The $500 Cardboard Game Boy

The $500 Cardboard Game Boy

If I’m going to pay $500 for a handheld video game device, it better be gold and encrusted with diamonds or have a penis that doubles as a joystick. It appears born2draw has different expectations than I do though because her version stands 5’4″ and is made solely of corrugated fiberboard. Featuring pushable buttons and a power button that slides up and down, this cardboard Game Boy will cost you a very pretty $500 but thankfully comes equipped to do absolutely nothing. I’d bitch, but I kinda sorta have a thing for big packages.

14 Responses to The $500 Cardboard Game Boy

  1. AceofSpadesCard says:

    hmm…i wonder if you’d have to pay shipping and handling on something thats already made of shipping material

    • bs angel says:

      Shipping is only $20, I’m guessing because the packaging is already included!

  2. Crazy A 64 says:

    It didn’t even come with a game?!

    • xxxJL AUDIOxxx says:

      sure it does, you pretend your friends making fun of you for buying a $500 cardboard Gameboy that you’ll throw away in a week doesn’t bother you….

  3. AOClaus says:

    Well if she’s this talented, maybe she can make you a 5’4″ corrugated fiberboard Master Chief codpiece for $500 instead?

    • bs angel says:

      :pictures a 5’4″ Master Chief codpiece:


  4. Monkey_lord says:

    I wonder if my copy of Pokemon Blue still works? *pulls out blue*

    • hongoasdf says:

      It’s on! *Pulls out Red*

      • You fools, you never pull out.

        :X Too much?

        • Monkey_lord says:

          This website, you’re safe.

  5. soulofaqua says:

    It looks amazing but for that price it should be of a higher grade material and beautifully painted.

    I frankly also kind of wish it had a screen and was wired to actually work using an emulator with the whole Gameboy Color and original library. but that’s just wishful thinking.

    • bs angel says:

      I would have liked to see it painted too. It’s definitely too plain for my tastes.

  6. Canuck-Errant says:

    What about a dildo that pulses to your music, bs angel?

  7. cardo8 says:

    So can I pay for it using cardboard money? Either way, still wouldn’t buy it! (But good job, builder)

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