Zero Punctuation: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Vodpod videos no longer available.

14 Responses to Zero Punctuation: Super Mario Galaxy 2

  1. obsidianchao says:

    God, I love Zero Punctuation. Almost as much as I love Hawty McBloggy! /Suckup

    • bs angel says:

      You just got ten points for that comment, obsidianchao! ;)

      • ohkami says:

        i agree…

  2. NakedScooter says:

    That was amazing.

    • Bobsticles Sakamano says:

      Yeah, this one really took the cake.

      • IcyTreats says:

        I’m never going to look at cake the same way again. -.-

  3. ODST Alpha says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Yahtzee.

    Which is why E3 they were all “OH WAIT WE SCREWED UP LET’S GO BACK AND REDO MORE GAMES”

    So yeah. :/

    • PikminGod says:

      I agree completely!

  4. IcyTreats says:

    Is it me or did his face-slapping sequence seem like something else? ;)

    • Undercover Duck says:

      Yea i think he was having cake by himself.

  5. hongoasdf says:

    I’ve been stuck here 5 minutes trying to figure out a witty aplication for the “Cake” depicted on this video, and the usual “The Cake is a Lie” phrase.

    The funniest suggestions gets some “Cake”

  6. nl beer says:

    So wich girl or girls wants to make me a cake?

  7. L337MA573R says:

    This week seemed unusually funny and full of wit.

  8. Steve the Lekgolo says:

    Wow, I may be the only one in the world, whod didn’t get wine, but instead cracked open a bottle of (ironically) Peach Ice Tea.

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