    • Derrick says:

      idc about bruce lee… chuck norris was always my childhood hero not bruce lee noob

      • eric says:

        bruce lee trained chuck norris dip shit he could whoop chucks ass plus he killed him enter the dragon

  6. tcyril says:

    Picture this with master-chief running and chuck norris running alongside.

    • a 3 legged man says:

      cool, now can I have the helmet?

    • KNITEpanda says:

      That video is hilarious. Crazy Europeans…Wouldnt have been surprised had the bus hit them though. Would be insane to try this in Chicago xD

  7. bob says:

    You guys are forgetting about Arnold

    Arnold= gunner
    MC= driver
    Mr.T= sits on top of the warthog and pities the fools
    Chuck Norris= round house kicks people as they go by from the shotgun seat

    • Sen4lifE says:

      Arnold would be the warthog. If you forgot, he is a robot. Chuck Norris’ muscles would be too much weight, even for the hog. You gotta accept that he can run twice it’s speed, and would be better off just lifting up the M12 Schwarzenegger and running it will growling, because his growl is scary then the roar of a hog itself. As a gunner, you have Mr. T, because he’s black, so he can do a drive by shooting, and pity the fools who get in his line of fire. The master chief is the driver, that’s unchangeable. Garrus Vakarian, should be the passenger. There’s only really one thing you can do in that seat, shoot. And like it or not, he is the best damn sharpshooter in the science fiction business. Bruce Lee, you put in a hidden trunk under the gunner spot, so if someone gets to close, he can jump and and crack their ribs with his pink, and flip back into it. Face it, he DID -KILL- Chuck Norris in The Way of the Dragon. And that -does- count. Then Finally, you strap Terry Crews over the front of the hog, so anything it touched, would explode. And so he could the warthog could do man boob dances while the cool people actually killed something.

    • o7w23yer says:

      I agree, Schwarzenegger has proven to be invincible with a gun. mebbe a rocket hog to

  8. MrMatthew says:

    A lot of the Gamestops in Seattle have been constructing “Halo Shrines”. While some are way better than others, I thought you guys might like to shop around and see for yourselves.

    • vypr07 says:

      My Gamestop in Fairbanks has been creating an epic shrine as well, including a 6ft BR, 95% of my Halo collection, and an amazing battlefield diorama using the mini mcfarland figures and the MegaBlocks Halo Wars kits… as soon as I get pics I can try posting them :D

  9. Poochy says:

    all three of them in a warthog at once. my gosh, thats like a golden unicorn, with laser vision and a pocket full of money, don’t knock the money, and don’t ask where it’s pocket is, lmmfao.

  10. Nobody cares about arby anymore :-( he could do something. Arby= not useless

  11. one crazy idiot says:

    I’ve seen this display here in town, too. Interesting use of the helmet.

  12. S1LENT B00MER says:

    imagine michael jackson with a sniper rifle in the passenger and master chief driving with mr. t in the gunner and chuck noris clining to the bottom using his awsomeness to make it fly

  13. Rippolighter159 says:

    Ha, I started a flamewar, feels good man.

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  15. MR.T says:

    what about murdock AKA capt. cab drivin, mr t behind the gun( he’ll like that )
    and sarge with a sniper for the moral support

  16. Noble 1 says:

    Halo Reach Is legendary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. luke j gillies says:

    no… you have all that plus pikachu strapped to the front

  18. crashnspin says:

    Why does everyone say MC is the best? Sgt Johnson should be givin’ orders to buy Reach.

  19. lozdogz says:

    I dunno what all of you are talking about.

    Send Bear Grylls in there. No warthog, no gun. He’ll just eat his way out.

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