Because Who Doesn’t Want to See Their Naked Mom Playing Rock Band?


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77 Responses to Because Who Doesn’t Want to See Their Naked Mom Playing Rock Band?

  1. That kid’s gonna have some serious issues later on in life…

    I like how she just shrieked, and then went right back to drumming. Rock band is serious business.

    • KalamariKidd says:

      Haha, I can see the psychologist now… “tell me about your mother.”

    • bs angel says:

      She was mid-song. What else was she supposed to do?!

      • Hunter85792 says:

        I can think of a few things…

        • InsaneViking says:

          ? 1

          I wanted an option third option to click on- a question mark.

  2. iCoxyyyy says:

    I’d love to tap them drums ;)

  3. brickfungus says:

    she’s got the nice ION rack… she’s serious

    • Ben Of Bodom UK says:

      and it’s not the only rack she’s got that’s nice.

  4. soulofaqua says:

    I see nothing wrong with this, or am I the only one that regularly saw his parents naked around the house or at the beach?

    • paradoxdj says:

      yeah i’m pretty sure you’re the only one

    • InsaneViking says:

      I regularly saw your parents naked around the house, too!!

      • InsaneViking says:

        (and thanks to the power of youtube, WE ALL saw this kids mom naked playing rock band)

  5. Mizzy says:

    She’s freaked out that she’s on camera, but not that she’s in front of her kids……okay then!

    • Fitz says:

      Who cares if she’s naked in front of her kids. Lots of little kids see their parents casually naked. I’m a nudist and plenty of nudist families bring their kids to family nudist resort. Even if they’re not nudists those kids are at the age when Mom rarely gets a chance to pee or take a bath with the door closed without the kids walking in.

      • Cairo says:

        No… that’s weird.

  6. lozg1985 says:

    ok nothing sexy about that as naked round you kids is freaky and wrong!

  7. StuntDouble2483 says:


    • Thors toe says:

      What he said. ^

  8. You know, she’s got nothing to be ashamed of. Those kids may have some messed up perspectives later in life that will get them slapped, but at least she’s proud of her “assets”.

  9. yeah, letting your kids know it’s ok to be naked in public is substandard parenting. but i still say, “kids, turn around and put on your earmuffs. mommy and daddy are gonna play on expert.”

    • oh and i also say she can rock out with her clam out in my studio anytime she wants…

    • i’d let her play her instrument and i’ll activate her star power…

    • bs angel says:

      She’s making me harder than Through the Fire and Flames on Expert! Oh wait, that doesn’t work when I say it, does it? :(

      • “Wetter than the drum pedal after my brother’s done playing” would work.

        • bs angel says:

          Eeewww, what the heck?!

        • yeah… i never let him use anything of mine… =/

    • Mizzy says:

      Is “play on expert” your innuendo for something else?

      • maybe… and i always get those hammer-ons and pull-offs when i use my tongue… ;)

    • Bobsticles Sakamano says:

      They’re not in public, they’re in the confines of their own home.

    • wootaholic says:

      I wouldn’t consider being naked in your home to be “in public.” You’ve all probably seen your parents naked and just don’t remember it. :p

    • Public…. Care to rephrase?

    • soulofaqua says:

      They’re not naked in public, they’re naked in house. I am certain mommy and daddy dress up when they go outside and the kids are clothed in that movie now aren’t they?
      It’s weird that this family movie is put online but that’s the only thing.

      Shunning kids away from nudity is substandard parenting. They need to know there’s nothing wrong with the naked body. They will grow up mature enough to decide whether to walk around the house naked or not.

    • B1G TOBACC0 says:

      Since when is your own living room considered “public?”
      Besides, society says nudity is wrong, but every kid under 4 I’ve ever seen thinks it’s oh so right.

    • sorry for the confusion. but i kinda see private and public a little differently. there are things that i see ok to do in front of children and there are things i’d never let children see. i know that the naked body is something everyone should be comfortable with. and i know i wouldn’t deprive my children of that. i’d let them know it’s ok. but i’d never do something in sight of my kids that i won’t do in sight of strangers. that’s what i meant by ‘public’ verse ‘private’.

      i consider my naked body to be something only my true love has the privilege to see. and yes, i will love my children, but my soul mate, the one i will choose to be with until i die will have that one thing special for them and no one else.

      there are things that you wouldn’t do in front of your parents right? it’s too private? i believe in equality and i’d show that to my children. bathing with your young child is one thing; playing video games midday in the nude is something completely different.

      maybe i come from and older generation though…

      • Cairo says:

        Uh… too much srs bsns… can’t think…

        Really, since when was Hawty McBloggy a place for legitimate discussion.

  10. Artemas says:

    Nudists ftw!

  11. New solo ratings:

    Great Solo!
    Awesome Solo!
    Sexy Solo!

    • Glasses Guy says:

      I’m just wondering, how many lines of jokes have you be able to get out of this so far?

      • oh a few here and there…

        but i play music games like i pick up chicks:

        YOU FAILED!
        99% COMPLETED


  12. hongoasdf says:

    Naked girls and video games.

    Life doesn’t get any better than that.

    • Awesome;Opossum;McCoy says:

      Quoted for Truth.

    • Glasses Guy says:

      What about beer?

    • minus the kids… =/

  13. araknoros says:

    im more curious about the before story for this rather than the fact that shes naked. like how does that train of thought work? “hmmm, i wana play rockband naked… during the day… in front of my kids… yeah, good idea”

  14. alpha says:

    shes hot, who cares?

  15. Cheddar says:


  16. ComaToast says:

    I’m sorry what were you saying?

  17. Ben Of Bodom UK says:

    While it’s true I don’t want to see my mum naked playing rock band, I’m quite happy to see someone elses!

  18. The pervert bastard that loves that chick! says:

    I don’t give a shit if she is shameless or if her kids are around,,,, As long as she let me take a nap with that pillow =)

  19. Me says:


  20. ShadowCat says:

    As soon as the kids showed up i was turned off. and that it was a persons kid taping it. runing my gamer milf fantasy…. uh i mean, poor parenting

    • Dead baby seal says:

      Ummm, just to point it out, we never see who was holding the camera. What if it was her husband?

      Also, look at the kid, he’s gotta be what, like 4? He was way more worried about getting on camera then whatever the hell his mom was doing.

      My virdict, no biggie.

      • Dead baby seal says:

        Also, her bewbs were kinda small. And that matters. Lol

  21. I_Am_The_Rookie says:

    hey mom, what you pla- O_O

  22. Wow, I am amazed at the number of comments about her being naked in fron of the kids :( I am sorry so many are so ashamed of their bodies that they can’t handle nudity.


    • soulofaqua says:

      To that I say rock on ResilientMonkey!

      • ShadowCat says:

        i agree, the world today is way too PC about nudity.keeping it private will only make kids curiouser

  23. B1G TOBACC0 says:

    At least she doesn’t look like your mom.

    …or mine…

  24. Arnabas says:

    Wow, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at the immature comments here.
    There is *nothing* wrong with the human body. There is nothing wrong with nudity. Being nude in front of your kids is normal and natural– she isn’t having sex in front of them. I am surprised that the kids didn’t join her, because most kids like to be nude until we beat some shame and self-consciousness into them.
    Nudist kids grow up much more secure and self-confident. The girls have much lower teen-pregnancy rates and the boys are much less sexually aggressive.
    That doesn’t seem like bad parenting to me.

    • rhubarb says:

      I agree, up until it was uploaded to the internet.

    • Well, the rest of us were raised in front of clothed parents, so it comes as a bit of a shock.

    • that’s quite the the stereotypical statement. i’ve grown up in a very reserved household and i am not sexually aggressive. neither are any of my friends. you can be clothed and also be secure and self-confident. i really have to disagree with your opinion. i believe you can instill all those values you mentioned without teaching your kids it’s ok to be naked in public. and i know, “light show! it’s her living room!” but her living room = private, her living room + children ≠ private

      • Visitor at home says:

        Did it occur that maybe it was a hot day? And she had the slightly odd idea of getting naked to stay cool? Just because we saw her in the buff once, doesn’t mean she does it constantly. For all we know, she explained to her children the circumstances.

        Then again, I’m tired and not thinking straight.

        • HAHA! ok, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt then. =D finally, a solution. you sir, deserve a reward! ;)

        • Visitor at home says:

          I…Do? Sweet.

        • hell yeah! why not?

        • Visitor at home says:

          I’ve never won anything before?

    • InsaneViking says:

      An awkward thought, but I don’t think I would be ashamed or disappointed or anything different that what I already am if this was my mother even after it has been uploaded to th’internet.

      I think the role of parents is wide and there’s no one thing any parent can do to be a bad parent. Plus, I’m not here to judge anyone else.

    • Fezzer says:

      Show me the data.

  25. Pessimist says:

    After reading through the comments I have determined that on average a person appears to be more agitated when a child is shown nudity than when a child is shown simulated violence. I love blasting a shotty right at a noob’s Halo rendered face as much as the next person, and I would galdly monitor a childs play session of Halo. However let me throw a hypothetical question to the fray:
    Imagine you are walking down the street with a young child, say 6-8 years old. Like most children that age this child sees things and asks you questions about them. What situation would you rather wish to explain: Walking past a television store showing the recording of a real and violent murder, or walking past a park where a couple is visibly engaged in a sex act? If it were me, I would rather explain sex than murder.

    • A 6-8 year old? I’d like to explain neither. I think it’s not so much the nudity that’s the problem, but the fact that it’s his own mother. And I know everyone is raised differently, but that seems odd to me. I don’t think I’d want my first memory of checking out a girl’s ass to be my mother’s.

      If I absolutely had to pick one to explain, I’d choose the murder. I’m not overly fond of teaching a child about sex at age 8.

  26. pwkwsfi says:

    I’ll bet sitting on that pillow is a lot more comfortable than sitting on a coaster.

  27. openess says:

    The video shows a very cool family moment. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with nudity in the home among family members. Far from hurting the kids, I think that growing up in that kind of environment will give them a much healthier attitude toward the human body than is evidenced by some of the silly comments above. What’s wrong with the sight of a human body? Don’t approve of God’s handiwork? Only the fact that the video was posted on Youtube makes me scratch my head – that may have been unwise.

  28. I Disapprove of Everything says:

    Cameron Disapproves. About the choice of furniture of course. Hideous, absolutly hideous. Oh and the nudity in front of children too I guess. What you do in the presence of mature (usually) adults is your own darn business but don’t drag kids, especially your own, into it. Casual nudity in front of children=Disapprove. Plus now its on the internet for family/school friends to see when they grow up.

    “Dude Jerry I saw that video of your mom on Youtube last night!”
    Not something you want your friends seeing.

  29. Sick and Twisted says:

    I know it’s wrong but if my mom looked like that i’d join her in playing rock band and after i’d get in the shower with her >:-)

  30. jake says:

    i really want to see her boobs because she’s hot

  31. A Pointless Paradox says:

    Parenting Fail.

    I bet she just finished up with her son.

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