Friday Caption Fun, Round 99

Halo 3 ScreenshotIf you have a long holiday weekend looming in front of you, you’ll be happy to know that Grifball is your double experience playlist of choice. Normally I’d be all over that, but I just happen to have two new additions to my family that will be taking up any and all of my free time. That means less virtual sports but more captioning! Let’s get started by recapping last week’s rather witty responses, and then I’ll dig through a big ol’ pile of screenshots and hopefully turn up another gem for us. Off we go!

  • “The Spawn!…It decides who will stay and who will go…it says you go!” (Miztli)
  • “In Soviet Russia, spawn point camps you.” (Owl Assassin)
  • “Bungie’s anti-cheating program has become self-aware.” (mendicantbias00)
  • “The Blue Man Group tries its hand at Halo.” (A Deaf Boy)
  • “Someone was finally fast enough to catch a screenshot of one of the Guardians.” (ZZoMBiE13)
  • “I thought only Standoff’s spawns were broken…” (Ali)
  • “The Elite paused, not wanting to be labeled a spawn killer for the rest of his life.”
    (Divine Plan)

Ah yes, spawn killing. We debated that exact subject many moons ago. Surely hitting a fellow Spartan with a golf ball isn’t nearly as controversial though, right? I guess we’re about to find out! Hit me with your best caption for the following screenshot and maybe, just maybe, your comment will get a thumbs up. But don’t hold your breath. You know how it goes around these parts.

Halo 3 Screenshot
Author: xxownagexx99

71 Responses to Friday Caption Fun, Round 99

  1. lozg1985 says:

    two spartans one cup,

  2. Owl Assassin says:

    Why do Spartan golfers bring two sets of power armour? In case they get a hole in one

    • S says:

      *ba dum TSSSS*

  3. retinence says:

    That wasn’t Red’s hole in one… Blue shot it from orbit.

  4. Dude! “Fore” means move!

  5. Hole in one?

    Try TWO holes in one ;)

  6. Gagazet says:

    I can’t feel my legs D:

  7. The reds decided to make their own version of mini golf. It was not going very well.

  8. Hector4369 says:

    sweet time to make a joke about the whole tiger woods thing but can’t think of anything any ideas?

    • Rippolighter159 says:

      Even when playing halo, Tiger Woods still manages to get multiple holes.

    • Owl Assassin says:

      You can’t be sued/divorced for diving in holes on Halo

  9. Louis Wu says:

    When Golf Balls Attack

  10. John says:


  11. cardo8 says:

    Ha! I can’t believe I didn’t hit it in the bunker!

  12. Adswellfit says:

    about time this is 1 fucking BIG bunker

  13. grimtimes says:

    double bogey

  14. Canuck-Errant says:

    “…how about we call it a course hazard and leave it at that?”

  15. Mudboy says:

    “When red 1’s love for golf had gone too far, Red 2 decided to teach him a lesson”

  16. S says:

    Hey! Steve! You still gonna whine about being tea-bagged? Or do you prefer the balls I’m dropping on you now?

    • A Shaky Shotgun says:


  17. ComaToast says:

    “but I just happen to have two new additions to my family” – :O omfg. I love them! Those have to be the coolest kittens I’ve ever seen. My sister just recently got a kitten for her birthday as well, but hers is a Siamese. Still I gotta show her your kittens, she’ll freak out over how awesome they are.

    • ComaToast says:

      Really, 2 thumbs down? Someone either had a bad day or is just being really gay today.

      Fine if you wanted my caption all you had to do was ask.

      “Ooooo, missed it by that much.”

      • bs angel says:

        They are the sweetest things! I bet your sister’s kitten is just as cute. :)

  18. shadowmage1299 says:

    the new game mode for Halo: Reach
    Caddy shack

  19. Mike says:

    right hole… wrong ball… you tease

  20. Oddsock says:

    All it took was a giant golf ball to ruin Red’s rather good hiding spot.

  21. SHAGGYDEATH says:

    I got a Red in One!

  22. Gears of Pie says:

    “Yeah, you see, I was talkin’ to her and… wait, uh what was I supposed to say? Oops, um, fore!”

  23. Monkey_lord says:

    Wait for me to remove the flag before you sink the hole.

    So. is it a hole in one?

    I couldn’t see, was is a slice or a hook?

  24. Somewhere in the distance Blue was laughing as he looked through the scope of his sniper rifle, listening to ‘Big Balls’ by AC/DC.

  25. Billdebeast says:

    Spartan 1: Yay! Bogey!
    Spartan 2: Yup. My face is in it.

    I know, terrible right?

  26. Zee-V70 says:

    Silly golf ball, what are you doing behind that Spartan? You can’t make spartan-ball babies, you don’t even have reproductive organs!

  27. plazmamuffin says:

    Tiger Woods eat your heart out.

  28. Jack says:

    The ironic fate of Private Mulligan.

  29. Salenstormwing says:

    Team Killing in Halo: Golf 2552 is a 2-Stroke Penalty.

  30. Rakolai says:

    Red 1: Bogey on your six!
    Red 2: Too late…

  31. Somebody says:

    “Hang on I some balls sticking up my ass”

  32. TAS9303 says:

    Yes! Hey Jim, did you see that?!….Jim?

  33. kyleNR says:

    “the reds decided to try ‘golf’ it’s like mini-golf only bigger”

  34. Zelp says:

    Who knew pole dancing could be so dangerous?

  35. minimac XVII says:

    Nobody thinks twice about the Golf Caddy

  36. Personsen says:

    Pit of Joy… YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!

  37. Phil says:

    hole in one

    bow chicka bow wow!

  38. Amaterasu says:

    “Sinking Two holes with one ball”

    • lozg1985 says:

      five balls, two spartans ,one cup

  39. Cailus says:

    Let’s face it, you don’t get more humiliated than being bum-raped by a golf ball.

  40. Flying ViVo says:

    ”Tiger Woods the Movie” – The Player, The 9 Iron, The Golfballs, The……….. Wait a minute.

  41. QuackJAG says:

    Hole in one? More like one in his hole! amirite?

  42. Halo + Caddyshack = Covenant Gopher’s Revenge

  43. vyper117 says:

    Damn, another bogey!

  44. grimtimes says:

    ‘see I told you I could get three ball with one swing’

  45. The Flying Spartan says:

    A ball that big needs some help getting out.

  46. richie3345 says:

    dude!you got another huge ball!…….dude??????dude???

  47. jVictor says:

    Golftacular! Gained the lead!

    • HA! Nice.

  48. Nollemaster says:


  49. Panncakez says:

    Really? Your armor couldn’t protect you from that golf ball? Looks like your defenses aren’t up to par.

  50. one crazy idiot says:

    It’s Red’s imitation of Carl from Caddyshack! “IT’S IN THE HOLE!”

  51. ODST Alpha says:

    Looks like this murder
    is a hole in one.


    • CortanaV says:

      I love you.

    • bs angel says:

      Please tell me you’ve seen these!!

  52. PeterSimp says:

    Armed with a gravity plunger, red get’s ready to unblock the hole.

    Red 1: Come on! act hurt! I’m sure we can get that money from you’ve been framed!

    The Chuckle brothers ended in disaster, doing what they do best.

    Small red. Big swing.

    That’s the last time red’s height is being made fun of

  53. CortanaV says:

    And here we see Elin getting some major payback.

  54. A Deaf Boy says:

    “Willy Wonka…now with gum that turns you into a golf ball!”

  55. pwkwsfi says:

    obviously this wasn’t a protective cup.

  56. General Vagueness says:

    I’m drawing a blank on this one but I missed last week’s and have no trouble with a late entry:
    What country are you from?
    Wort ain’t no country I ever heard of. They speak English in Wort?
    Say “wort” again. Say “wort” again, I dare you,

  57. That Geek says:

    “Nope. No hole.” – Blue Referee.

  58. Dammit!! Wrong Hole!!!

  59. ZZoMBiE13 says:

    “Don’t you hate it when a strangers balls rub up against your ass? “

    Damn, not much subtlety this week, eh?

  60. REXTHEGREAT says:

    Coming to a gamestop near you, Tiger Woods 2552: Golf Evolved

  61. A Pointless Paradox. says:

    “Hole in… Two?”

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