Zero Punctuation: Alan Wake

Vodpod videos no longer available.

4 Responses to Zero Punctuation: Alan Wake

  1. Krumbles says:

    first? I literally watched this games walkthrough on youtube so I wouldn’t spend $60 on something with little replay value. Story is really good, gameplay doesn’t seem that bad, and I think it would be worth maybe $40 since I might play the game twice for 12 hours a piece.

    • Glasses Guy says:

      Agreed. I might actually get it but only because it have a much more terrifying effect. Living in the woods and playing during a storm would create a mood. I still sh*t my pants when playing Silent Hill games.

  2. Cairo says:

    During the credits – “Standing right behind you right now”

    Tell me I’m not the only one who looked

    • Jillybean says:

      Well we bloody won’t now we’re expecting it.

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