Halo Universe Panel at Comic-Con 2010




12 Responses to Halo Universe Panel at Comic-Con 2010

  1. ComaToast says:

    I mean, you know, I’ve got time on my hands to watch video sometimes, I just can’t bring myself to watch EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE! But I bet they’re good if I did watch em.

  2. arascalcat says:

    So many videos Angel! Haha


    • TheHow7zer says:

      I know! they made me happy while I washed the dishes! :P

  3. TheHow7zer says:

    Wow. I can’t believe they gave those guys the Reach 360 while saying that “they are some of Halo’s greatest fans.” (The should try making their own Halo fan-film by themselves, then ask them is they feel like the world’s greatest fans) Jake Wheeler MUST be a big fan. Oh, wait. He only lost his tag, he was some luck that she got her hands on it! I must say that I nearly wet myself when they panned out and showed us Kat! (not the yellow kind of wet either) :P

    I only wish I could have been there!

    • ComaToast says:

      Which video is Kat in?

      • TheHow7zer says:

        4 or 6, and maybe 5

        • flying retard says:

          the last one

    • Jake Wheeler says:

      actually, Alison came up to me before the panel started and asked for my badge. I didn’t lose it. I actually am an enormous fan and proved myself to em :D

  4. Basic Paul says:

    how can you do this to me hawty, i want one so bad but cant. :( im so totally the biggest halo fan xD

  5. GLYPH says:

    Comic Con was rad. Both Halo panels were great and Halo was well-represented daily on the show floor by exhibitors and fans. If you’ve never been to SDCC, you should try to make it one of these days, it is truly something to behold. I know most Halo fans spread across the globe weren’t able to make it, so…

    Anyone want a Noble Six avatar helmet? First person to redeem this code gets to upgrade their Xbox avatar Reach-style: MY86K-GQVBD-GMCB6-DTXQC-86HJ6


    • Wow.. I totally didn’t think that code would still be valid, but decided to try it anyways. I guess that it was valid. :)

      Code Redeemed
      You have successfully redeemed a code for: Noble Six Helmet. It has been added to your download queue.

      Thanks for posting the code giveaway.

    • Mizzy says:

      G’DAMMIT ALL TO F***!

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