Master Chief: Not Your Average Wingman

Master Chief: Not Your Average Wingman

18 Responses to Master Chief: Not Your Average Wingman

  1. ComaToast says:

    Well at least he was only c**kblocked and not cockblocked by master chief, that would’ve been REALLY disappointing.

    • Mizzy says:


      • bs angel says:

        Yeah, I read that comment, reread the Tweet, then just shrugged.

        • WrinklyCat says:

          You dissapoint us coma toast.

        • ComaToast says:

          Ha, I actually was not meaning anything by it, it was one of those, don’t worry about this comment, it’s stupid and means absolutely nothing. Glad to disappoint you guys.

        • bs angel says:

          Heck, it was twenty million times better than “FIRST”!

        • Sharkuel says:

          Animated conversations i see…

          How can someone get cock blocked, by the way?! 0.o?!

  2. CortanaV says:

    The Chief is the last guy you’d wanna face up against. The poor guy should have seen it coming!

  3. Awesome;Opossum;McCoy says:

    Yeah, I mean, how could anyone resist such a codpiece, right angel?

    BTW, angel, have you seen the codpiece of the all new and glorious Hunters in Halo Reach?

    • bs angel says:

      Blue Spartan is doing what I’ll probably do the first time I encounter them. Just sit there and stare!

    • Now THAT, is a package.

    • Sharkuel says:

      The hunters now have a great freak’in design!!! So COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  4. L337MA573R says:

    This made my day.

  5. guiltyspark004 says:

    wow, that hunter’s like twice as big as that spartan!

  6. lozg1985 says:

    the chief knows what the ladies like! Johnson taught him everything he knew!

  7. Nuclear Pi says:

    Sure being c*ck blocked sucks, but It’s the chief, so she (or he) will at least be guaranteed a good time. (by that I mean the person the chief hit off with, not the one he c*ck blocked)

  8. Mr Viper says:

    Cock Block must be one of the not-yet-revealed Armor Abilities.

  9. Obi Wan Stevobi says:

    Well, MC is all about stopping genetic parasites from infecting humanity…

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