Halo: Reach Zealot Gameplay

10 Responses to Halo: Reach Zealot Gameplay

  1. Pittofdoom says:

    Reminds me a lot of a map from Unreal Tournament 3 with the low gravity exterior…

  2. Captain Spark says:

    The place where the grav lift launches the player to will be a campers paradise.

  3. kyleNR says:

    aww it didn’t show the outside

  4. Ryan M says:

    that hologram the blue team made go into the grav lift REALLY had me going, thats gonna be a FUN TASTIC armor ability 2 use!

    • Nuclear Pi says:

      You deserve to be PUN ISHED for a pun like that

  5. Zwooosh says:

    Its nice to see someone capable of playing this game :)

    Most gameplay trailers are awefull XD

    Anyway, as Ryan said, the fact that your hologram can actually take lifts is really amazing… for some reason I keep thinking It’ll be a shitty function of a fake spartan, running into walls but as I should have known… Bungie has thought of everything :D

    Also noticed the melee takes “longer”. proof that Bungie keeps their word :D

  6. Nuclear Pi says:

    I distinctly noticed the little information text thingie say “Jorge was killed with a grunty headshot…” at one point. Any ideas on what that might mean?

    • hongoasdf says:

      Plasma Pistol now registers headshots?

      Other than that, I got nothing. When specifically does it display that message?

    • Voicedwalnut says:

      What it says is
      Jorge killed grunty with a headshot

      Grunty was a player in the game

  7. ManoloElTetilla says:

    Why didn’t they show the non-gravity zone?

    I mean, if you’re making a video with the purpose of showing the map, and you don’t show the coolest part of the map… That’s stupid.

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