Amazing Fan-Made Halo: Reach Trailer – Rise and Fall

25 Responses to Amazing Fan-Made Halo: Reach Trailer – Rise and Fall

  1. voicedwalnut says:

    that was well made and just fantastic

  2. tyalka93 says:

    Holy. Sugar Honey Ice Tea. That has a greater emotional impact than any other Halo trailer, hands down.

  3. parktatkrap says:

    *orgasm* this iss soo aawweesosmmee @_@

  4. Panncakez says:


  5. TJ says:

    Awesome. Just, awesome.

  6. Andrew says:

    Very well done.

  7. Sgtpierceface says:

    That was, literally, the best fan-made trailer I have ever seen!
    I actually got chills down my spine!

    • flying retard says:

      me too

  8. JohnnyBlair says:

    I wouldn’t call it amazing, but it sure was nice.

    • DT62 says:

      Judgement Fail.

  9. Zwooosh says:

    Yet another great fan video from theduogroup!

  10. Aaron says:

    Awesome trailer, those guys are very talented. =]

    • bs angel says:

      Indeed they are. I can’t think of a single video they’ve made that I haven’t loved.

      • Thanks! We appreciate the support!

        • bs angel says:

          Not as much as we appreciate the never-ending flow of awesome videos. :)

        • flying retard says:

          youve just caused thousands of nerdgasms across the planet

  11. Ryan M says:

    I do believe a pants changing session is in order, amirite?

    • Thors toe says:

      I have stopped wearing pants while visiting this site. :-)

      That was a awesome video.

  12. For a fan made trailer, that was awesome!

  13. Rippolighter159 says:

    its awesomeness hurts my eyes!

  14. soulofaqua says:

    Now that’s what I call dedication.

  15. SkeletorODP says:

    Wow. Just wow. They can haz recon?

    • guiltyspark004 says:

      Indeed they can!

  16. mjg2423 says:

    Girls like guys with good skills, numchuck skills, bo staff skills, jism inducing video editing skills….

  17. Drako says:

    That video was better than profisional videos i’ve seen… just AWSOME!!!

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