Grin + Bear It: Comment It and They Shall Come

Are you looking for action, adventure and romance? Then go watch a film because this is a regular weekly offering to the gods of innuendo and lolz, brought to your face by the always funny Grin + Bear It. Read on as The Chief, Hayabusa and Recon (plus the occasional special guest) have more bollock-dangling fun than you can shake a boomstick at!

Grin + Bear It 37


luke [at] grinandbear [dot] it

55 Responses to Grin + Bear It: Comment It and They Shall Come

  1. lozg1985 says:

    crossing guard

  2. Omnicent says:

    Federal Breast Inspector.

  3. Gagazet says:

    Augmentated super soldier… oh wait… cleaning mah house

  4. Driving instructor.

  5. Zwooosh says:

    Amputee Basketball Player

  6. Traffic Cone Remover

  7. Absolute Edge says:

    Crash test dummy…without the arms.

  8. porge says:

    Emergency pair of pants

  9. IcyTreats says:

    Teabag police officer.

  10. madinator says:

    I think by regulating “traffic” he could do the most for communities sake.
    Or I´m the only one who can´t stop seing condoms?

  11. cardo8 says:

    During this brief period of peace time, we would like to offer you the new position of Iron Chef to keep you busy until deployment …

    During this brief period of peace time, we would like to offer you the new position of that no-talent ass-clown, Michael Bolton to keep you busy until deployment …

  12. CyberDonkey says:

    Replacement Master Chief

  13. Scraggarax says:

    Therapeutic Councilor.

  14. Ryan M says:

    Punching Bag

  15. That Geek says:

    Interview the prophet of regret.

  16. smurph says:

    bs angel’s private escort (since the armor ability post brought on death threats)


    yoga instructor

    • bs angel says:

      Hhhmmm, an escort would come in handy right about now. In more ways than one!!

      • justifiedcandy says:


  17. Teabag Inspector

    oh and you spelled CENTER wrong =P


    • De Laal says:

      No, he spelled it British. Look it up next time!

      • gr1nandbear1t says:

        Its ok, he was just makinf fun :) ie made fun of american spellings llooaadds

        • =D oh and i love the colour color of this comic… ^_^

  18. Life Guard. Or one of those floaty things life guards use to rescue drowning people.

    • Billdebeast says:


      • No, I’m not retarded, I know what a boat is. :P

        Those things. The floaty red things.

        • Basic Paul says:

          buoyancy ring.

        • The thing in the picture is not a ring. Jeez, guys.

        • bs angel says:

          I’m pretty sure it’s a penis. Just sayin’.

  19. soulofaqua says:

    Male prostitute
    human bullet
    and just for giggles, juggler

  20. Silent Stranger says:

    Finger puppet.

  21. iPurism says:

    Test Subject

    • Panncakez says:

      Aperture Science test subject? God, I hope I did the HTML right.

      • Panncakez says:

        Success! :D

        • Aklangi says:

          Im making a note here; that was a triumph.

  22. Personsen says:

    Captain Price stunt double.

  23. Cairo says:

    Be in a banner ad for Reach (There are a LOT of those)

  24. ComaToast says:

    Obviously that blank space should be filled out with some dirty sexual action to be determined at a later time by BS or any number of people on this site.

    Any possible sexual action you can think of.

  25. Billdebeast says:


  26. I INTUiT I says:

    Oil Spill Plug

    • augustelc says:


      hehehe junk shot

  27. hongoasdf says:

    Baggage Handler.

    No, wait. Valet.

    No, there’s somethg wrong with that one, too… let’s see… something that doesn’t require the use of hands… something practically useless… Oh, right, that’s obvious: Politician.

  28. Seraph XXVII says:

    Bungie’s test dummy for new and “interesting” assassinations.

  29. Basic Paul says:

    Tea Lady.. He’d be dipping plenty of tea bags in that job to quench his thirst until september.

  30. Bryan Ojeda says:

    Professional Butt Pirate

  31. PikminGod says:

    Bacon Inspector!

  32. Stryder88 says:

    Pez Dispenser Model

  33. one crazy idiot says:

    A creative content consultant for a popular website (this one, of course:D ).

  34. ZZoMBiE13 says:

    When you’re too busy you should just ask another artist from the community to do a “guest” strip or two to cover you for a couple of weeks. Or, you know, you could follow my example and fade into obscurity. :P

    Either way, I’ll say: Crash Test Dummy

    • bs angel says:

      :begins chanting:

      ZZoMBiE13 guest strip! ZZoMBiE13 guest strip! ZZoMBiE13 guest strip!


    • gr1nandbear1t says:

      :O watch your inbox!

  35. A Pointless Paradox. says:

    Zero Gravity Male Grunt Sexual Molester.

  36. L337MA573R says:

    Kenny Stunt Double #9001

    Bs_Angel stunt double

    Alderon stunt double (what a nice day in space holy shit what the fuck is th-)

    Forum moderator (or troll, spammer, etc.)

    Cartoonist for failing newspaper

    Honest Politician

    Helpdesk Technician at UNSC HQ (Hello? We’re having some issues with our MAC Cannon)

    Experienced Bra Fitter

    Admiral Ackbar Voice Coach

  37. Monkey_lord says:

    Beer merchandiser who keeps ‘losing’ merchandise.

    Airport taxi signaler (the dudes that use hand signals to maneuver a plane on the tarmac).

    The master mold for recondoms.


    Live fire simulate.


  38. d3adbabys3al says:

    Camel dairyman. (he will have to figure out how to get the milk from the camel into the bucket)

  39. John Calvin says:

    All they can be is cannon fodder, seeing as they have no arms.

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