Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

This picture is posted not as a statement but instead because
I find the image and included verbiage intriguing. I hope you do too.

Jesus Died So I Can Play Video Games

As seen in Berlin, Germany and captured by Ben Scicluna

18 Responses to Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

  1. gr1nandbear1t says:


    • soulofaqua says:

      Amen indeed, Hallelujah!

    • Thors toe says:

      SO SAY WE ALL!

  2. Crazy A 64 says:

    The world; it’s massive and tiny.

  3. JLay says:

    I don’t remember any video game references in John 3:16…

    Given that this was seen in Berlin, I think it should have read “Hitler died…”

    Thank you Allied Forces for saving the world from genocidal maniacs so that we have the freedom to play video games with or without clothes on at what ever time we feel like (naked rockband!).

    • Nuclear Pi says:

      Dude, you cant just immediatly associate germans with hitler like that, Modern germans want nothing to do with thier past, and your only potentially offending them by bringing it up. (please excuse my poor spelling)

      • Scout643 says:

        When you think about it, it’s ok for him to say that, because if Hitler hadn’t died, then Germany would be a socialist state and the people of Germany wouldn’t be playing very many videogames. So, it’s all good man. Chill out. Jeez.

    • SonofMacPhisto says:

      Don’t lie, that picture was totally taken in Forge World. Which, it turns out, will cause lots of us to find ourselves naked at 5am playing a video game.

      • Wait… you guys don’t already play naked?

  4. Nuclear Pi says:

    I dunno, am i the only one who thinks that second part was tacked on? It’s the gap between the two lines, it just jumps out at me…

    • bs angel says:

      I’m not sure. The handwriting is consistent throughout the whole thing though.

      • soulofaqua says:

        As is the colour and the inconsistency of the ink.

  5. CapturetheBomb says:

    The Gamer Commandments.
    1. Thou shalt pwn your neighbor.
    2. Thou shalt play until dawn.
    3. Thou shalt covet thy neighbor’s achievables.
    4. Thou shalt play every day.
    5. Thou shalt eat pizza bagels and chips until thee puke.
    6. Thou shalt drink energy drinks when playing.
    7. Thou shalt have thy girlfriend make sandwiches.

    • soulofaqua says:

      eat pizza bagels and chips until thee puke? Come on! Eating as well as puking interrupt gaming time. Not to mention the grease you don’t want on your controllers. You can use the pinky and ring-fingers to eat the crisps but the bagels pose too much of a problem.

      Oh no, I vast when I game.

  6. R1S1NGPHO3NIX says:

    So now I have an excuse for worship while pwning in Halo 3 after taking a shower. Yay!

  7. justifiedcandy says:

    GO JESUS!!!

  8. Cairo says:

    0bv1ou5ly ph0705h0pp3d

  9. Gil says:

    Epic. I especially liked the FUQ before that sentence. Priceless.

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