Probably Better than the Game Fan-Made Gears of War 3 Trailer

15 Responses to Probably Better than the Game Fan-Made Gears of War 3 Trailer

  1. L3377MA573R says:


    • G says:

      Unreal editor and Gears 1 for PC models. Set up a scene in matinee as a cinematic, render as video.

  2. lcu abbydon says:

    i absolutely loved the part when he notices everyones lights in the trees. just epic.

  3. ODST Alpha says:

    WTFFFF that was epic!

  4. Poe says:

    Fan made? That was awesome!!!…….and I love that song anyways so…..

    • Poe says:

      Watch it a second time…it gets better… only problem was that the canteen, when first handed to them, didn’t look like a canteen.

  5. ComaToast says:

    *sheds tear* It’s more beautiful than I could have possibly imagined.

  6. DomDaBomb says:

    That was fanmade? :O

    • bs angel says:

      Yup, by The Duo Group. Pretty much everything they make is beyond amazing!

      • augustelc says:

        like Without Providence. one of my favorites by them

        • Billdebeast says:

          Their Assassins Creed anime is mind-blowing.

  7. StuntDouble2483 says:

    You know, I’ve probably heard this song in both its original NIN and Johnny Cash versions a thousand times, used a thousand different ways, and it never ceases to tweak the old heartstrings. As for the video, pretty good. Someone somewhere should hire these guys.

  8. JohnnyBlair says:

    I refuse to believe that this is fan-made. I mean, just look at it! It’s so freaking amazing! Johnny Cash’s voice really accentuates the whole thing. Bravo to The Duo Group, bravo!

  9. arascalcat says:

    Oh my Gosh, wow! That was a fan made trailer?

  10. scooter girl says:


    And bummer that I’ll have a 6 week old baby when this is released – oh yeah, I’ve got my priorities right ;)

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