Halo: Reach ViDoc – A Spartan Will Rise

47 Responses to Halo: Reach ViDoc – A Spartan Will Rise

  1. a rascal cat says:

    Ah, what a brilliant video indeed. What’s up with the ending though, I’m not really getting that…

    • ODST Alpha says:

      It sounds like Jen Taylor at the end, playing Dr. Halsey’s voice..which can only mean she’s either talking to Cortana (based off of Halsey herself), or Auntie Dot.

      Either way, sounds like we’ve got a very interesting trip ahead of us.

      • Awesome;Opossum;McCoy says:

        Probably Auntie Dot. Only problem I’ve got with this trailer is that Halsey isn’t supposed to know about the S-IIIs until after the fall. Only explanation I can come up with is that she believes that they are from the second class of S-IIs that CPO Mendez was supposed to work on after finishing the class of 2525.

        • Cypher says:

          She also mentions that, “theres only one other spartan with that rating”. I’m thinking thats the moment where Cortana chooses to be with the Master Chief.

        • Ben Of Bodom UK says:

          Calling it now, Noble Six IS Chief,

        • Awesome;Opossum;McCoy says:

          I’m almost sure that you’re joking, but just in case: no. <3

        • Peter says:

          The reason Noble Six can’t be a clone of Master Chief/ Master Cheif himself is
          that in-game Noble Six can be female.

        • L337MA573R says:

          Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe the books ever confirmed that she didn’t know about the Spartan III’s. It said they hid them from her, but never confirmed that she really didn’t know. She’s a genius; she could be using tricks and decoys of some sort to make the UNSC believe she doesn’t know.

        • halo super nerd that looks good says:

          it is auntie dot read wiki and u can use her voice forfirefight yay! i just got the game pre orderd and i got multi threat armor and reconz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • skyhammer900 says:

      its simple thats the docter that chose John 117 she is talking to cortana. asking her if she chose a spartan to help led the human race.

  2. Alzam says:

    I love jorge’s voice. British is it? I hope so. :)

    • a rascal cat says:

      Yeah, it sounded British. Ha, I love the British accent. That and the New York accent…


    • Taktics says:

      Sounds a little South African IMO. Think District 9.

      • Liam says:

        Na, I think it’s a south English accent. Londonish?

  3. Andre says:

    Jorge is a beast :-|

  4. VoltRabbit says:

    Vidoc definately made somthing rise…

  5. RUSSIAN ODST says:

    a little off topic but i noticed that you can buy halo reach for 99,999 Ms points :P

    • Ben Of Bodom UK says:

      If someone actually bought it right now, would microsoft legally have to give them halo reach?

      • Pittofdoom says:

        Don’t think so. It would be just like a pre order.

      • staticrift says:

        Unfortunatly no. It can only be purchaced via a limited number of redeem codes for meadia review purpose only (atleast thats what kataku says).

  6. BUfels says:

    I’m sorry, but the voice acting just wasn’t good at all, especially with Emile.
    “That’s what you get when you mess with a spartan”.

    • Awesome;Opossum;McCoy says:

      I agree. I think that the comments were just copy-pasted from their Firefight comments and into the footage.

      • Taktics says:

        We can only hope…Some of those lines were reallly bad…

        • Awesome;Opossum;McCoy says:

          They were, but none worse than Emile’s. But honestly, how can they be anything but FF comments? They sound so trivial and mismatched to the footage that anything elser would be an insult.

    • StuntDouble2483 says:

      Yeah, it was pretty bad. But not as bad as the vo I saw in a trailer for a game called “Gothic IV: Arcania” yesterday. That one will make you want to cut your ears off.

    • Jim 028 says:

      Just sounds to me like someone trash talking on Live. It generally doesn’t sound as awesome as the guy saying it hopes it will. I’m assuming in full context after a full on action sequence it won’t feel as forced.

  7. hongoasdf says:

    Huh. Kat sounds like a bitch.

    • Nuclear Pi says:

      Do you see me complaining? I like tough women.

      • hongoasdf says:

        I wasn’t complaining either.

        I, too, like women who can kick my ass.

  8. Narroc says:

    “a spartan will rise”, that’s what she said

  9. Thors toe says:

    Still WANT. Now WANT MORE.

  10. Carnat0r says:

    My bet is on another AI.
    Cortana chose the chief before the fall of Reach.
    Although since the games are not exactly 100% in line with the cannon I guess it can be Cortana.

    • Awesome;Opossum;McCoy says:

      IT would still contradict Halo: CE, THE HALO: CE, something that Bungie would never do. My bet is that is Auntie Dot.

      • Nuclear Pi says:

        By auntie dot, are you referring to Deja or someone else?

    • Glasses Guy says:

      Could be Deja. Or that mini AI from Ghosts of onix.

  11. xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

    2:11 made my legs shake, that was so beautiful.

  12. Poe says:

    Fucking Dr. Hasley


    • Glasses Guy says:

      Not Fuck yeah. It’s the OLD not hawt Dr.Halsey. Poop. There has to be a hot chick somewhere in the game. Maybe Kat strips or somthing…

      • pittofdoom says:

        Yeah, but maybe her arm ain’t the only prosthetic she’s got…


  13. L337MA573R says:

    Thought Hasley was a bit of a spoiler, but oh well.

  14. Oh my god Doctor Halsey yesssslkdhfcmkghlxajfef *incoherent spasms of joy on the keyboard*

  15. Bryan Ojeda says:

    portal at the end of halo 3 sends chief back in time to the Reach time period, master chief ends up saving reach as noble six. lol

  16. ChickenFace says:

    I have watched this about 30 times now.

  17. StuntDouble2483 says:

    So, your name is Kat, and your character archetype is “the curious one”, and you’re in a story every one knows doesn’t end well? Bummer.

  18. SonofMacPhisto says:

    ‘Let the big man do his job.’

    Hell yeah!

  19. StephaBon says:

    Halsey hacked and read Acker’s (his name starts with a “A”, idk) emails and found out about Spartan III’s. Pretty sure.

    • Nuclear Pi says:

      Ackerson dude, Ackerson.

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