Top 10 Best Halo 3 Screenshots of All Time

Top 10 Best Halo 3 Screenshots of All Time
Halo 3

Halo 3 was a groundbreaking game in numerous aspects but none so much as its Forge and Theater modes. With the ability to capture both video clips and images combined with the instant availability of both online, creating and sharing content has never been easier. Halo: Reach, the next installment in this popular, science fiction video game franchise, is set to release mere days before Halo 3’s third birthday, so now seems like the perfect time to compile a top ten best Halo 3 screenshots of all time list. Yes, of ALL TIME. Because that’s pretty much the same thing as three years, right? Oh, whatever. Let’s drop the specifics and start digging into some awesome screenshots already!

Armor Lineup by a tuxedo cat
Halo 3 Screenshot

Armor Lineup was one of the first, and arguably one of the best, screenshots to document all of the different Spartan armor permutations available for multiplayer characters. It even includes the rather exclusive Recon helmet, which was highly sought after, incredibly rare, and only bestowed by Bungie at the time this image was captured. I can haz? Pretty please?

Spartan Love by Hookum Snivey
Halo 3 Screenshot

Rule 34 is an important part of the internet, and having the Halo version is vital in keeping the world turning. Spartan Love, which depicts exactly what the name infers, was one of the first screenshots to capture two players caught in a rather precarious position. They’re not really doing what it seems, but don’t tell that to the people whom enjoy this sort of thing.

proposal bridge by Moviesign
Halo 3 Screenshot

In a widely publicized video game-themed proposal, a certain red Spartan by the gamertag of Moviesign asked his blue armor-wearing girlfriend to marry him by spelling out the question with weapons on proposal bridge, a custom Forged Halo 3 map. Furtive Penguin, the female of choice, said yes. And to think, some people say shooters aren’t romantic!

Gargoyle by Predator5791
Halo 3 Screenshot

At one point Forge creations were simply weapons laying on the ground. Then Gargoyle was made. With weapons hovering in the air and an Elite strategically placed in front of them, it gives the seamless appearance of a classic, carved stone sculpture. This screenshot is unparalleled in terms of how it showed the unlimited possibilities Forge mode truly offers.

OMG RuN!!!!!!! by ATOMIC x KILLA
Halo 3 Screenshot

There are funny screenshots, and there are funny screenshots. OMG RuN!!!!!!! is undoubtedly one of the latter. Despite the fact that Elites can’t sprint in Halo 3, this screenshot somehow captures a running Elite with a determined chopper hot on his tail. You can’t help but feel sorry for this dino, but only after you’re done having a laugh at his expense of course.

Optimus Prime by o0JAKEOo
Halo 3 Screenshot

Optimus Prime took Forging to a whole new level when it not only delivered a startlingly accurate depiction of everybody’s favorite Transformer, but it did so on an extremely large scale. Composed of various-sized blocks, this amazing creation somehow manages to make Sandbox, which has been dubbed the “ultimate Forge map,” look positively tiny.

I'm Straight by IMTHECLUELESS 1
Halo 3 Screenshot

Sometimes the best screenshots are captured by getting just the right angle and just the right pose at just the right time. This image of Master Chief, which is called I’m straight and was taken right after a Grunt’s head exploded with confetti, shows a more flamboyant side of our favorite Spartan super-soldier. Needless to say, he makes that battle rifle look good.

Halo CE by Redd Hedd
Halo 3 Screenshot

It wouldn’t be Halo if someone didn’t remake something from Halo, and luckily for the fanatics, this screenshot does just that. A recreation of the box art from the original game, Halo CE manages to capture the old charm with a Mark V helmet and a nostalgically grassy map. Now all they need to do is bring back Blood Gulch, and then we could all rest easy.

Band O Brothers by BigToe67
Halo 3 Screenshot

Sometimes words simply can’t do an image justice, and that is the case with Band O Brothers. Modeled after the historic photograph Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima, the Halo screenshot version is near flawless, wonderfully patriotic, and has an emotion-evoking impact immediately upon viewing. Basically, it’s amazing, and it doesn’t even have bewbs.

ALIEN by Predator5791
Halo 3 Screenshot

I could switch the placement of the other screenshots on the list without batting an eye, however I stand firm in my opinion that ALIEN is the obvious choice as the best Halo 3 screenshot ever. Based on the 1979 science fiction horror film, this picture is the pinnacle of what can be achieved in Halo 3’s Forge and Theater modes. It’s the best of the best, and that’s all I have to say about that!

*Did I miss one of your favorites? Do you disagree with the order? If so, let me know in a comment!

48 Responses to Top 10 Best Halo 3 Screenshots of All Time

  1. DeepCee says:

    What happened to that screenshot you tried to Forge Angel ?

    You know the one I’m talking about. When you turn into the ball thingy.. :lol:

    • bs angel says:

      Yeah, my partner quit the project after I asked how to change into the ball thingy for the tenth time. Drat!

      • the_eNeME says:

        Are you talking about that Halloween screenshot that we did with predator?

        • the_eNeME says:

          If so, that would be this one:

          That’s angel’s arm in the middle, Predator’s guest on the left and my arm on the right. =)

        • bs angel says:

          Look at those hawt Spartan arms!!

          The one he’s talking about is a screenshot that never came to fruition. Predator was supposed to craft one wing, and I was supposed to make the other. Needless to say, he called it quits when he realized just how bad of a Forger I was (I didn’t even know how to turn into the ball thingy at that point!).

  2. cardo8 says:

    I still chuckle when I look at OMG Run for more than 3 seconds.

    • DuracellDurrell says:

      for sure. i laugh every time too

      • Sharkuel says:

        I really loled at that one =)

        i never tougth seeing a elite runing like he was running from the devil (in this case the chopper). Hillarious!

        • Bob says:

          guess hes not trying to “GET TO THE CHOPPA!”

  3. danieljc2008 says:

    Good stuff.
    but whoever had the patience… and the time to do optimus prime…
    i salute you.
    and then look at you weird. -_-

  4. ShadowCat says:

    what about all the forge pron?

    • bs angel says:

      That’s why Spartan Love got a nod!

  5. XMixMasterX says:

    I was trying to think of how I would organize this, and couldn’t even imagine trying… with that said, I agree with all of the picks!

    • bagosk8r says:

      im pretty sure my alfalfa stick was amazing…me n my buddy were playin n i threw a spike ‘nade at him and it landed straight up and down on the the top of his head LMAO

  6. VoltRabbit says:

    Truly and epic list of screenshots… thanks to BSA and the artists, you’ve all just made my day.

  7. AusQB says:

    Predator got in twice? I call shenanigans.

    • bs angel says:

      That was definitely a tough call! Gargoyle was so incredibly groundbreaking, and ALIEN is simply the best, so there wasn’t a way around that in my opinion. :)

  8. Flying ViVo says:

    What about this one?
    93% rating

    It was made before I changed my GT

    • bs angel says:

      Definitely a good one!

  9. Obi Wan Stevobi says:

    How could you leave out the awesome stick?
    or the traffic cone?

    • bs angel says:

      LOL… both worthy, undoubtedly!

  10. fool says:

    I’ve always been thought this one was good.
    But maybe that is just me.

  11. CortanaV says:

    “I’m Straight!” has got to be the funniest one ever!

    • Glasses Guy says:

      I believe it is the most captioned screen shot ever.

  12. Thors toe says:

    I must say all of these are awesome but Band o Bothers is my favorite.
    Follow very closely by OMG Run!!!. That made me lol.

  13. Rippolighter159 says:

    Wow, halo 3 is truly amazing game, hopefully Reach can top it in the visual department.

  14. XXLChicken says:

    Umm… No Ashley?

  15. Very nice! I agree that Alien is the best screenshot ever.

  16. gonz says:


  17. Switch04 says:

    Actually, theyre bringing back Blood Gultch for Halo Reach. They remade it =)

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  20. xino says:

    Combat Evolve boxart never gets old

  21. PWNER says:

    Actually, Blood Gulch will be a multiplayer map in Halo: Reach lol.

  22. wtfwtfwtfwtf says:

    There are pictures that aren’t screenshots in here(gargoyle, alien)…

    • bs angel says:

      The links in every blurb lead directly to the file on Feel free to follow them so you can see they are, indeed, unaltered screenshots.

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  24. Jake1123456 says:

    I think its awesome that Alien was done by Predator. All of these are wonderful!

  25. CyberKnight says:

    I’m of course partial to one of my own that I caught in-game, which has almost the entire opposing team firing at me. (It’s about two frames before my eventual death.) It pretty much captures my entire multiplayer experience, and I’ve had it as my “trophy shot” for the past 2½ years. :D

    Odds Against (Never tell me the odds!)

  26. beto says:

    mine n_n

  27. Jordan says:

    I really have always loved this picture. It’s epic.

    Never give up.

  28. Time4tea says:

    Anyone up for some crumpets?

  29. Kirrath says:

    What ever happened to “new flamethrower”? The one with the flame shooting out of the guy’s crotch.

  30. Isa says:

    That marriage proposal is wicked cute. :)

  31. brett says:

    number 5 was pretty funny :<]

  32. acesilvermen says:

    i have some awsome screenshots,go look at the on

  33. TheOneTheOnly says:

    im pretty close friends with Zombie X killa, I couldent belive it made its way to a top 10 list, way to go man

  34. Emma says:

    The way armor looks in halo 3 makes me murderous. I honestly can’t stand the whole smooth and shiny thing going on there.

    But, besides that, seriously awesome screenshots, who says people who play FPS games aren’t creative?

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