Make Your Own Mass Effect Garrus Mask!

Mass Effect Garrus Mask

If you’ve ever dreamt of being a tall, humanoid bird-like creature, then you and Leemo626 have at least one thing in common. Allowing the opportunity to skip the elaborate facial tattoo and instead sport a temporary face adornment, her paper Garrus Vakarian mask comes ready to make all your blue alien fantasies come true. So grab some paper, paint, and a spattering of moldable paste and then get to crafting already. Those mandibles aren’t going to make themselves you know!

Mass Effect Garrus Mask
Mass Effect Garrus Mask
Mass Effect Garrus Mask
Mass Effect Garrus Mask
Mass Effect Garrus Mask

Created and captured by Leemo626

17 Responses to Make Your Own Mass Effect Garrus Mask!

  1. iPurism says:


  2. DeliciousCube says:

    Bird? Silly me, I always thought it was a dog-liked creature.

  3. The in game looks angry while the custom one looks sad or depressed

    • porge says:

      I think it would probably look angrier if the pieces above the eyes were angled down towards the center more, but i’m not particularily good with this kind of thing so what do I know

  4. Mizzy says:

    Lovely job on the painting and figuring out the technicalities of making that thing works, but the mask still looks so sad!

  5. It does look sad, but I think that’s just because the “eyebrow” plates aren’t angled down, plus they’re curling around a human head, which is shaped a bit differently from a turian skull :P. But fantastic job all the same. My first reaction was *random surprised, joyful sounds* “GARRUS!” Ah, Mass Effect. <3.

    Now someone slap some blue latex head tentacles on a girl and we've got a party.

    • SonofMacPhisto says:

      Oh man… best party ever.

  6. JLtheking says:

    When I saw it, I was like “That’s such a cute puppy costume!”. Anyways good job on this one, very creative.

  7. F’ing awesome =D

  8. Canuck-Errant says:

    Can it wait for a minute? I’m in the middle of some calibrations.

    • As long as it keeps you from talking about reach and flexibility, calibrate away.

      • Canuck-Errant says:

        What about popping heatsinks? Are we cool with popping heatsinks?

        • That is totally ok. Pop away.

  9. StuntDouble2483 says:

    It looks so sad because its an artistic representation of how Garrus feels on the INSIDE. Get in touch with your Inner Turian…

    All joking aside, excellent work! I love me some Mass Effect!

  10. DeepCee says:

    Angel you need to explore the Mass Effect universe a little more.

    Plenty of material there for you to work with. If you know what I mean.
    Inappropriate screenshots maybe…
    **hint hint**

    • Hunter85792 says:

      Two words: Asari strippers.

      • SonofMacPhisto says:

        Dude, you ever wonder why they look like humans? All my turian friends think I’m nuts.

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