Halo: Reach Pinnacle Gameplay

32 Responses to Halo: Reach Pinnacle Gameplay

  1. the_eNeME says:

    That is frikkin exactly like ascension. I wasn’t expecting it to be so perfect!

    • bs angel says:

      Ascension was one of my favorite H2 maps. I can’t wait to play some one flag on this!

      • Jim 028 says:

        It’s going to be awesome!

  2. Fiesta says:

    He didn’t use his armor ability once! Come on guy.

    • Hector4369 says:

      check at 2:23 he used the clone ability its the one walking into the wall like a noob

    • Ben Of Bodom UK says:

      Yeah dude come one, he used Hologram at least 3 or 4 times in the video.

    • Jim 028 says:

      One of the guys on the other team kept using it to spawn a decoy in the dish as well. Hologram looks interesting, it can give you that extra couple of seconds when it distracts your opponents.

      Though how distracting “is that a hologram, an idiot or is he lagging?” will prove to be after the first few weeks we will see. :D

  3. ManoloElTetilla says:

    I though Halo 3 would provide endeless fun… This game will provide INFINITE fun…

    Just what I though about Halo 2 :(

  4. hongoasdf says:

    Huh… I didn’t remember there was a shotgun there. S’ppose it’s been a while since Halo 2.

    What I do remember is there being a Banshee. But I guess since Rockets are not homing anymore, a Banshee would’ve been too much. Could’ve replaced the Rocket with a Plasma Launcher and keep the Banshee, though.

    What I did notice is your HUD displaying a little symbol pointing the exact position your hologram will stop at. Pretty useful.

    • Monkey_lord says:

      During the beta, in the last minutes of invasion I grabbed the rocket launcher and I was leading the banshee. I could see a small ghosted reticule, when I fired the rocket it hooked left and destroyed the banshee. The rocket turn was not forced like one affected by an explosion, but following the bloody flyer. The target lock took along time also.

      One possibility that the banshee was not included in this video is because Pinnacle was a forged rock outcrop in Forge world, that the hard or soft kill might have been difficult to size (too small and the banshee and the pilot would have been killed soon, or if to large on an area; could be out of the range of any effective fire). I am only speculating.

    • Jim 028 says:

      The shotgun was in that little ramp way in Halo 2, I remember running into several campers in that spot, I soon learned to grenade that spot.

      • Monkey_lord says:

        Like what that guy was trying to do?

  5. Ben Of Bodom UK says:

    At 0:18, that’s the noise I made throughout this video :)

    • KalamariKidd says:

      That’s the noise I made when I was a fat kid running after the ice cream truck.

  6. soulofaqua says:

    3:10 “Spleen was killed by a Cj headshot” So… what’s a Cj headshot?

    • Ben Of Bodom UK says:

      Either it has some sort of sexual connotation, in which case you should probably ask Angel, or more likely it means that the dude called Cj killed the dude called Spleen with a headshot.

      • soulofaqua says:

        I pondered on that too but shouldn’t it be “Cj killed Spleen with a headshot”?

        • cvmn says:

          Cj was def a guy on red. Maybe got a headshot named after him?

  7. xLAS3RP01NT3Rx says:

    Watching this reminded me so much of Halo: CE.

    This is going to be awesome.

  8. ComaToast says:

    Oh the glorious tower of power custom games from back in the day, how I do miss thee. Or the amazing games of Cat and Mouse on Coagulation, you shine so bright in my memory.

    I’m preordering my game as I type this pretty much.

    • t0rm3n7 says:

      I was just thinking of Tower of Power!
      this’ll be amazing

    • Nuclear Pi says:

      Wait! – You haven’t pre-ordered already?!

      • bs angel says:

        Not everybody is organized enough to have already preordered, ya know!

        :looks around nervously:

        • Crazy A 64 says:

          Not pre-ordered because can’t decide on whether I want just the game, Leg edition or the entire console O_o what to do?!

  9. CapturetheBomb says:

    Holograms are going to be the death of me and my rockets…

    • Nuclear Pi says:

      Same here, I was convinced at least three of them were real players, including one where the enemy standing in front of the guy spawned it!
      That said, I’ll probably get taken while assassinating them, ‘stead of just wasting rockets…

  10. 0101 says:

    Did anyone notice that when he looked for the rocket and used the grav lift, he recived a fall damage?

    • Yeah. If you fall far enough you’ll receive damage, and possibly die. So watch your step.

      • 0101 says:

        yes l know, but i mean when he used grav lift after getting the rocket launcher, he fall in the middle of the map he recived fall damage, so anyone who uses that grav lift will recive fall damege after landing in the muddle of the map.

        • SonofMacPhisto says:

          Like the lady said, watch your step.

        • B1G TOBACC0 says:

          I’m with 0101 on this; the disadvantage of using the lift is that you’re exposed to everyone on the map while you use it. It shouldn’t drop you right into the center of the map with no shields. Without a jetpack, this lift is now totally useless. And with a jetpack, it’s pointless to use it to begin with.

        • I guess the idea is, as you’re falling, fire a rocket before you hit the ground to try and get rid of anyone in the middle planning to kill you. The game is about killing, not safety. :P

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