Halo Hunter Cosplay Takes Center Stage

Halo Hunter CosplayEvery year San Diego’s Comic-Con hosts a costume contest as part of its annual festivities. Attended by thousands (hundreds of which wait in line for hours to see the lineup of elaborate ensembles), this year’s Masquerade consisted of 36 total entries with 126 performers. Science fiction, movies, and video games were all represented, but only one participant found its origins in the Halo universe. Contestant #25, whose stage stroll was set to the distinct melody of the Halo theme song, cosplayed as everybody’s favorite large, blue-armored Covenant enemy. The Hunter didn’t take home any prizes, but, as we all know, you just can’t win them all. Should you feel like watching the Lekgolo-composed creature worm his way across the wooden stage, there’s a video displaying just that after the jump. Whatever you do though, don’t piss him off. With your luck, his partner is probably right behind you.

You're dressed up as what?

36 Responses to Halo Hunter Cosplay Takes Center Stage

  1. akanealw says:

    he may not have won in the costume contest, but i thought he won a halo reach console from the waypoint guys.

    • soulofaqua says:


  2. Chwbcc says:

    It looked like Warth Worm Jim in a hunter suit.

    • lozg1985 says:

      you mean earthworm jim right?

      • Sharkuel says:


  3. DomDaBomb says:

    That;s pretty awesome. Are you at comic con now, Angel?

    • Mizzy says:

      …isn’t ComicCon over?!

      • Aklangi says:

        ComicCon Never Ends.

        • Mizzy says:

          Then why is everyone still at work?

    • bs angel says:

      Nope. I’ve never been to Comic-Con actually. I sure would love to one day though!

      • Sharkuel says:

        Comic-con is like chuck norris… it never dies xD

        • Billdebeast says:

          News just in, Chuck Norris has died.

  4. arascalcat says:

    LOL, that is a bad ass costume right there.


  5. Awesome lol.

  6. ComaToast says:

    in search of cortana cosplay

    • hongoasdf says:

      Do share your finds.

  7. E X Z A says:

    Good but, I have yet to see anyone get the Hunter stance right.
    Standing tall makes them look akward.

    Think Sumo, and learn forward. Seems closest I can describe.

  8. james hill says:

    actually i did win somthing im noble five i won the fifth halo reach x box from bungie even met frank o conner.

  9. hongoasdf says:

    It would be even more awesome if he had a twin, dressed up exactly like him.

  10. L337MA573R says:

    Pretty damn awesome. Still think the ME2 cosplayers deserved first, though.

  11. GLYPH says:

    That costume is rad. We spoke with James, the maker and wearer of the costume, before the Masquerade and got some cool footage and a quick interview with him about the making of the costume and his inspiration for taking on the challenge of creating a Hunter suit, which, as you can see, was no small task. The interview will be up on Halo Waypoint sometime early next week.

    James also received one of the Reach consoles that were given away at the show. It was a well-deserved reward for all of the effort he put into the costume in order to show off his Halo love at SDCC.

    You can check the “Photos” secction of Halo Waypoint’s Facebook page for more images from Comic Con, including a shot that really shows off the scale of the James’ suit.

    Also, if you didn’t get a chance to make it to Comic Con, here’s a code for a Noble Six avatar helmet (first person to redeem it gets the helmet): RF9KJ-8QY4V-FQ74P-DM9XD-CHDWY.


    • ComaToast says:

      I would like to know who redeemed this :( I wanted that.

    • bs angel says:

      Awesome, I’ll keep an eye out for the interview! Thanks for all the background information. And for dropping the code of course as well. :)

      • Basic Paul says:

        Angel, if you get any more Noble 6 avatar helmets, any chance of passing one my way :D

        Its hard being a british student meaning obviously i cant get to comic con in america very easily of course haha.

        Would be awesome! If not, no worries :)


  12. Thors toe says:

    That was well done. I would love to have the skill to do something like that.

  13. ShadowCat says:

    That man deserves a MVP medal. Congrats on the reach console also. im only going to get the headset

  14. james hill says:

    thank you angel for posting this and to everyone else for youre kind words they mean alot to me thank you.

    • bs angel says:

      Are you the Hunter?…

  15. james hill says:

    yes i am pleased to meet you.

    • bs angel says:

      Your costume is really amazing. I’m so thrilled to hear you got a Reach console for it. More than deserved! Thanks for stopping by, and congrats on a successful cosplay!

  16. james hill says:

    thanks alot it was more than i ever expected to get. and i was so suprised when i saw that you had blogged it i love this website and check it very day just getting to be one of the stories here was good enogh for me.

    • bs angel says:

      I was really excited when I stumbled across the story. I found a random picture on Flickr, did a search on YouTube, was lucky enough to come across the video, then just researched from there. Definitely worthy, absolutely!

      • james hill says:

        thanks, yeah some one uploaded the whole masquerade thers a really good mass effect entry and amp suit you mmight also be interested in by the same user. hell every costume ther was amazing.

        • InsaneViking says:

          What can you tell us about the making of the codpiece?

        • bs angel says:

          (Please provide close-up pictures for reference purposes. KTHXBAI!)

  17. TheChrisD says:

    Well, he gets marks for effort, that’s for sure.
    Execution, not so great…

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