Gears of War 3 E3 2010 Demo

13 Responses to Gears of War 3 E3 2010 Demo

  1. hongoasdf says:

    Man… today just keeps getting more awesome by the minute.

    E3 is like neo-christmass.

  2. RevMDN says:


  3. Sgtpierceface says:

    Everytime you post in June, it says “Jun”. : 0

    • bs angel says:

      Where is this occurring?

  4. Das Kalk says:

    I cannot get excited for this game. dead serious.

  5. justifiedcandy says:

    could any of you watch this live on the telly yesterday, I was counting on G4 to show it live but the bastards didn’t :( Thank you for posting it on your site Ms. Hawty. :)

    • bs angel says:

      I couldn’t find a channel that was carrying it so I ended up watching it online. (And you’re more than welcome!)

      • lozg1985 says:

        i watched it on facebook. the lambent beserker looks like one tough son of a bitch! as much of a pain in the arse they were in gears one in three they look like you could kill it with out a hammer strike. plus after the books i’d love to see how it gets wrapped up and why Spoiler adam fenix is alive and wanting to know why they went through with the sinking of jacinto.

        • justifiedcandy says:

          I know, I’m eagerly awaiting the next book as well. As for the facebook streaming, I always tend to miss those no matter how hard I search for them :p, but oh well, in my opinion MS just didn’t bring it to E3 this year. I thought they would show at least 1 good game for kinect but it’s all kiddy crap. :(

  6. porge says:

    looks amazing, hopefully it will have a more fulfilling last level than GoW2 did though…

  7. Crazy A 64 says:

    If there was a game I couldn’t care any less about then it would be this one… There’s just so much about it I don’t like/get/agree with/want/need/desire/etc O_o

    Bring on the downward thumbs!

  8. Dylan says:

    Can’t wait for this. You should post the Bulletstorm trailer. Its hilarious :D

  9. bs angel says:

    Beast Mode

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