Halo: Reach Reflection Gameplay

21 Responses to Halo: Reach Reflection Gameplay

  1. tyalka93 says:


  2. BFalcon says:

    I lol’d when he was waiting for the guy’s armor lock to finish, then the shotgun guy appeared

    • danieljc2008 says:

      i know right?

  3. Andre says:

    I’m somewhat unsure how I feel about the DMR.

    • Nuclear Pi says:

      Please, Elaborate on that. Whatabout it don’t you like? Is it the clipsize or the R.O.F or what?

  4. Fiesta says:

    Why does 343 industries appear? Reach is still all bungie.

    • Jim 028 says:

      They are Microsoft’s Halo division, and Microsoft owns the Halo ip.
      Is it really that surprising that they are releasing Halo videos?

  5. I jizzed.

  6. ODST Alpha says:

    Two things I noticed:

    1.New medal around 1:00, appears to be a lifering medal. Savior medal?

    2.The Sniper headshot medal has two different colored triangles to make the background.

    • hongoasdf says:

      That was a lifesaviour medal, or something like that. I don’t recall specifically where (I think it was one of Bungie’s updates a few weeks ago), but I read it’s basically when a team-mate is about to get killed, and you kill his attacker.

      I suppose your team-mate would get an Assist medal, and new-found love for you. Also, the message “(Player Name) just saved your life” appears, or something along those lines.

      While on the subject of new medals, in some clips submitted to IGN, you can also see a “Yoink!” medal, and a “Reload This!”, which I assume is an improved version of “Opportunist”.

  7. hongoasdf says:

    Ivory Tower now looks glossy and asian-y enough for me to jizz all over and not make a difference.

    Just one month left…

  8. L337MA573R says:

    Meh. I’m a Halo fanboy by heart, but Halo Reach’s competitive MP just doesn’t do it for me.

  9. I’m so pumped they brought my favorite back ^_^

  10. Captain Spark says:

    The huffing and puffing from the players character sounds like he’s “busy” with his favorite girl :) Nice to see Bungie brought back one on my favorite maps.

  11. PikminGod says:

    Owned by the shotgun!
    I’m sad about the brightness of the level. Some of the things that made the level great were the difficult jumps and the shadowy areas. It looks like both of those have been ripped out of the level.

    • Nuclear Pi says:

      So fix it! check this weeks update, one of the new forge filters pretty much did just that.

  12. Monkey_lord says:

    That guy has better sniper skills than I can bring to the table. If this was like any gameplay I experienced, the guy with the sword and rocket launcher would have been killed to get the weapon…by their own team.

    • Jim 028 says:

      Tell me about it :( Nothing like playing with some good friends over the randoms.

  13. I kind of wish the characters didn’t breath when they were sprinting. It would annoy the crap out of me. Besides, they’re supersoldiers. They shouldn’t be breathing that hard while they’re running. :P

  14. Fiesta says:

    Wish he would have gone up to the roof.

    • Fiesta says:

      lol this was meant for the zealot video.

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