This Silent Hill My Little Pony Has a Split Head

Silent Hill, a decade-old survival horror video game franchise, has numerous terrifying enemies that, for whatever reason, translate well into the vast world of custom My Little Ponies. Four-legged versions of Pyramid Head and a Zombie Nurse have already been done, and aquiafin recently felt the need to bring yet another one of these nightmarish monsters to life. This time selecting Split Head (a giant dragon-like lizard whose head is split vertically down the middle) as the subject of choice, this sculpted plastic pony features bandages, blood stains, and the very quality it is named after. The face fissure look is rarely seen these days, but I’m thinking it totally works!

Silent Hill Split Head Pony

Silent Hill Split Head Pony

Video Game-Themed My Little Ponies

14 Responses to This Silent Hill My Little Pony Has a Split Head

  1. Jim 028 says:

    Bloody hell! That is disturbing!

    • bs angel says:

      Nothing says good morning quite like a cup of tea and a pony with a split head!

      • Jim 028 says:

        Well I was enjoying a cup of tea at the time…

  2. DO WANT!

    • bs angel says:

      Me too. I’ve managed to not buy any custom My Little Ponies for the simple fact that once I open the floodgate, I know there’s no going back. The collecting point is quickly approaching though. I can feel it!

  3. ComaToast says:

    My Little Pony, Apocalypse Ponies, punish mankind for their sins.

  4. InsaneViking says:

    Ms. McBloggy, sometimes you are a might frightful. Your closet must be a deep dark place.

    • bs angel says:

      I have a special place in my heart for things that are both gruesomely macabre and innocently sweet. I’m not sure why to be honest, but it very much appeals to me. Where is Freud when you need him?!

  5. NakedScooter says:

    Wish I could send that to my sister for her birthday…

  6. Captain Spark says:

    Looks like a Flood infected pony. Imagine seeing a stampede of these in the warehouse battle on the Floodgate map with marine combat forms riding them :)

  7. Sharkuel says:

    Well i think that grotesquier than that is quite dificult…

    Thats the result of a chainsaw and a pony makin’up!!!

  8. WaywardFerret says:

    WHUT DA F?

  9. Aquiafin says:

    As the artist, I thank you for posting my newest pony. It’s nice to see that my art is so well received.

    Please watch my deviantart account for what I have in store next!

    • bs angel says:

      I am so in love with this pony, so you bet I’ll be watching for more!

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