Friday Caption Fun, Round 105

Halo 3 ScreenshotSome of you will be fondling balls all weekend (three of them to be exact). If you’re anything like me though, you’re probably planning a Jason-themed movie marathon. As if there’s any other way to celebrate Friday the 13th! Regardless of your short-term plans, you know you have to carve some time out for captioning, right? Let’s start by recapping last week’s responses, and then … well, you know the drill!

  • “While unsure as to the exact use of the object, Keith tried to look menacing.” (TPA Nightmare)
  • “The #1 cause of Spartan finger loss.” (OwlAssassin)
  • “The Spartan concluded that the weapon was unusable due to lack of a trigger.” (Liam)
  • “Never bring a sword to a gunswordfight.” (Canuck-Errant)
  • “Freeze, Splitlip! I know how to use one of these…” (S)
  • “What’s to understand about swish-swish-stab?” (OwlAssassin)
  • “An elegant weapon for a more civilized age.” (ODST Alpha)
  • “The hardest achievement in Halo 3, obtaining a headshot with an Energy Sword.” (Shadowmech88)

I can’t even get the Blades of Fury achievement, so a headshot with the sword is definitely not happening for me. That makes me so sad that I definitely relate to the Spartan in the following screenshot. Figure out the extraneous circumstances in this picture, and then let me know the specifics in the form of a witty caption please. Thank you much!

Halo 3 Screenshot
Author: ii Itz Nagol ii

97 Responses to Friday Caption Fun, Round 105

  1. justifiedcandy says:

    “hey there was no way for me to know you wanted the sniper since you don’t have a mic on, don’t cry……”

  2. grimtimes says:

    Listen he may be stronger and tougher than you but he only a gorilla. So get up and show that brute how a human fights in the ring.

  3. tyalka93 says:

    After failing to get a single achievement during an achievement boosting match, Blue just wanted to be alone, meanwhile, Rogue had other plans….

    • voicedwalnut says:

      bow chika bow wow

  4. voicedwalnut says:

    Mark VI spartan has fallen prey to Rouges backstab maneuver which the rouge failed at breaking his thumb

    • Wasiq says:

      “Listen. Don’t cry. I’ll get you the sniper back! Just stop crying!”

  5. Mudboy says:

    Blue: I’m sorry, this never happened before, it just your very beautiful and…

  6. JLay says:

    Hey, it’s ok…everyones sniper rifle goes off early once in a while. I still love you!

  7. Steve the Lekgolo says:

    Blue: Why did she leave me?
    Rogue: Well, you team killed her. 17 TIMES.

  8. “You are wearing super soldier armor…no one is going to be able to tell you peed yourself.”

  9. Nuclear Pi says:

    (Arnie voice) Everybody get down!

  10. legkolo says:

    Don’t worry, we can find your pet grunt!

  11. The sad Blue’s emblem isn’t quite an accurate representative of his mood at the moment.

  12. Matt says:

    “Don’t worry, we’ll get you another balloon!”

  13. Schoony says:

    Crazed: He *sniff* Took *sniff* My *sniff* Bansheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • lololololololololololololololololol

    • bs angel says:


  14. Schoony says:


  15. ODST Alpha says:

    Rogue: Now now, it’s okay if Angel has more pussies than you…


  16. AOClaus says:

    It’s OK man. I’m sure she wasn’t cheating on you on purpose…she just thought you were, you know, dead…

  17. retinence says:

    “… Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of furr…”

    • MrCrazy says:

      … there, there… better?

  18. CrunchbiteNuva says:

    You’re not Master Chief and that’s…okay.

    • TagAlreadyUsed says:

      Building off of your idea:

  19. Ray says:

    “It’s ok Johnny! We can get you a new puppy! Just don’t let the new one wander into a minefield…”

  20. S says:

    “Hey, come on man…just because BS Angel didn’t pick your caption this week doesn’t mean she doesn’t still care about you.”

    • Awesome;Opossum;McCoy says:

      Yes. Yes it does.

  21. Absolute Edge says:

    It’s okay, I didn’t get picked to be on Noble Team either.

  22. Don’t Worry, Be Happy…

  23. Das Kalk says:

    hey now, people will still play us when reach comes out, we’ve been here for years, they can’t just up and leave, don’t worry buddy.

    • Poor Halo 3 Spartans… :(

      • bs angel says:

        Whatev. Bring on Reach!!

  24. S says:

    lol i like my first caption but I feel like there are just so many options here.

    “Dude, she’ll call back…”

    “Listen man it’s not that big of a deal…I talked to MY Doctor about Viagra, and look at me now”

    “Don’t take it so hard…she doesn’t team kill you because she hates you…seriously, BS Angel just doesn’t know how to use the rockets…or the grav hammer”

    “You don’t understand, Gears of War 3 is coming out”
    “Come on man, the fans are smart, they won’t leave us for that trash”
    *Sniff* “Really?”
    “Yeah, I mean if anything, they’ll probably leave us for Call of Duty: Black Ops”
    “Oh GOD!” *Sobs Harder*

  25. Kroden says:

    hit the dirt!

  26. lozg1985 says:

    “but i was so close to a perfection!”

  27. Cleansing Aura says:

    The Blue Sgt took the nickname “Mister Happy” as a personal challenge.

  28. DeepCee says:

    For the HMB crowd

    “I told you not to go through the door to the left but did you listen? NO !!”

    • bs angel says:

      Hey now!!

  29. ZZoMBiE13 says:

    After they read the first several Grin & Bear It comics, the blues were literally rolling on the floor laughing.

  30. ZZoMBiE13 says:

    Smiley face Blue: Who’s idea was it to make this floor magnetic?

  31. retinence says:

    “Covering your eyes and saying ‘you can’t see me'(repeated) does not make you invisible.”

  32. ZZoMBiE13 says:

    C’mon Smiley, the ending to Lost wasn’t THAT bad.

    • Aklangi says:

      Yes, yes it was.

  33. KalamariKidd says:

    Don’t cry honey, it happens to every guy now and then.

  34. xCoNs says:

    Is nap time over yet?

  35. Zee-V70 says:

    “No, no–come on, man, I didn’t mean it like that! I think a smiley face is a great emblem!”

  36. Chaos Sniper says:

    Yo man, I’m gonna let you finish crying after I laugh at you.

  37. parktatkrap says:

    Blue: hey man, turn that frown upside down!!!
    happy face blue: *punches other blue*

  38. staticrift says:

    “Dude its not your fault. The armour permutation was pink and they did had a feminine voice.”

  39. Jack Attaak says:

    You’re right! That’s the smallest beetle I’ve ever seen!

  40. kyleNR says:

    Rogue: I hate it when we die in awkward positions!

  41. a rascal cat says:

    It’s okay buddy. You’ll get em next time, don’t worry.

  42. xxgamerguyxx says:

    Blue doesnt take the news well when rogue tells him his virginity wont grow back…

  43. alecvspredator says:

    “sorry i thought you were dead, here have your wallet back”

  44. Iztari says:

    “Don’t be upset, your mom is not really doing any of the stuff they told you.”

  45. DeepCee says:

    Look man, when I bet you that you couldn’t stick it, I didn’t think you would stick it in there. Hold on…the medics are on their way.

  46. QuackJAG says:

    “Its alright, the Reach Beta was bound to end. It will be back in the fall, I promise. Cheer up, man.”

  47. Hey, nobody MEANS to run over a basket of kittens, but sometimes it happens. Life goes on, and they are in a better place now.

  48. shadowmage1299 says:

    hey mate you need to “Always look on the bright side of life *Whistle*”
    rogue relished the chance to the famous line but didn’t want smiley to know

  49. SoC BrownSound says:

    “97, 98, 99, 100…. Ready or Not, Here We Come!”

  50. plazmamuffin says:

    It’s okay man. Maybe BS Angel will pick your caption next week.

  51. Gagazet says:

    Didn’t want to push you that hard, Joe :-(

  52. SPARTANXIII says:

    Don’t worry, it’s OK………..I’m sure Reach wont be the LAST game.

  53. Chris101b says:

    Do you want to suck the biddy? Will that make you feel better?

  54. Liam says:

    Don’t worry, the guys won’t laugh at you. Much.

  55. Rakolai says:

    Rejected Olympic Event #263: Synchronized Tripping and Falling.

  56. lifeskoolthug says:

    “It’s Ok little guy……. I know you put a lot of thought into your comment, but Angel just……didn’t like it. I’ll make it up to you September 14th.”

  57. “Its hard to take your crying seriously when your shoulder keeps smiling at me”

  58. Da Nang says:

    “The Beta server will be up, please don’t cry.”

  59. Babbott says:

    Dude your embarrassing me in front of Cortana!

  60. Jim 028 says:

    Hey buddy, why so blue?

  61. SkeletorODP says:

    “Hey dude, I think I’m having Reach withdrawls… The Beta… it was awesome!”
    “You’re right, Smiley. The Beta was awesome. But you can cheer up cause the full game’s coming out in a month!”

  62. Colby says:

    Smiley: They cant see me. I cant see them!

    Other Guy: Thats because your looking at the ground dumbass

  63. Penguin Ninjoid says:

    “Aaw, don’t worry about it man; there’s plenty of fishier seas in the system- wait, that didn’t come out right…um…howabout I buy you a beer or something?”

  64. DTA_MoonDawg says:

    It’s okay buddy. Follow your emblem’s advice, and turn that frown upside down!

  65. B1G TOBACC0 says:

    No, you’re right…It’s definitely infected.

  66. XXLChicken says:

    Rogue: You can pull your pants up now, I’m done raping you.

  67. R1S1NGPHO3NIX says:

    Don’t worry charlie…it’s alright…Everybody gets raped on Xbox live at some point in their lives.

  68. R1S1NGPHO3NIX says:

    Oh wait,here’s a better one.: Cheer up man,I know you voted for lame ass mccain,but you still have your I voted Sticker!

  69. Cailus Griffin says:

    Look at the bright side: at least your shoulder is happy.

  70. Black says:


  71. the last starfighter says:

    “I thought you said the airstrike was over!”

  72. PeterSimp says:

    Don’t cry buddy, my cobra tattoo hurt as well

    • PeterSimp says:


  73. DustandEchoes says:

    Dude, get up, this is halo, not a damn war movie!

  74. RawrImJustin says:

    UFC; 30 seconds of action and 2 and a half minutes of awkward spooning

  75. SSG TomaZero says:

    Blue checks up on his buddy the morning after the party….

  76. TPA Nightmare says:

    Blue. A team so stupid, they think that if they can’t see you, you can’t see them.

    <3 THHGTTG

  77. richie3345 says:

    oh come on dont cry….oh look!there is a smiley face on ur shoulder!it wants you to cry even more!!!!!

  78. A Deaf Boy says:

    “Dude… I’m sure BS Angel won’t publish those pr0n photos of you and Red team in the next IH3SOTW”

  79. OwlAssassin says:

    Get down Mr. President!

  80. GreenShark says:

    The Night Halo Wars Came Out

  81. The Flying Spartan says:

    “You’ve got a cute butt for a seven foot tall military cyborg.”

  82. A Pointless Paradox. says:

    “With the loss of their sex drive, SPARTANS are prone to missing.”

  83. Matt7777444 says:

    “Its okay, she wasn’t even good enough for you, she’s a Spartan whore…”

  84. Gunlat3M says:

    The Blue Spartan cried when he found out GameStop couldn’t process any more preorders for Halo Reach. The Rogue Spartan tried cheering him up, but when bs angel posted their picture on the Friday Caption Fun, they were subject to pr0n jokes every four seconds.

  85. Natonator says:

    Now son, what you saw Daddy and I doing was perfectly normal. He wasn’t hurting me.

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