Halo 3 Music Video: Ode To Halo: Reach

Making music videos with the melodic sounds from video games is nothing new. Halo 3 has been done, as has Call of Duty 4, while Modern Warfare 2 holds the honor of being the most recent addition to the mix. Now comes the Ode to Halo: Reach, which wasn’t done within that particular game but instead was completed with the utilization of its predecessor. What sets this video apart from its peers, however, is the accompanying visuals. Typically the audio is the highlight with the video clips simply complementing it. That’s not the case with this meticulously put together creation, as watching it is just as enjoyable as listening to it. Fancy analysis aside, it even has a masturbating Elite. I know that last sentence made you push play immediately, so I’ll just stop talking now.

15 Responses to Halo 3 Music Video: Ode To Halo: Reach

  1. soulofaqua says:

    Damn was I glad when the robo-tuning stopped. Nice clip from there on.

    • bs angel says:

      I was worried with that intro, but thankfully it was nice and short!

      • Bogeh says:

        “..but thankfully it was nice and short!” Just the way you like it!

  2. I hope this was supposed to be at least a little funny, because I laughed. But it was pretty good.

  3. Ryan M says:

    pretty damned good IMO, tho i was expecting some reach shots :(

  4. the_eNeME says:

    Why the random elite jerking off?

    • Dekar2401 says:

      That part was an Ode to bs Angel.

      • bs angel says:

        :thumbs up:

  5. Undercover Duck says:

    I liked the sounds the elites made teabagging, only if that were possible in a real game.

  6. a rascal cat says:

    Oh my Gosh, that was positively brilliant! I mean seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any Machinima so perfected. :)

  7. lcu abbydon says:

    the elite jacking off and 1:15 made me laugh so hard XD loved it.

    • a rascal cat says:

      LOL, I know right!? Ha, for a second I was like…where’s his hammer? Ha, and after a second or two I was like “Oh there it is!”


  8. ODST Alpha says:

    Now all we need is Sounds of Halo 3:ODST and/or GoW

    • Nuclear Pi says:

      GOW wont work, last time someone made a cacophony of manly grunting noises in public they were tried for obscenity

  9. Xor1an says:

    This is kind of what it sounds like inside my head. Except in my head there are a lot more grunts.

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