He’s Not Kidding, He Really Does Suck

When a video is categorized as a Halo: Reach Failtage, you know in advance to expect numerous errant grenades, repeated random betrayals, and a plethora of showy displays reflecting an overall absence of skill. If you’re also anticipating an entirely too long introduction and umpteen unwarranted replays of each and every clip, then you’re fully prepared to view the following JK I Suck montage. Come for the fails, stay for the song! Assuming you haven’t already muted it that is.

9 Responses to He’s Not Kidding, He Really Does Suck

  1. lozg1985 says:

    that’s was a piss funny skullamanjaro fail at the end i can just imagine the verbal diarrhea flying from his mouth after that!

    • bs angel says:

      No doubt. Rage quit is undoubtedly an understatement in that situation!

  2. ElusiveEagle says:

    I thought he was awesome!

    • Mike says:

      no hes not dude, dont lie

  3. valinhorn says:

    I feel like I have had this guy on my team before.

  4. hongoasdf says:

    Everyone has moments like that.

    Sadly, for some of us, “moments” just doesn’t cut it.

  5. 1:00 intro and I was out…

  6. the_eNeME says:

    Holy crap that song is awesome! =D

    I like the video too.

  7. General Vaguneness says:

    I don’t care about the un-awesomeness, this just makes me miss the beta D:

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