Amazing 3D Halo: Reach Trailer

3D is all the rage right now. From theatrical releases to television broadcasts, it has reached the point where it’s even invading your favorite video games. Take the following video, made by the stereoscopically-obsessed Mini Waz, for example. Available in whatever color combination glasses you happen to have laying around your house (cyan/red, blue/amber, magenta/green, or sans spectacles), this fan-made Halo: Reach trailer is not only three-dimensional but also jaw-droppingly gorgeous. At the risk of speaking too highly, I’ll even tell you the music choice will not rupture your eardrums. Don’t believe me? Select your 3D glasses type (the standard cyan/red version is conveniently embedded after the jump) and get to watching! You can come back and thank me later.

25 Responses to Amazing 3D Halo: Reach Trailer

  1. soulofaqua says:

    I’ll watch when I get home. Don’t have my 3D’s on me right now.

    • soulofaqua says:

      Ok.. half of this isn’t even properly aligned. Then another half (overlapping the afore mentioned) is boring uninteresting crap. Then there is twirling up with the Jetpack retarded. In my opinion not worthy of being featured on this site.

      • bs angel says:

        I actually thought the selection of clips did a good job showcasing the new features of Halo: Reach and also looked especially good in 3D. Just my opinion of course though. :)

        • soulofaqua says:

          I think that there’s too much bland stuff though it doesn’t catch let alone keep my attention. There certainly were some good 3D parts but there also were those which didn’t align properly resulting only in a headache and a bad image.

  2. Zwooosh says:

    This makes me regret i didnt steal those avatar 3d glasses :(

    • Panda says:

      i did :)

    • DVC Louis says:

      yeah me 2
      i threw em away when i walked out of the movie theater.
      its too bad
      and itz hard 2 watch it cross eyed

  3. MGH1138 says:

    I’m praying that this 3D nonsense is just a fad and that it will end soon. 3D gives me one hell of a headache.

    On the other hand, making a 3d trailer in your spare time = awesomesauce. Props.

  4. Adswellfit says:

    Awesome i just stole my daughters birthday present just 2 watch it

  5. Mjonir says:

    Meh, there is no PROPER 3D, only crappy anaglyph versions!

    Why did he bother making 3 different anaglyph version and didn’t release a version with separated channels (which is no added work contrary to anaglyph versions)?

    A 120Hz (3D) display, LC-shutter glasses and I can’t watch this :(

    • Happy Pants says:

      Firstly, why the fuck would you look at that on a big flatscreen ,
      Then explain to us why you are talking about it’s spec (Just to show off I bet),
      And after this, tell this guy he made an awesome work on this video.

      • Mjonir says:

        1) It’s not a “big flatscreen”, it’s my 3D computer screen.
        2) I’m not talking about its specs, but the technology I use to view 3D medias: 120Hz display + LC-shutter glasses, that’s the nVidia way to play 3D games and it’s currently the best stereoscopic effect aviable (way way better than anaglyphs).

        I talked about the technology to ask why he made 3 different videos for all anaglyph combinations, but he did not provide any real 3D video feed (that is one video for the left eye, and one video for the right eye). That would have been no added work, and way better 3D for the people who can view it :o

        3) I’d like to, really, but I can’t watch the video ^^’

  6. GeneralCupcakes says:

    Damn. The Real3D glasses I stole don’t work!

    • bs angel says:

      I was bummed about that too! Had to pull out the old school paper ones, lol…

  7. Tyler says:

    A little heads-up on the music; it’s pretty gross.

  8. staticrift says:

    I know I have a pair of cyan/red from nesquik cereals in the 90’s but dont have a clue where to begin looking.

  9. H3 Fearless says:

    Just to give everyone a little info on 3D:

    The versions you see in these videos are all comprised of 2 different colors, which when you wear the matching glasses, the colors are filtered and you get a “feeling” of 3D.

    New 3D (RealD) is made in a different way. Avatar for example… The entire movie was filmed with 2 cameras, set next to each other just like your eyes. Thus resulting in 2 slightly different angles and a true 3D feeling when overlapped. The cool black plastic glasses you got for those movies act in a different way:

    The movie is projected in two different light wavelengths… The right eye piece filters out the left eye, and your right eye sees only what the right camera filmed. Same exact effect is felt by the left eye, only flipped. So your eyes get to see the movie like the two cameras did.

    So, since your computer monitor can’t display two different wavelengths simultaneously, the Avatar type glasses won’t work. Maybe in a few years… =P

  10. David says:

    First off, great job on the 3D Reach trailer! Absolutely awesome!

    Now, to chime in on the 3D discussion! Stereoscopic images/movies are the purest way (without extra equipment) to view 3D media, as it emulates how your eyes see in real life without washing out or distorting the colors. However, the above Youtube link labeled “Cross-eyed” is actually a “Parallel” stereoscopic movie (your eyes need to converge somewhere behind the image, as opposed to in front of it). To produce a cross-eyed 3D image, the movie playing on the left side should be on the right and vice-versa.

    If you would like to check out some of my stereoscopic images, click here. The link also provides instruction on how to view cross-eyed stereoscopes. This should give you a reference as to what stereoscopic imagery can accomplish on a flat screen.

  11. Efan says:

    D: I needz 3D glasses…

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  13. voicedwalnut says:

    man I did the cross-eyed one and it looked great :D

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  16. Alzam says:

    Oh dear this may sound sad but I have all three types of 3D Glasses! 0.o Which to choose, heck maybe I should watch it 3 times… on each pair of glasses! :P

  17. Martin says:

    Incredible video!

    The name of the halo song in the first video please? source? :)

    Thanks in advance

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