IH3SotW: Let Me Get That

IH3SotW (short for Inappropriate Halo 3 Screenshot of the Week) places heavy emphasis on the inappropriate. While each featured screenshot will be delightfully distasteful, some may be more subtle than others. I won’t bother explaining them since figuring it out for yourself will be half the fun. Every one taken from my personal Halo pr0n collection, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Halo 3 Screenshot
Author: Fribbetz

9 Responses to IH3SotW: Let Me Get That

  1. nl beer says:

    lawl let’s hope she is a G!Rl

  2. Monkey_lord says:

    Hold still, to finish your physical we need to remove the cod piece.

  3. the_eNeME says:

    Personally, I’d have called it “Turn your head and cough”

  4. justifiedcandy says:

    “it takes a steady hand……”

  5. InsaneViking says:

    I’m not sure about the guy with lightish red armor.

  6. augustelc says:

    is it just me or does red have some pretty largish hands? and you know what they say about big hands…

  7. Undercover Duck says:

    Lock picking is a true skill.

  8. cardo8 says:


  9. Sharkuel says:

    Well i think this here piece is loose Mary Jane…

    Im Anthony…

    Oh sorry Anthony…

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