A Noble Set of Incredible Halo Clay Figures

Halo Clay Figures

The last time we devoured the awesomeness that is the continually growing collection of miniature, Halo-themed clay figures, many of you were quick to demand more Noble Team. Not being one to disappoint, Antithesis decided to step up his game and produce just that. His most recent batch (which includes a superbly sculpted Carter-A259 and Emile-A239 along with a custom VI-ETS Security Guard Spartan and Sangheili Exemplar) is sure to leave your loins aching for more Halo: Reach. Unfortunately that is one itch that won’t get scratched until September so until then, I’m hoping the following pictures will get you through. Grab a sock, an apple pie, or your Mjolnir Mark VI helmet, and hit the jump. Just don’t hit it too hard. That poor hand needs a break every now and again you know.

Halo Clay Figure Carter-A259

Halo Clay Figure Sangheili Exemplar

Halo Clay Figure VI-ETS Security Guard

Halo Clay Figure Emile-A239

*Images posted with permission
Antithesis pwns clay

28 Responses to A Noble Set of Incredible Halo Clay Figures

  1. iLovePretzels69 says:

    I wish I could do that.

    • vkalhjkcbw;avibjk says:

      emiles face looks like a puppy!

  2. They’re all awesome, but my favorites are the Exemplar and Emile. Nice job with Emile’s skull marking.

    • bs angel says:

      I love Emile. He is so cute that he makes me want to take him home and cuddle him!

      • hongoasdf says:

        Yes… “cuddle”.

        • ShadowCat says:

          Looks like someone is going to add another cod piece to their collection

    • 117649 says:

      Emile looks like a koala!

  3. rowboat 000 says:

    Nice job Anti! I love the Emile figure. :thumbsup:

  4. Edward B says:

    Those are great.. Carter & Emile look the best out of all of them in my opinion…

  5. That elite is scary as hell

  6. L337MA573R says:

    The last 2 are amazing. This guy needs to start selling these things.

  7. Imppa says:

    Where’s Kat (and her a§§)?

    • Hunter85792 says:

      In my bed. But seriously, there should be the rest of Noble team too.

  8. LogicalHuman says:

    I never knew Emile had a dog skull carved on his visor. Really good though! :)

  9. Mudboy says:

    Emile looks like an Ewok ^-^

  10. liphttam1 says:

    This set is much better then the last one! Really good job mate.

  11. Dude, can anyone say, what about marzipan Noble Set next?”?

  12. ShadowCat says:

    Really awesome man, I love that Carter figure. Id like to see a Cortana model, thatd be kewl

  13. So awesome ^_^

  14. Gazas says:

    They’re so cute and creepy at the same time.

    Emile looks like the kid from The Orphanage.

  15. Alzam says:

    where’s the exemplar from?

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  17. Forerunner says:

    alright im just going to go out and just bluntly say this, that Elite Exemplar looks awful, im sorry but just because you can go THAT into detail on such a small scale doesnt mean you HAVE to, and his eyes are crooked.

    • Antithesis says:

      It’s a fanart. I simply wanted more practice with Reach-era Elite models and armor detailing.

  18. Schizophrenic Stapler says:

    Cool dude, nice models!
    @Forerunner, at least he tried. I don’t see you making disturbing-yet-“cuddly” video game characters out of what may or may not have once been intended to be plastic explosives.

    Two questions though,:
    1.What the hell is an Exemplar?
    2.When will we see mass produced plush Halo sh*t? Have you’re 3-year-old get a Vehicular Manslaughter with his stuffed warthog and his stuffed Spartans and Grunts. Good times.

    Now, call me a freak (or flamboyantly gay-which I’m not-or what you will), but I would buy this stuff if they sold it in stores (especially plush stuff; you can’t hurt yourself trying to go on a Running Riot). This, to me, is just more fanboy collectible sh*t that would be cool to have. That’s just me.

    (P.S.-Feel free to insult the hell out of me. I really don’t mind.)

    • bs angel says:

      People around these parts won’t insult you for wanting Halo-themed plushies. They will, however, fight you for a better spot in line to buy one!

  19. DannyDaNinja says:


  20. CPO Mendez says:

    Carter and that security guard look nice, but they would look better if you could make them… bigger. You can also try making weapons. I believe they will look, pretty insane?!

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