Grin + Bear It: Prepared for Drop

Every so often a web comic hires the talents of another artist to create a guest strip. Usually they are an unknown, optimistic newbie trying to get some publicity for their skills. Luke seems to have forgotten this though. This week’s Grin + Bear It comes to you from an established Halo comic creator whom you all know and love. Enjoy!

Grin + Bear It 40

Grin + Bear It 40


AnotherHaloComicStrip [at] gmail [dot] com
Another Halo Comic Strip

19 Responses to Grin + Bear It: Prepared for Drop

  1. DeepCee says:

    Lol… funny as always Zzombie :)

    At least MC can be happy he didn’t lose his codpiece

    • soulofaqua says:

      Just wait untill BS comes in and steals it from the defenceless MC.

  2. Undercover Duck says:

    I guess they’ll just use their heads now…

    • ShadowCat says:

      On this site that has a completely different meaning

  3. Omnicent says:

    It’s all ‘armless fun ’till someone looses an eye.

  4. Awesome;Opossum;McCoy says:

    Thanks for another great comic, zzombie!

  5. SonofMacPhisto says:

    It’s just a flesh wound!

  6. RDKirbyN says:

    This one made me laugh out loud, not that stupid ‘lol’ crap.
    Just hilarious!

  7. ComaToast says:

    Hmmm there’s something missing *draws their legs fused together knowing the real comics don’t have legs either and just walk around as boxes with heads*

    • gr1nandbear1t says:

      you know me so well…

  8. bs angel says:

    Anybody else see “POP” as a trio of bewbs?

    • Billdebeast says:

      I do, but I’m a guy. Don’t you have a husband, Angel?

      • bs angel says:

        Yeah. You want me to ask him if he sees three bewbs too?

      • :( I didn’t know that. I just died a little inside…

        • bs angel says:

          Not nearly as dead inside as the poor man that is my husband. Trust me on that.

    • SonofMacPhisto says:

      Did you just watch ‘Total Recall’ recently?

      • bs angel says:

        No, but I’m going to now!

      • Sonu says:

        I did. O_o

        Weird coincidences.

  9. hongoasdf says:

    Well, at least now they’re unable to abuse those poor pez-dispensers.

    Unless they develop unearthly will power.

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